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Land of Felt and Poolballs

Homestuck/MSPaint Adventures fangroup.
We post when updates happen whenever we damn please. Feel free to tag your thoughts on an update or share some funny pictures with us.

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  1. !homestuck # I NEVER KNEW.

    Thursday, 20-Dec-12 03:07:09 UTC from web
    • !homestuck Just noticed December 21st is the first day of Capricorn.

      Tuesday, 18-Dec-12 04:40:15 UTC from web
      • !homestuck Condesced soup.

        Tuesday, 18-Dec-12 04:32:15 UTC from web
      • !homestuck update Ermahgerd. Twinkly Herbert is Calliope. Also Roxy speaks Morse?

        Saturday, 15-Dec-12 23:19:28 UTC from web
      • Oh dear god, the leave button is obscured in mobile. The !homestuck group is holding me hostage!

        Saturday, 15-Dec-12 01:01:25 UTC from web
      • It's my birthday!~ :DDD

        Thursday, 13-Dec-12 05:12:43 UTC from web
      • !homestuck

        Wednesday, 12-Dec-12 18:44:15 UTC from web
        • !homestuck Out of observation today, I noticed that the the color of the alpha sprites matches with gur qbzvanag gebyy crefbanyvgl'f oybbq, nf jryy nf gur unys bs gur qbzvanag anzr va sebag bs gur cnffvir anzr. Fb, jr fubhyq unir Arcsrs unir Srsrev nf gur qbzvanag crefbanyvgl, nf jryy nf na Rdhqvn(?).

          Tuesday, 11-Dec-12 22:55:38 UTC from web
          • !homestuck So this is a thing

            Sunday, 09-Dec-12 08:41:22 UTC from web
            • Over 30 hours now and !MSPA's host is still derping around not fixing anything. Bluh.

              Saturday, 08-Dec-12 13:06:41 UTC from web
            • !homestuck Want to read the update, but can't? Well now you can.

              Saturday, 08-Dec-12 05:04:17 UTC from MuSTArDroid
              • !mspa The website is down, I can't read my update. :(

                Friday, 07-Dec-12 16:26:45 UTC from web
                • I keep coming up with new ways to try and describe what !Homestuck is. Just now I called it "an animated web picture novel with music and occasional bouts of interactivity".

                  Thursday, 06-Dec-12 12:00:08 UTC from web
                • !homestuck Yesssssssss

                  Thursday, 06-Dec-12 02:02:37 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                • !Homestuck Oh.

                  Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 17:48:30 UTC from web
                  • !homestuck update. No one loves Roxy.

                    Wednesday, 05-Dec-12 02:18:27 UTC from web
                    • !homestuck

                      Monday, 03-Dec-12 05:12:08 UTC from web
                      • Glad I stayed up an extra 20 minutes to check if there was going to be a !homestuck update.

                        Monday, 03-Dec-12 05:00:42 UTC from web
                        • !homestuck I am now imagining Sprite in an aerosol can.

                          Friday, 30-Nov-12 01:25:26 UTC from web
                        • I feel like redesigning the !mspa page.

                          Sunday, 02-Dec-12 20:12:56 UTC from web
                          • I like how the king in the post-scratch session will just be a mashup of all the dead trolls !Homestuck #

                            Sunday, 02-Dec-12 13:06:04 UTC from web
                          • !homestuck Shades of Prequel.

                            Sunday, 02-Dec-12 04:21:45 UTC from web
                            • !homestuck update

                              Sunday, 02-Dec-12 04:06:03 UTC from web
                              • I hate you all so much. This is going to eat away all of my spare time. !homestuck

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 02:39:14 UTC from web
                              • Oh god, this is better than I thought. !homestuck

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 02:24:32 UTC from web
                              • I don't know what this is. I don't know what it wants from me. But I like it. !homestuck

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 02:07:24 UTC from web
                              • Well, dole, now that I've started this I gotta finish it.

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 01:49:04 UTC from web
                              • !Homestuck

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 01:45:56 UTC from web
                              • Seriously, what the hell is Homestuck and what's so goddamn appealing about it and someone link me the dole to it.

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 01:36:14 UTC from web
                              • I just what

                                Saturday, 01-Dec-12 01:33:50 UTC from web