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    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
  2. "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
  3. Do robots even have genders?

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
  4. @admin ahaha.

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
    • Put my !paintball gear up on eBay.

      Monday, 28-Apr-14 03:19:31 UTC from web
      • !canadaftw Hello ponies from Welland Ontario!

        Saturday, 08-Jun-13 12:23:40 UTC from web
        • Selling a !paintball kit in !SoCal - (I feel like maybe I should NSFW this because, you know, Craigslist, but the listing is safe, I swear! (though, bringing paintball to the office probably wouldn't be work-safe...)) :p

          Friday, 19-Apr-13 19:52:15 UTC from web
          • I see that @Starshine still gets talked about on here. I should prolly post here more....

            Wednesday, 13-Mar-13 08:54:46 UTC from web
            • MFW I don't play !paintball now because I get that urge taken care of at my swordfights.

              Thursday, 07-Mar-13 19:34:40 UTC from web
              • !ottawabronies Hey everyone. I am a writer with The Grid and Toronto Standard and I am looking for Canadian bronies to interview for a feature article. I just finished watching the Bronies doc and was impressed with the movement which I feel has received a lot of unnecessary negative flack in the media. I would like to try and dispel some erroneous notions people may hold about bronies and tell YOUR stories. Please send me a message or email me at My deadline is later this week. Thank you. Tiffy.

                Monday, 04-Feb-13 22:36:28 UTC from web
                • Remember when @darklycute was one of us? Just a fan like one of us?

                  Thursday, 06-Dec-12 13:37:37 UTC from web
                • !canadaftw Greetings fellow bronies from Saskatoon Saskatchewan!!

                  Thursday, 11-Oct-12 05:30:04 UTC from web
                • @neon1ights Any luck with that Tribal Discord tattoo? I'm considering something similar if you don't mind me and a friend of mine using your image that you posted a while back.

                  Sunday, 30-Sep-12 23:40:21 UTC from web
                • !ottawabronies been forever since i have been on this site man i miss these good old days

                  Saturday, 29-Sep-12 19:54:15 UTC from web
                  • !ottawabronies this is the old where it all started

                    Saturday, 29-Sep-12 19:40:41 UTC from web
                    • !ottawabronies Just so everyone is aware, this site is no longer used for ottawa bronies work. Please check the main site at

                      Tuesday, 07-Aug-12 04:28:19 UTC from web
                      • !SoCal and !LAbronies -- Not much new showing up for July, so basically just see here: One new event, though, is another !paintball day out in Escondido this Saturday (July 21st), so if that is relevant to your interests goto and check it out!

                        Monday, 16-Jul-12 18:25:34 UTC from web
                        • Hey, just wanted to let all of you that are going to BronyCon know that I have an artist alley table there. And its # if you would like to stop by and say hi!

                          Wednesday, 27-Jun-12 02:14:12 UTC from web
                        • !ottawabronies when is the next meet up?

                          Tuesday, 29-May-12 22:31:37 UTC from web
                        • !ottawabronies is this how I post in the Ottawa sub channel?

                          Tuesday, 29-May-12 19:30:04 UTC from web
                          • Hello everypony!

                            Friday, 18-May-12 01:54:02 UTC from web
                          • !ottawabronies SWAG! Hey I be noob.

                            Friday, 11-May-12 14:25:50 UTC from web
                          • Updated my website with all of the pony pin designs -

                            Wednesday, 02-May-12 19:23:33 UTC from web
                            • e

                              Friday, 27-Apr-12 07:29:15 UTC from web
                            • !ottawabronies Any of you guys going to Comiccon?

                              Thursday, 26-Apr-12 03:50:16 UTC from web
                            • !ottawabronies From the Comic-Con website: "Are autographs included in the price of photo ops? Autographs are not included in the price of photo ops and signing fees depend on which media guest you have your picture taken with. Can I bring my own items to autograph or am I limited to the guest pre-printed material? You can bring your own items to autograph. However, it is up to the guest to accept or refuse to sign a given item."

                              Thursday, 26-Apr-12 19:10:26 UTC from web
                              • guys where are we meeting? !ottawabronies

                                Saturday, 21-Apr-12 02:07:42 UTC from web
                              • !ottawabronies cant wait till tomorrows meet up

                                Friday, 20-Apr-12 14:34:11 UTC from web
                                • Pony Pin Photos! -

                                  Friday, 20-Apr-12 01:32:46 UTC from web
                                  • Which ponies would you like to see pre-made customs of for sale at BronyCon?

                                    Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 04:46:10 UTC from web