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This is the group for ponies who play the computer game minecraft.

Minecraft Ponies (minecraftponies) group


  1. This appears when I try to run Minecraft and then it just exits and nothing happen, can anypony tell me what's wrong? !minecraftponies

    Sunday, 04-Mar-12 23:46:39 UTC from web
  2. Any suggestions for finding nether fortresses? I've spent a good three hours in the nether today just running around, dodging Ghast fireballs trying to find one with no luck !vgp !minecraftponies

    Wednesday, 29-Feb-12 03:47:15 UTC from web
    • That horrible, horrible moment in Minecraft when you realize you may have accidentally left your Immortal Creeper mod installed !vgp !minecraftponies

      Saturday, 04-Feb-12 07:15:28 UTC from web
      • Derping around in minecraft, just found watermelon.

        Friday, 16-Dec-11 02:40:42 UTC from web
      • I just made the most special place for a chest JUST because it was going to have my IRON in it !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

        Saturday, 10-Dec-11 21:34:01 UTC from web
      • Modded Minecraft so that Creepers don't die when they blow up, I also increased their damage by about 20 times the norm, beware the invincible super creepers! !minecraftponies

        Friday, 02-Dec-11 05:25:35 UTC from web
        • Time to make some Minecraft mods, hehehe !minecraftponies

          Friday, 02-Dec-11 04:12:16 UTC from web
          • @mylilbrony sending file with Rainbow Dash and her cutie mark on it just so you have it. I'm not really looking for anything specific in the skin, just whatever your mind comes up with. You should also get tf2 and play on teh pony servers with me, the game is free on steam and you can access the network while at home on our computers. !vgp !minecraftponies !gsmst !rainbowdash I think this post applies to all those

            Thursday, 01-Dec-11 01:41:27 UTC from web
          • !minecraftponies I customized the Soarin skin for Mine Little Pony and it actually works in game! I like to make and customize skins for the minecraft. If you want me to do any, message me sometime :D. I also know the skin mechanics for Mine Little Pony so yeah ... :p

            Thursday, 01-Dec-11 00:56:39 UTC from web
            • !minecraftponies

              Thursday, 01-Dec-11 00:54:28 UTC from web
              • I made soarin for the Mine little pony mod and it works well actually !! I like to make minecraft skins don't hate :D

                Thursday, 01-Dec-11 00:50:53 UTC from web
              • One of the most tedious tasks in Minecraft !minecraftponies !vgp

                Tuesday, 29-Nov-11 22:46:38 UTC from web
              • Minecraft has a new perspective !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                Sunday, 27-Nov-11 03:38:46 UTC from web
                • Mine little pony was released for 1.0.0 for for minecraft, Have fun! !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                  Saturday, 26-Nov-11 22:21:21 UTC from web
                • Work in progress !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                  Friday, 25-Nov-11 20:22:17 UTC from web
                  • Hey everyone, I'm back from no where! What did i miss?

                    Saturday, 19-Nov-11 00:42:27 UTC from web
                  • It's hard keeping a town out of harms way. The citizens re terrified of the mobs and my Golems i built are always getting killed by god knows what. Minecraft hit's you hard... !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                    Tuesday, 08-Nov-11 21:27:42 UTC from web
                    • Aww Purple nurps, The town is protected by NPCs and all. There's a wall blocking the outside. And EVEN i built special little traps outside but THE TOWN IS UNDER CONSTANT DANGER! There is a group of enderman MINING away at our walls and leaving openings for rats and other modded critters. It's Big town from fallout 3 ALL OVER AGAIN! !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                      Tuesday, 08-Nov-11 21:23:34 UTC from web
                    • THIS IS WHAT I CAN DO IF YOU LEAVE ME IN MINECRAFT AND LEAVE ME WITH RESOURCES! !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                      Tuesday, 08-Nov-11 21:11:59 UTC from web
                    • # meets minecraft !minecraftponies

                      Monday, 31-Oct-11 21:58:19 UTC from Choqok
                      • I am this happy !ponycraft !minecraftponies

                        Monday, 31-Oct-11 18:52:56 UTC from web
                        • My minecraft works again! Oh happy days! !minecraftponies !ponycraft !vgp

                          Monday, 31-Oct-11 18:48:55 UTC from web
                          • I NEED HELP! When i try to play minecraft it always shuts down right after i log in. I checked my .minecraft and only my bin and log in are there. When i force update my launcher it still doesn't work! !ponycraft !vgp !minecraftponies

                            Monday, 31-Oct-11 00:58:51 UTC from web
                          • !vgp !minecraftponies you might like my pony player model mod for Minecraft

                            Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:55:41 UTC from web
                            • I'm about to build a "muffin temple". It's just a enormous room underground in which I want to make a Derpy pixelart pic. I plan to backlid her with lava falls. !minecraftponies

                              Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 10:38:19 UTC from Choqok
                            • !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft they're adding dragons to minecraft....We're all screwed

                              Tuesday, 11-Oct-11 20:10:13 UTC from web
                            • It's my Minecraft skin. I've downloaded one but was still a bit ugly. I enhanced it. !minecraftponies

                              Thursday, 06-Oct-11 20:21:21 UTC from Choqok
                            • Soon... soon it will be filled with ponies.

                              Wednesday, 05-Oct-11 12:44:07 UTC from web
                            • !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft Hey guys! im going to be doing a livestream tonight of The pre-release of 1.9 and I wanted to know if you guys wanted to watch the stream? there will possibly drunken minecraft antics and a great co-host, and I will let you guys decide on what I Would do ingame! create a new seed? Name the Seed? and Build what? gather what? If you guys are interested please reply back to me and ill gladly give you the link later tonight! :D

                              Saturday, 24-Sep-11 17:08:04 UTC from web
                              • Oh and my minecraft crashed !vgp !minecraftponies !ponycraft

                                Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 00:02:30 UTC from web