1. Wait, hold on, was that spammer for male enhancement... on a Pony social network? Is... is this trying to tell us something?

    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 09:48:27 UTC from web
    1. @thelastgherkin Now would be the perfect time to make a 'They don't call him BIG Macintosh for nothing' joke, but I just can't bring myself to go there XD

      Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 09:54:50 UTC from web
      1. @applejays it's not the size of a pony's friendship that matters...

        Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 09:57:37 UTC from StatusNet Android
        1. @sleepingautumn Once you go Mac, you never go back #

          Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:00:27 UTC from web
          1. @applejays I wonder what Big Mac thinks of Windows then?

            Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:13:25 UTC from web
            1. @jackpipsam I'm not sure he'd try Windows... one look at that Apple logo and he'd see it as such a perfect fit :D

              Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:20:47 UTC from web
              1. @applejays oh I'd think me might what to change his name to bill after trying Windows

                Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:24:03 UTC from web
              2. @applejays @jackpipsam That's it! The next step up from a Dash twitter is a Big Macintosh OS!

                Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:24:50 UTC from web
                1. @thelastgherkin @applejays @jackpipsam We already have DerpyMail, too! Hmm, a Spyke VOIP client?

                  Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:33:23 UTC from web
                  1. @mithent The PonyNet grows...

                    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:34:32 UTC from StatusNet Android
                2. @thelastgherkin UMAD? I wana a fluttershy OS, it will say sorry to you every time it crashes

                  Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:44:17 UTC from web
                  1. @jackpipsam this is a fantastic idea

                    Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 11:00:46 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    1. @starshine I know right

                      Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 11:53:27 UTC from web
                  2. @jackpipsam That makes me so angry man

                    Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 11:55:07 UTC from web
                    1. @mrmattimation so angry you could just scream?

                      Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 12:01:14 UTC from web
                      1. @pony AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >:( why

                        Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 12:03:01 UTC from web
                        1. @sarahrainboom

                          Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 12:04:57 UTC from web
                          1. @pony she sounds rly anry

                            Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 12:11:51 UTC from web
                  3. @redenchilada

                    Wednesday, 02-Oct-13 11:56:42 UTC from web
          2. @applejays :3

            Saturday, 14-Apr-12 18:31:30 UTC from web
      2. @applejays @sleepingautumn I was actually going to make one of my # about the size of Big Macintosh's cutie mark, but after a while it turned into "Carry On Equestria" so I thought it was better if I stopped. But seriously, look at the size of it!

        Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:04:20 UTC from web
        1. @thelastgherkin @sleepingautumn XD That's awesome! I can't help but imagine Bon-Bon in the background there thinking 'MUST NOT STARE. MUST NOT STARE. Oh my word, what a stallion!'

          Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:07:53 UTC from web
          1. @applejays @sleepingautumn I know! She's totally checking him out! #

            Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:13:21 UTC from web
            1. @thelastgherkin But, what about Lyra?

              Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:17:29 UTC from web
              1. @mithent It's a soap opera story waiting to happen! # #

                Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:19:28 UTC from web
                1. @applejays @mithent Is thinking up punny soaps the best use of my time? WHY YES, YES IT IS # # ... #

                  Wednesday, 06-Apr-11 10:23:39 UTC from web