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  1. I only need a case for that. http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/847853

    about 4 hours ago from web
    • @adiwan It looks like an USB powered arduino mini that is displaying active temperature readouts on a very small TFT display. Perfect for... ... ehh... Keeping tabs on your fridge.

      about 3 hours ago in context
    • @critialcloudkicker It's an Arduino Nano. I wanted to have something that is more accurate than those cheap digital thermometers from the dollar store. Also having a graph is a nice bonus. That display has also a SD card slot if I want to record the air humidity and temperature over a long time. The one we have in the house is very old and the springs for the needles are all rusty. They are as reliable as a dice roll.

      about 2 hours ago in context
  2. Hey, guess what? A month after the shocking revelation that was Hydra Cap, issue # has revealed that Kobik, under the influence of the Red Skull, implanted fake memories of Hydra indoctrination into Captain America's head! Who could have guessed!!!

    about 4 hours ago from web
  3. Int: Scene, The Oval Office. Donald Trump is standing there when Boris Johnson rushes in.
    Boris: "Donald!"
    Donald: "Boris!"
    Boris: "Did they hurt you?"
    Donald: "Did they hurt you?"
    Boris: "Who cares!"
    They embrace, before begining to dance. They then fuse in a flash of white light into the form of Adolf Hitler.

    about 5 hours ago from web
    • http://pny.lv/0m683

      about 9 hours ago from web
      • Still !streaming! https://youtu.be/s33QDmehoAc

        about 13 hours ago from web
        • Is the guy from Game Grumps the guy from Drake & Josh?

          about 15 hours ago from web
          • https://youtu.be/s33QDmehoAc !streaming with Dion, Chris, Carlos, & Michael!

            about 16 hours ago from web
            • Gherkin really tried to Jack Kirby my Stan Lee there

              about 17 hours ago from web
            • I think my new favourite joke will be referring to acts of subterfuge using famous duos who have varying degrees of success between them

              about 17 hours ago from web
            • I heard someone say of knot-tying, "Ugly knots are usually weaker, symmetrical ones are usually stronger." I think programming is like that.

              about 17 hours ago from quitter.se
            • what's that word for stating something in a way that makes it seem greater than it is

              about 18 hours ago from web
            • Nice http://pny.lv/0m4m4

              about 17 hours ago from web
              • https://i.imgur.com/MyidYgU.jpg

                about 18 hours ago from web
                • RIP timeline, killed by @eris

                  about 18 hours ago from web
                • b0i!

                  about 18 hours ago from web
                  • The word "concensus" can be used when both sides of an arguement agree on something, right ?

                    about 21 hours ago from web
                  • @dtluna Also I don't think @hannes2peer is part of the free software movement, he's just a true Marxist which happens to coincide with some !foss stuff! But not all, for example I think he prefers non-commercial licenses!

                    about a day ago from social.umeahackerspace.se at 63°49'42"N 20°15'34"E
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                    • @dolus it's telling, because it wasn't enough to have a code of conduct, it had to be THEIR code of conduct. Some of the people involved in this have had public meltdowns over the fact that companies hired their own diversity coordinators etc. rather than contracting them, so I mean, you can tell for them it's a power thing.

                      about 20 hours ago in context
                    • @moonman @dolus privilege? gee i guess they don't know about su

                      about 13 hours ago in context
                    • @moonman People saying GNU/Linux is hard to install have likely never installed or reinstalled Windows on a machine. Finding, installing, setting up, configuring and especially entering all the serial numbers and whatnots and then finding out they don't allow another reinstall on your machine and then calling Microsoft support on a Saturday just to be redirected to India and learning that I need to speak to someone who doesn't work today to reactivate the serial key and then find a serial key generator on some random torrent site in order to generate a key for your specific version of Windows (and language?!)..... now where was I? Yeah, Windows installs (and all that come with it) are a breeze even compared to writing a new kernel for the GNU operating system.

                      about 4 hours ago in context
                  • Everyone on the news this morning has said that this high speed rail development is not overbudget but none of them have winked or smiled at the camera while using the words "on track"

                    about a day ago from StatusNet Android
                  • h0i!

                    about a day ago from web
                  • I hate it sooo much when the delivery man slams my books in the small post box.

                    about a day ago from Choqok
                    • we really need to stop this mode of production

                      about a day ago from quitter.se
                    • @soydelbierzo i'll check it out later

                      about a day ago from quitter.se
                      • not that I'm really big on drawing lately but I wonder if I should change the program I use because I can't tell if FireAlpaca sucks or if I just can't draw good lines

                        about a day ago from web
                      • Amy Rose !art http://pny.lv/0m2ul

                        about a day ago from web
                      • Guess what I'm doing today! http://pny.lv/0m2el

                        about a day ago from web
                      • The Legend of Korra Book 1 art book looks nice. I wish there was more early concept art shown and more text that explained their design process although it was a lot in there. Still a dozen times better than the MLP art books (tv show and comics).

                        about a day ago from web
                      • i cant see no difference http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/847824

                        about a day ago from web
                      • If I made the gamergate hashtag flair something funny are people going to flip their Fluffle Puff at me or laugh.

                        about a day ago from shitposter.club
                      • @dtluna I only know of one way. https://gs.kawa-kun.com/notice/167701

                        about 2 days ago from gs.kawa-kun.com


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