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  1. @thor I'm not sure what all this means, so definitely not every human…

    about 3 hours ago from loadaverage.org
    • A successful day at work. Nothing was accomplished.

      about 9 hours ago from web
      • @lnxw48a1 There were some minor downtimes today also as I was trying to make MariaDB perform better. I think it does now, but time will show :-).

        about a day ago from loadaverage.org
        • after extensive investigation, the Russian linked propaganda accounts on GNU Social can be named as follows:

          - me
          - dad
          - shp probably
          - dtluna
          - bob mottram

          this concludes the announcement

          about 2 days ago from shitposter.club
        • the Carmax salesman who sold me my car comes into my store every day to buy lotto tickets, good to know my money is being put to good use

          about 2 days ago from web
        • dude I am so sick of Russian immigrants coming up in here and getting frustrated with me because I don’t understand them when they ask me questions in Russian

          about 2 days ago from web
        • Man, as far as "Watchtower" goes, Hendrix basically ate Dylan alive.

          about 3 days ago from web
          • Two. Two near death encounters - By linchtime, mind you - Two near death encounters in one day, both with some ass-wit trying to make a right on red without checking that the (active) crosswalk was clear. For those of you who have forgotten, I am 6'4" and prone to Hawaiian shirts. They didn't "not see me," they didn't even look. Completely unrelated I swear but does anybody know a way to shatter a windshield on less than heartbeat's notice? Asking for a friend.

            about 3 days ago from web
          • Is there a "Chicken Soup for the bananaposter's Soul"?

            about 3 days ago from web
            • Also I tidied up popular for us.

              about 3 days ago from web
              • Well I wasn't done composing that dash but I guess brevity and all that

                about 3 days ago from web
                • does this happen to anyone else?? I bought a 2015 Toyota Corolla last month, and since using it I’ve become basically inept at driving anything bigger. I had to drive a Dodge Journey crossover a couple of nights ago and I was a hot mess on the road, even backing out of the parking spot was terrible because it doesn’t have a rear-view camera.

                  about 4 days ago from web
                • “Terryfold” was the only good thing to come out of Rick & Morty’s third season

                  about 4 days ago from web
                • Scots words for 'owl.'
                  Ool, oule
                  Nothing odd so far...

                  about 4 days ago from gs.smuglo.li
                • I'm trying to buy Jethro Tull's "Aqualung Live" and download it on my phone. Is there any service left that doesn't make simple music commerce a complete untenable pain in the neck? Amazon forces you do download an app and work on some damn cloud service, I just want to buy and have damn it! Mp3va requires Facebook integration, that's never happening here... I'm literally trying to give them money and they're doing everything humanly possible to drive me to BitTorrent. Wonder why the industry is tanking...?

                  about 4 days ago from web
                  • Pondering powershell some more I'm asking myself the question whether I would use it on Linux as well. The more I learn of it the more the answer is: yes, as long as I don't need to run external programs. But looking back at my scripting quite a lot of it doesn't really require external programs other than for reasons that bash is not suited for any kind of data handling beyond the most utterly trivial and of course doesn't include a full HTTP client. For a typical hackjob of downloading some JSON and interpreting it a bit to get at the interesting parts plain powershell is quite sufficient and if I need more the .NET stdlib should be more than enough. However if I do need external commands (like git) powershell rapidly becomes a PITA because of things like interpreting any output on stderr as failure whereas linux programs often use stderr as a debug message channel. 

                    about 5 days ago from community.highlandarrow.com
                    • @verius Um, if you don't need external commands, there are Python and Perl and have been for far longer than PowerShell.

                      about 4 days ago in context
                    • @xrevan86 Granted, I'd probably use Python on Linux. But Powershell has a rather strong feature, though it isn't a new one. It's easy to program in pipeline style - adding maps, filters, folds step by step - when you're used to thinking functionally and Powershell is one of the few languages that combines ease of experimentation and a flexible (dynamic) type system with a functional workflow style. I've looked quite a bit for functional languages but most are statically typed and while that's great for larger coding it's not pleasant for scripting. There are a few languages that support the functional pipeline style but pretty much all of them as lisps and that kinda doesn't do it for me.

                      about 4 days ago in context
                  • none of you are free of sin

                    about 5 days ago from nulled.red
                  • Tell people "If they could bottle your mind, we'd have a start on a vaccine against stupidity," and then see if they understand how vaccines are developed.

                    about 5 days ago from web
                    • @augustus @sarcasmkid >both are fat italians
                      >both lay pipe for a living
                      Game Theory: Is Mario Ron Jeremy?

                      about 5 days ago from gs.smuglo.li
                    • Could you imagine all of this sex assault talk if Pony was still here?

                      about 5 days ago from web
                    • OK feel free to ignore the following: Before I get famous (ha ha amiright), I just want to say I've made sexual mistakes in my past. Our culture has long been too silent on the topic, leaving people to learn by trial and error, almost guaranteeing that somebody suffers. I'm not, however, using that as an out, but to suggest a solution - educate. I'm sorry to those I've hurt, to those I've harmed, and believe me when I say I've learned, and I hope I've learned the right things. And that's what I have to say on all these celebrity cases, too: have they learned, and have they learned well? The culture of 35 years ago, when Kevin Spacey was committing his misdeeds, can't fairly be compared to today, but it doesn't excuse him - has he learned better since then? (clearly not, considering his "Don't hate me, I'm gay" tweet). TL;DR, you should all actually hate me, and maybe I'll go die now that my secret is out. tw sex and junk

                      about 5 days ago from web
                    • just saw someone say that making fun of Trump for being obese is harmful and problematic, now I remember why people hate liberals

                      about 5 days ago from web
                    • Not a fan of this "8:30-6:00" work day business

                      about 5 days ago from MuSTArDroid
                    • 30 days from now I will be one of the only animation channels that still has access to monetization, period (until July when I’ll likely lose mine as well). YouTube is a broken piece of batcave.

                      about 6 days ago from web
                    • The Last Jedi but with all the people edited out

                      about 5 days ago from social.umeahackerspace.se at 62°0'0"N 15°0'0"E
                    • @ubergeek What about Fidonet?

                      about 5 days ago from loadaverage.org
                      • Especially with only two cans of tuna.

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