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  1. !eqgirls I just finished 3 hours of the extended version, and equestriadaily has hit 8 million views. and i am going to nap for 3 hours, then i got stuff to do, so stay safe, be cool, and c ya'll later. Oh, while im gone, Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!

    Friday, 27-May-11 15:22:15 UTC from web
  2. So, am I the only one who doesn't recognize the scene with !Spike checking out the sammich in the extended !equestriagirls video?

    Friday, 27-May-11 14:49:50 UTC from web
  3. Derping for 2 hours and still derping more !equestriagirls

    Friday, 27-May-11 13:24:00 UTC from Choqok
    • I ... I'm stunned. I mean, I'd heard about it, but ... the awesome ... !equestriagirls # has mercilessly slaughtered the last bit of negativity in my heart. Even singing Fillyshy left a little behind.

      Friday, 27-May-11 12:06:22 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • And now I return to work. Which would usually upset me, but I've got an # !equestriagirls to listen to! D: And I am evidently so excited my face is on upside-down. :D That's better.

      Friday, 27-May-11 11:49:02 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    • Derp, derp, derp, derp, derp, derp !equestriagirls

      Friday, 27-May-11 11:39:11 UTC from Choqok
      • 10:38.6 and now I have to stop. !eqgirls #

        Friday, 27-May-11 11:34:57 UTC from web
        • !eqgirls

          Friday, 27-May-11 11:24:20 UTC from web
        • !eqgirls apparantly, the owner has already added a link for the extended version

          Friday, 27-May-11 11:20:55 UTC from web
          • !eqgirls I wonder if the one who made this site has both a hitcounter and a secondcounter... a secondcounter would be SO AWESOME :D

            Friday, 27-May-11 11:17:40 UTC from web
            • !eqgirls I think we need a new website with the full version, don'cha think? Or should we just have the loop from the short version.

              Friday, 27-May-11 11:11:24 UTC from web
            • My body wasn't ready. My body wasn't ready. My body wasn't ready. My body wasn't ready. !equestriagirls

              Friday, 27-May-11 11:05:56 UTC from Choqok
            • Came back from the uni. Open Click on link. Mind = blown. !equestriagirls

              Friday, 27-May-11 10:57:39 UTC from Choqok
              • GUYS check out Equestria Daily! There's an extended !eqgirls advert that ACTUALLY USES THE WORD "BRONIES" IN THE LYRICS and also DJ Pon-3 I guess

                Friday, 27-May-11 10:42:17 UTC from web
              • So what did I miss, everypony?

                Friday, 27-May-11 05:09:56 UTC from web
              • Oh and hello everypony! expect many many notices from me tonight! I got off of work early and its been like a week since I've had a night free :D :D :D :D :D :3

                Friday, 27-May-11 03:20:00 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • @rotation I'm at 23min and no where to be for 12 hours... lets do this !eqgirls

                Friday, 27-May-11 03:18:50 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • @sweetiebelle99 have u seen the new commercial for !equestriagirls?

                Friday, 27-May-11 02:56:24 UTC from web
              • At any rate, another ~hour of !equestriagirls, and a successful test of the new !eqdawn host. Sure, I'm late to get set up for school, but it wasn't procrasturbation. I shall - return!

                Thursday, 26-May-11 17:53:40 UTC from web
              • IT'S FINISHED :D

                Thursday, 26-May-11 16:29:40 UTC from web
              • Confound the internet! D: I've got meatspace business to attend to! And with another hour+ of !equestriagirls, well... #

                Thursday, 26-May-11 16:30:47 UTC from web
                • What? !equestriagirls # - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Germany??? This one surprises me a lot.

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 16:00:07 UTC from Choqok
                • Five tabs at once is about where !equestriagirls becomes unintelligible cacophony. (Cacopony?)

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 15:55:13 UTC from web
                • !ponydreamers So, last night I listened to over an hour of !equestriagirls before bed. Yes, it did infect my dreams. Mildly. I dreamed that my grandparents lived walking-distance from an open-air shopping mall that was pony-themed, complete with the RDN logo for the "Rainbow Dash Mall." They had a lot of normal mall stuff, but there were also Carousel Boutique and Sugarcube Corner shops.

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 15:42:42 UTC from web
                • So... Do the ponies have fur coats or not? :B !Equestriagirls makes it seem like they do, and real ponies do, but they way they look in the show seems more like plastic or rubber.

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 15:35:18 UTC from web
                • Last night, I joked that I was going to dream about Sugarcube Corner. Oh, how right I was, and I think (re)watching that TMNT pizza tasting video while playing !equestriagirls on loop might have altered my brain. I did, in fact, dream that I went to Sugarcube Corner... Pinkie Pie was experimenting with new cupcake recipes. None involving pegasus meat, fortunately, but she had a more crazy and disturbed variety of cupcakes than I was aware I was capable of thinking up, and when Pinkie Pie offers you a cupcake, you'd better eat it, or you might be replaced with a bucket of turnips! (Twice.) So that's how I became the taste-tester for all manner of cupcakes: anchovy and garlic with lemon frosting, chocolate chip and sausage with extra sprinkles, potato and maple syrup, carne asada with strawberries. Hot sauce on all of them, obviously.

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 15:19:57 UTC from web
                • @rotation Oh I am so going to replace my current derpURL with that one :D gonna rock the !ponyfabulous either into them or double the disgust they get from clicking it :D

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 10:58:16 UTC from web
                • !eqgirls Someone with music skills should do a version that's actually loopable. MAYBE ME???

                  Thursday, 26-May-11 09:31:12 UTC from web
                  • !eqgirls FLAWLESS VICTORY!!

                    Thursday, 26-May-11 07:52:25 UTC from web
                  • I just woke up and I'm hearing !equestriagirls Best way to start the day.

                    Thursday, 26-May-11 06:33:01 UTC from Choqok