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Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology


Gwinnett County, GA

An impossibly hard school in GA where nerds with no lives go and take ridiculously hard classes and half of the freshman end up failing and dropping out after the first year. We Are GSMST. Also probably the only school in the entire world with enough bronies for our own daily meetups at lunch.

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (gsmst) group


  1. Oh yeah, a little late but !gsmst ranked third top high school in the US. #

    Tuesday, 28-May-13 16:59:13 UTC from web
    • !GSMST ponies, I dun think many of you use the site very much so I doubt this will even matter or that you'll even see this dash but you should all join !atlantabronies since that's our area

      Tuesday, 08-May-12 02:11:50 UTC from web
      • !atlantabronies I would love to plan something but were to start?

        Friday, 04-May-12 16:25:00 UTC from web
      • @macpony55 awesome. Next presentation project I have it will be ponyfied.

        Sunday, 15-Apr-12 19:39:50 UTC from web
      • Hello everypony!

        Monday, 05-Mar-12 21:56:42 UTC from web
      • Okay so, I have to ask this. Who know who IRL here?

        Tuesday, 28-Feb-12 04:49:35 UTC from web
      • !gsmst bronies are awesome

        Thursday, 23-Feb-12 23:38:59 UTC from web
        • I'm starting a !convert project on one of my friends. The "subject" is open minded about everything, and already has an obsession, might as well give her another one.

          Tuesday, 21-Feb-12 01:11:47 UTC from web
        • Well time to pack up my pyrotechnics to take to school tomorrow, be back in a few

          Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 03:32:55 UTC from web
        • @chipperlunaro Oh my, I see, well I'm not sure how to get them to respond except for actually adding the users to your dash, !gsmst is in GA though and I can easily contact them

          Saturday, 11-Feb-12 03:48:12 UTC from web
        • Hello everypony!

          Sunday, 05-Feb-12 23:44:35 UTC from web
        • we should have a !gsmst meetup after school sometime in the SRC. graphic design forum, anyone?

          Monday, 30-Jan-12 05:29:38 UTC from web
          • Yo! ponibooru is unblocked. O.o

            Thursday, 26-Jan-12 05:03:55 UTC from web
          • @ponydude

            Thursday, 26-Jan-12 04:35:27 UTC from web
          • Darn computer if refusing to let me dash anything, gonna try a full restart, it'll be a miracle if this dash even goes through

            Thursday, 26-Jan-12 03:17:09 UTC from web
          • Back

            Tuesday, 24-Jan-12 05:36:44 UTC from web
          • We need a meetup group in Atlanta! During the Atlanta Syro-Malabar convention! xP

            Monday, 23-Jan-12 04:03:48 UTC from web
          • I've heard you shouldn't drink !coffee after 3PM. Personally, I never drink it before 7PM.

            Tuesday, 17-Jan-12 01:30:52 UTC from web
          • Hey # I'm back & YAY Brony meetup tomorrow after school =D

            Friday, 13-Jan-12 03:31:55 UTC from web
          • Watching missed episodes of Season 2 :D

            Thursday, 12-Jan-12 03:51:12 UTC from web
          • AND !GSMST RDN GROWS

            Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 20:02:39 UTC from web
            • lol, jk i am new here

              Wednesday, 11-Jan-12 19:57:32 UTC from web
            • Hello everypony@

              Thursday, 05-Jan-12 22:38:19 UTC from web
            • Pony Archive is in jeopardy! Find out exactly why by clicking on the link. It includes the email from Hasbro's legal department and Pony Archive's response.

              Thursday, 15-Dec-11 02:35:18 UTC from web
            • @mylilbrony sending file with Rainbow Dash and her cutie mark on it just so you have it. I'm not really looking for anything specific in the skin, just whatever your mind comes up with. You should also get tf2 and play on teh pony servers with me, the game is free on steam and you can access the network while at home on our computers. !vgp !minecraftponies !gsmst !rainbowdash I think this post applies to all those

              Thursday, 01-Dec-11 01:41:27 UTC from web
            • @the20percent Shelby is @mylilbrony and you needs to join !GSMST

              Saturday, 05-Nov-11 17:57:40 UTC from web
              • @mylilbrony join !gsmst

                Friday, 04-Nov-11 16:53:42 UTC from web
                • @mylilbrony join this so I'm not the only pony !gsmst

                  Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 02:46:00 UTC from web
                  • @abighuman !gsmst

                    Friday, 07-Oct-11 02:09:35 UTC from web
                  • Oh yeah, just found out !gsmst has the highest SAT score in Georgia :D

                    Friday, 07-Oct-11 01:30:00 UTC from web