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  1. i have edited my profile so i am now almost unrecognizable except not really

    about a day ago from web
    • it was all a dream

      about a day ago from web
      • I smelled memes

        about a month ago from web
      • we are gamers, for we always lose, and a true gamer never loses except when their mean sibling takes the controller away like a dumb doo doo head, stop it brad i'm telling mom

        about a month ago from web
      • surely there are more active sites than this to spam big dong meds

        about a month ago from web
      • big doo doo

        about 2 months ago from web
      • elon musk vapes liquified cash and battery acid from ignited teslas

        about 3 months ago from web
        • the poweryiff girls

          about 8 months ago from web
        • guess not also holy hell my profile pic

          about 9 months ago from web
        • is homestuck still a banned word

          about 9 months ago from web
          • Hashtag ugly basard send dash

            about 10 months ago from web
            • all three people here watch this

              about a year ago from web
            • Wait, there actually are people here now? o:

              about a year ago from web
            • .

              about a year ago from web
            • i'm a mod

              about a year ago from web
            • Life is brange

              Wednesday, 20-Sep-17 23:40:45 UTC from web
            • i'm not even sure I exist

              Saturday, 08-Jul-17 20:29:42 UTC from web
              • Holy crap this website still exist

                Saturday, 08-Jul-17 04:47:56 UTC from web
              • Sleeping in the same bed as my friend tonight boys

                Wednesday, 21-Jun-17 00:41:29 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • So, what'd you all have for lunch

                Sunday, 21-May-17 20:09:33 UTC from web
              • お前はもう死んでいる

                Sunday, 21-May-17 20:01:02 UTC from web
                • Happy Friday everybody

                  Saturday, 13-May-17 09:11:39 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • remember broneys?

                  Monday, 03-Apr-17 07:37:37 UTC from web
                • Cat?

                  Saturday, 04-Feb-17 18:57:45 UTC from web
                • irate gamer vs. angry video game nerd who wins

                  Monday, 02-Jan-17 03:06:09 UTC from web
                • Yiff on the Cliff

                  Wednesday, 28-Dec-16 03:46:51 UTC from web
                  • Official meme

                    Sunday, 11-Dec-16 02:16:14 UTC from web
                  • N̛͠E̶͞T͏̵͢͢

                    Wednesday, 07-Dec-16 13:12:58 UTC from web

                    Saturday, 12-Nov-16 18:29:20 UTC from web
                  • This just in: RenovatedKitchen supports Trump.

                    Thursday, 10-Nov-16 03:12:27 UTC from web