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  • MetalTao metaltao MetalTao United States, Colorado

    Some dude who likes ponies and giant robots with the occasional pun in-between.

  • Narwhal narwhal Narwhal I come from a land down under


  • nachsplitter nachsplitter Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

    I´m a mexican gamer and geek that loves to post random stuff and commentmy opinions about what other people feel... I like to write ideas for games or series i like and MLP isn´t the exception... I´m kinda working on new projects about drawin´and also i´m composing music´s lyrics. If ya´wanna contact, don´t be afraid and send me a friend request to Facebool, I accept all kind of people :D

  • Darian anima Darian Germany

    I am a German student programmer, and I love to talk about programming of most sorts. I also love Video Games, but not mainly because they're good for killing time, but rather about the depth some of them share. I am a would-be philosopher, seeing that I have very unique-ish views on life and death, the world and actually everything. I am a furious show-watcher, so to speak, and I am up-to-date on the following shows: Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gravity Falls, Mother-up!, Clarence, Chozen, HIMYM, Breaking Bad, Sonic for hire (Youtube Series), Bob's Burgers. I'd love talking about these shows with you as well as My Little Pony it's self. My favourite Mane 6 is Fluttershy, Mane 3 is Scootaloo and Background is Trixie. Looking forward to meet you!

  • wolfboy wolfboy

    i like drawing. ._. about it.

  • NO halleycommet NO TX, USA

    just a minecraft loving artist wanting to make some online friends.

  • Aria Sinkevich twilightbacon Aria Sinkevich Kiev, Ukraine

    Live in Ukraine. Enjoy collecting merch; really want to draw awesome ponies, but usually fail miserably. Wish to visit BronyCon, and hope to know other Bronies/pegasistes near me, since I'm the only on fan among my friends!

  • Allen invalidusername Allen "Anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening"
  • celestiaisbestprincess celestiaisbestprincess celestiaisbestprincess Albuquerque,New Mexico

    Überraschung mutterf***er

  • Erin themuffinofdoom Erin Minnestota

    I am indeed Vt3c's sister. he annoys me, i annoy him. I'm just another teenager, one part puppy, two parts random squirrel. Derpy and Doctor is my OTP and My Favorite words are Moo, Derp, and any word i can make up on a whim. FAVORITE PONY IS PINKIE BECAUSE ALL OTHERS ARE CAKE. THE CAKE IS A LIE!!! FFFOOOORRREEEEVVVEEERR!!!

  • Kristine aloriality Kristine Calgary

    A slow starter with MLP: FIM, as I was more used to the older Generations, so skeptic, but slowly learned I was becoming a bronie, although I prefer to be termed a pegasister-mainly due to being assumed male too often in MMORPGS. I suffer from social anxiety and panic disorders and would LOVE to join a group that is friendly and supportive, as I believe all Bronies are ^^I hope to join the group to aid me in overcoming my fluttershyness ^_~

  • Erin Lynn McCartan eripie Erin Lynn McCartan Ontario, Canada

    A girl who fell in love with ponies with their inspiration <3 Self taught artist and a brilliant talker :p Want to add me on skype? Feel free :D eriannalynn

  • Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) theyurityphoon Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) Brookfield, MO, United States

    22 year old male, located in rural Missouri. Love reading, watching comedy/adventure/mystery/zombie films, watching anime, playing video games and of course, My Little Pony. :3 Steam: FlamingPandaOMG Skype: Ross (FlamingPandaOMG) *Accomplishments* ------------------------------ "Best Neckbeard 2010-2012" "Fanciest Unibrow 2011" "Most Amazing Nachos 2009-2013" "Best Accomplishments - Time Immemorial" 3DS Friend Code: 1478-3503-4091 List of DS/3DS games ------------------------------- Pokémon White 2 Paper Mario Sticker Star Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Super Street Fighter 4 3D Shin Megami Tensei IV Pokémon X Sonic Generations Mario Kart 7 Animal Crossing New Leaf Mario Party Island Tour The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Super Mario 3D Land Fire Emblem Awakening Ocarina of Time 3D Wii U Games ------------------------------- Super Mario Bros. U + Super Luigi Bros. U Super Mario 3D World The Wonderful 101 Mario Kart 8

  • Andrew Busch firewing Andrew Busch Fulda, MN

    Hi, I'm Firewing. I'm a black alecorn stallion with a flaming mane and tail. I am around 1200 years old, (as you should know, we alecorns are pretty much immortal)and have maintained the looks as though I am a young adult. Unfortunately, I have what I would deffinitely call a curse upon myself. I will not go into details about it, but the only ones who know about it are myself, and the rulers of our fair Equestria. This curse keeps me from staying to long in one place, and because of it, I have no friends. In fact unless you knew my tale, no one probably even knows I exist. Although my curse has kept me from pretty much any pony contact, it could not stop me, from falling in love, with one of royal stature. She doesn't not know it, but one day, I will tell her, my princess of the night...

  • Rodrigo Osorio cityflyer502 Rodrigo Osorio Astoria, NY

    Aviation major, musician, computer tech & frequent traveler. Most of the time on Twitter @CityFlyer502

  • Julian Letkeman bronycompany2012 Julian Letkeman Winkler, Manitoba

    I'm an 18 year old dude from Canada, I love gaming talking to peeps and going to the gym.

  • freeced freeced freeced Location: Undisclosed

    Hi, I'm Freeced. I rapped on that song, Part of the Swarm, that you guys seem to like. Otherwise, I'm nobody at all. Nice to meet you!

  • Xavier Fennewick sirsquidfish Xavier Fennewick He lives in a library under a tree...

    I'm cool. Find me on as Sir Squidfish.

  • madington flavors madflavors madington flavors Somewhere over the rainbow


  • Montgomery William Richard Spee vexfalken Montgomery William Richard Spee Australia

    Used to be UnhipDruid Skype: monty.s_521

  • Equestria Daily Mailpony eqdpony Equestria Daily Mailpony Ponyville, EA

    I am the unofficial Equestria Daily Mailpony! I diligently post stuff from EqD the moment it goes up!

  • lol I died. maui lol I died. Richmond,VA

    My iguana died so did I. Bye bye.

  • Tiff tiff Tiff 22 / he/him / England

    Gather 'round the corpse of a friend

  • Saruru Patsumi 2cold4me Saruru Patsumi Iowa


  • Scribble scribble Scribble Trowbridge, UK

    Slightly insane British brony and Gravity Falls fan. TV and Film student. Bi and forever in love with @spamcan. Also pegasus and collar lover. Braeburn is best pony.

  • pie pie

  • Eris neuraria Eris Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    I am the change I seek in the world.

  • Solidus Sans liquidusmira Solidus Sans Donkey Kong Country

    sometimes i go to the store and eat all the cheddar cheese

  • Benjmin Hitchcock shadowdash454 Benjmin Hitchcock Bremerton Washington

    I'm just a guy who loves video games,sports,hiking and animals.I love the brony fanbase and the friends I have made of it.

  • pandela pandela Sherman Texas, USA

    I'm Pandela, owner of "Outcast Bronys" on steam. I'm a very fun guy to talk to, 18 years old, and very random at times. SQUEEEEEEEEE. Anyhoof, add me on steam as "{OB} Pandela" if you wish!!! I also love brony music, art, and videos. Alrighty then, Later all you ponies!!!