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  1. I wonder why these wilderness survival games can never happen in an area that isn't extremely cold. Most of the planet is somewhat temperate.

    about an hour ago from web
  2. https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2016/3/12/1106982__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_smiling_animated_looking+at+you_open+mouth_side_nightmare+fuel_fourth+wall.gif

    about 13 minutes ago from web
  3. Star Wars Episode 8 is called The Last Jedi. Y'know, like how Luke was the last Jedi after Obi Wan and Yoda passed. Because mango originality

    about 5 minutes ago from community.highlandarrow.com
  4. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/260993763826991106/272708546481881089/44e30920-be83-43b1-be72-1212a49572a5.jpg #

    about 10 minutes ago from web
    • Is 500 songs too many for a playlist purely of favourites

      about 40 minutes ago from web
    • Oh hey they fixed it.

      about 36 minutes ago from MuSTArDroid
      • Much like the computers at work, which are all screwed up and not good.

        about 38 minutes ago from MuSTArDroid
        • Aaannd the collection calls start.

          about 43 minutes ago from MuSTArDroid
        • Rose Quartz made Pearl wear a collar

          about 46 minutes ago from web
        • I think I'm gonna isolate the part of last night's stream where I spent like ten minutes complaining about the Crystal Gems in my Donald Trump voice. apple was funny.

          about 41 minutes ago from web
        • Jokes on you; Snowhite is a woman and noone here's interested in women

          about an hour ago from web
        • To the camps, because it's Trump's America.

          about 43 minutes ago from web
        • My phone keeps wanting to connect to one of the speakers somewhere on campus. Should I blast gangster rap obnoxiously loud over them y/n

          about 54 minutes ago from web
        • lol soren

          about 51 minutes ago from web
        • I'm the actual racist one and probably the foulmouthed one too

          about an hour ago from web
        • And it's a miracle we haven't burned down the house fighting over snowwhite yet.

          about 2 hours ago from web
        • If I had to assign a dwarf to awl it'd be the grumpy one.

          about an hour ago from web
        • Granted, there's places that would be extremely boring to play in, like the Pampa, but still.

          about an hour ago from web
          • am i the racist one

            about 2 hours ago from web
          • More than nurse Joys, we're like the seven dwarves. There's the edgy one, the foulmouthed one, the feminist one, the crazy one, the racist one and so on.

            about 2 hours ago from web
          • Well there's nothing gay with getting down over things like one member of meme society, to rack up gnusocial points.

            about 2 hours ago from gs.kawa-kun.com
          • Giovanni should have just bribed the nurse joys to steal the pokemon while they're supposed to be under treatment.

            about 2 hours ago from web
            • There's only 3 active users on RDN right?

              about 2 hours ago from shitposter.club
            • On that note, there's about 60 active users on the site (log in every day or so), but only about 12 post with some regularity.  Most are just checking out what's going on/being said and very occasionally posting themselves.

              about 2 hours ago from community.highlandarrow.com
            • Mehrune's razor isn't this edgy

              about 3 hours ago from web
            • I'm just saying, it's like talking about how smoking is bad while owning half the shares of Lucky Strike. You can't really complain about how people consume and look for exactly what you're selling.

              about 3 hours ago from web
            • literally dying of lockjaw

              about 3 hours ago from web
            • Because seriously, someone who made a career objectifying her body as a commodity for three decades has no place complaining about how some old guy being a pervert.

              about 3 hours ago from web


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