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Bronies of Virginia Beach

Bronies of Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach

A group for bronies in the Virginia Beach area!

Bronies of Virginia Beach (vabeachbronies) group


  1. Sooooo is this group active or what now?

    Sunday, 04-Oct-15 05:38:22 UTC from web
  2. if ya wanna chill tell me here

    Monday, 10-Nov-14 22:17:19 UTC from web

      Monday, 10-Nov-14 22:16:53 UTC from web
      • Hey guys I live in the kempsville area I wanted to know if anyone else did

        Friday, 24-Oct-14 01:33:42 UTC from web
      • Hello! I am currently new to this website, so can anypony give me any helpful tips? Thanks in advance! :)

        Sunday, 25-May-14 02:56:49 UTC from web
      • Anyone know a close place to the 757 doing a mlp:ccg pre-release for the Canterlot Nights expansion?

        Thursday, 01-May-14 16:52:38 UTC from web
      • Hey all
        I started a meetup group for in and around Hampton.
        Once I get it going I plan to organize events where we can all meet up and enjoy life, whether it be through hiking, paintball, or just a relaxing day at the park.
        If any of you are interested, you can find the group here;

        Wednesday, 30-Apr-14 01:08:56 UTC from web
      • MLP:CCG Tournaments 5:00pm every Saturday at Atomic Comics Emporium II in Newport News!!! (Dont worry its not super competitive at all)

        Saturday, 26-Apr-14 05:31:49 UTC from web
      • The keyboard was being weird sorry for all the post no spam here sorry

        Friday, 25-Apr-14 02:46:11 UTC from web
        • Hi just joined and would like to make new friends check my profile for more info

          Friday, 25-Apr-14 02:45:18 UTC from web
        • Hi just joined and would like to

          Friday, 25-Apr-14 02:44:30 UTC from web
          • Hi I Just joined i

            Friday, 25-Apr-14 02:43:55 UTC from web
            • Hello just joined and I live in kempsville

              Friday, 25-Apr-14 02:43:35 UTC from web
            • New MLP:CCG Saturday tournaments starting at 4:00pm at Atomic Comics Emporium II in Newport News? Tournaments will be 2$ to enter, and winner(s) will receive booster packs! So if your interested spread the word, the more people the bigger the prize pool!

              Saturday, 12-Apr-14 05:41:03 UTC from web
              • So, how does one use this place?

                Friday, 14-Mar-14 23:26:04 UTC from web
              • Hoping to see some Bronies at marscon this coming weekend!

                Monday, 13-Jan-14 03:59:49 UTC from web
              • I hope you're all having a good holiday season! Looking forward to 2014?

                Monday, 30-Dec-13 04:11:05 UTC from web
              • Hi all! Williamsburg brony here! Just signed on today! And, just got my starter sets for the card game too!

                Sunday, 29-Dec-13 02:29:45 UTC from web
              • Hello everyone! I'm new to the area, but was thinking of going to the MLP:CCG Pre-release event in DC, and was wondering if others in the group were going. Also, does anyone still use this site? haha. I would think perhaps a subreddit or facebook group would be better.

                Monday, 02-Dec-13 16:05:24 UTC from web
              • Ohai fellow Virginian bronies! Portsmouth brony here, although I'm very close to both Norfolk and Suffolk. Anyway just stopping by to say hi :3

                Friday, 15-Nov-13 02:43:27 UTC from web
              • !vabeachbronies W00t! Just bought my early bird ticket to BronyCon 2014! Only $60 if you're quick!

                Monday, 04-Nov-13 21:36:13 UTC from web
                • !vabeachbronies Hey y'all, new guy here. Didn't know there were meetups near my area till now. You guys got any events going on soon? Other than BronyCon 2013 I've never been to a social Brony event so I'd like to join in on the fun. Looking forward to meeting some friends on here!

                  Monday, 04-Nov-13 19:43:10 UTC from web
                • !vabeachbronies Augh, forgot the vabeachbronies tag. So, anyone up for Chili's?

                  Sunday, 22-Sep-13 15:22:10 UTC from web
                  • !vabeachbronies anypony going to chilis tommorow like EQD was saying, well be at mcarthur mall!at like 5pmish

                    Sunday, 22-Sep-13 07:39:07 UTC from web
                    • !vabeachbronies been awhile since i've visited here. anyone have any plans on going to Nekocon?

                      Saturday, 21-Sep-13 23:52:14 UTC from web
                      • !vabeachbronies I have had some bad experiences with people from Virginia Beach. I hope you guys aren't like the people I have met.

                        Wednesday, 11-Sep-13 20:48:59 UTC from web
                      • !vabeachbronies Where are my Hampton Roads bronies at?

                        Tuesday, 17-Sep-13 11:51:07 UTC from web
                        • !vabeachbronies there is looking like there is going to be a picnic on either the 28th or 29th of this month. I will post more as I know more. Also contact me either on here or my twitter (@thehund), I will respond as quick as I can.

                          Tuesday, 10-Sep-13 02:07:50 UTC from web
                          • !vabeachbronies I am in Virginia Beach Area, eho like to meetup or hang out? Just contact me :-)

                            Sunday, 01-Sep-13 19:33:51 UTC from web
                          • !vabeachbronies howdy everypony!

                            Saturday, 31-Aug-13 17:47:06 UTC from web