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  1. What is the RDN talking about today I wonder? Vigeo gaems, excellent

    about a month ago from web

    about a month ago from web
  3. Hey look my friends arm, there is also a card game there.

    about a month ago from web
    • Boop

      about 3 months ago from web
      • God I love mobile gaming.

        about 6 months ago from MuSTArDroid
        • In a upscale sushi place with my girlfriend for a date night..... Holy mother of Canterlot I've never seen so many high class upscale white girls in one location. Selfies everywhere..... like steriotypes are bad, but if the shoe fits..

          about 6 months ago from MuSTArDroid
        • Holy moly my computer remembered my account *SHIFTS INTO LURK*

          about 6 months ago from web
        • Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is art

          about 8 months ago from web
        • Can't sleep so I've been doodling on my new galaxy note 4 (AKA brick phone). The s pen is pretty awesome.

          about 10 months ago from MuSTArDroid
        • Oh man, heart to heart talks and silliness. RDN you haven't changed a bit

          about 11 months ago from Mayonnaise
        • i dont have any of you guys on steam B^|

          about 11 months ago from web
        • @darkw00d Just got on my work computer to check. I forgot the backgroud were out of focus blind bags.

          about a year ago from Mayonnaise
        • RT @darkw00d RT @schwarzen @darkw00d The little guys dont get the recognition they deserve, so many people against african child labor, but noone cares about the real issues. Noone is opening their eyes to the big problem, noone cares about the tiny little astronauts being worked to death in our cars.

          about a year ago from api
          • My manager and I are programing all the racing games in the arcade to present our names. I find this to be a fantastic way to stay sane during spring break.

            about a year ago from Mayonnaise
            • Yeah? And you buy yourself that? I'm not saying it's a bad choice, but c'mon! Get a 450 italia, or something stupidly expensive with a statement like that.

              about a year ago from Mayonnaise
            • Idea for a TV show: Ashton Kutcher plays a shy young man who falls for a woman down the hall. They fall in love, starting a multi-season story-arch. At the end of the seventh season, he reveals that she's on Punk'd.

              about a year ago from web
            • @metaltao Thank you ^-^ I put a lot of effort into that one.
              I seriously had a stupid amount of fun in that game with friends. Then I made a Krystal Fox Emblem, and then everyone was all, "I'm all kinds of confused.". I loved their confusion.

              about a year ago from Mayonnaise
            • Oh Black Ops 2, more like gun bedazzler. I swear I spent more time challenging myself with those 32 layers.

              about a year ago from Mayonnaise

              about a year ago from web
            • @darkw00d and its been a whole internet century man

              about a year ago from Mayonnaise
            • Oh Mayo, your free version gives me the best ads.
              "Free naughty dating"
              "naughty picture chat"
              "progressive auto insurance"


              about a year ago from Mayonnaise
              • Miss this place. I'll be back, sooner or later, Duces

                Saturday, 11-Oct-14 21:39:32 UTC from web
              • Jeez 3 months What's up world?

                Saturday, 11-Oct-14 21:33:09 UTC from web
              • HELLOOOOO RDN!!!!! IT's that guy that comes here once every other blue moon.

                Thursday, 25-Sep-14 00:15:49 UTC from web

                Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
              • "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

                Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
              • I think I created a monster

                Saturday, 05-Jul-14 20:20:08 UTC from web
              • where even is spots

                Saturday, 05-Jul-14 20:32:37 UTC from web
              • Been awhile. Hi.

                Tuesday, 01-Jul-14 01:28:13 UTC from web
              • Do robots even have genders?

                Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web


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