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  1. So hey guys! Adam and I have been together for two years today!!

    about 45 minutes ago from web
  2. Animals don't wear underpants.

    about 52 minutes ago from web
  3. I bought my first PS3 game http://adiwan.tumblr.com/post/125671913724/obligatory-flea-market-loot-post-ducktales It means now that I need to find a PS3

    about 2 hours ago from Choqok
  4. I had to explain a millenial relative what pen & paper RPGs are and what Dungeons & Dragons is.

    about 2 hours ago from Choqok
  5. Bought 2 PS2 controllers for 2€ each. Turned out both controllers don't work properly. Well... Not a big loss :-|

    about 4 hours ago from Choqok
    • Expecting worthwhile dashes? Haha! It's me! Gherkin!

      about 7 hours ago from web
    • Soooome people call me Pringles Dick, but I never really found out why

      about 8 hours ago from web
    • Who the hell names their kid "Nihilist?"

      about 9 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
    • my icon is cute

      about 9 hours ago from web
    • It's me

      about 9 hours ago from web
    • # for "Jailbreak" don't even try to pull that "they're genderless, and Ruby and Sapphire" now https://twitter.com/ianjq/status/622936121287143425

      about 11 hours ago from web
    • "13/13/13" is supposed to be The Asylum's take on "2012," I guess? In execution, it's kinda like "The Purge" got Rage virus.

      about 10 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
      • # for season 1 of Steven Universe. Am I the only one who gets hungry for candy when I see some of the fusion's color schemes? the colors oooooh

        about 11 hours ago from web
      • Pearl is best mom anyway.

        about 11 hours ago from web
      • I think

        about 11 hours ago from web
        • First episode

          about 11 hours ago from web
          • Jailbreak was the first season of the second season

            about 11 hours ago from web
          • Steventhon's gonna finish Season 1! PM Ty (@northernnarwhal) if you want in on that action!

            about 13 hours ago from web
          • toki!

            about 13 hours ago from web
          • I finished the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. It looks like Haruhi, sounds like it and very infrequently feels like it, but actually barely resembles it at all and even taunts the viewer with references to the original Haruhi without actually having any of the spirit of the old show. I guess @northernnarwhal was right but I wanted new Haruhi so bad and episodes 9-13 were very old Haruhi so I just went along with it, but the lack of a genuine resolution disappointed me to no end. What a shame. #

            about 14 hours ago from web
          • kyon-kun, denwa~

            about 15 hours ago from web
          • @mrmattimation Wouldn't surprise me, it seems to be Flash's primary feature.

            about 17 hours ago from web
          • yo @mushi

            about 18 hours ago from web
            • Pikmin is awesome

              about 19 hours ago from web
            • My main regret with the game was not playing it completely blind. I assume it was sometime in my break from it that I started watching speedruns. I suppose it would make sense that finally seeing where I needed to go next made me want to get back to playing it.

              about 19 hours ago from web
            • I'm bringing this back. http://pny.lv/l2ou

              about 19 hours ago from web
              • Got my Bloodborne platinum. Took around 70 hours of play time I think. Seems like a bit of an easy one, but my first ever platinum nonetheless.

                about 20 hours ago from web
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                • @ellistia Around the time I got Dark Souls I wasn't really that into it, but then I gave it another shot shortly after and got really into it. I can't remember the last time I've been so immensely consumed by a video game, Dark Souls was so utterly gripping for me that I felt compelled to try several new paths and characters.

                  about 19 hours ago in context
                • @northernnarwhal Funny, that was almost exactly the same for me. I played up until some point between Gargoyles and Quelaag I think, then kind of got bored (it might have been because I actually got stuck and couldn't find where to go, can't really remember though) and didn't play for a few months. Then when I went back I played through to the end, and then some more after that, and eventually was just like "wow, this is one of my favourite games ever".

                  about 19 hours ago in context
                • @ellistia Yeah, I was having a really lousy time around Blighttown and put the game away for a bit, then picked up back up again and finished the whole thing in a few days. Dark Souls works on a very slow burn, but it's unbelievably rewarding if you have the patience for it. Through playing it over time it went from a game I wasn't that into to one of my favourite games of all time.

                  about 19 hours ago in context
              • +still alive* yo

                about 21 hours ago from web
              • http://pny.lv/l2i6

                about 20 hours ago from web
              • Girlfriend is away for a week, time to watch anime and be miserable.

                about 20 hours ago from web


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