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  1. so im finally watching Milo @ DePaul
    if BLM is trying to grape me off for being so obnoxious and retarded they succeeded

    about 12 minutes ago from shitposter.club
  2. theyre acting like a cross between apes and gradeschool children
    milos mangoing 10/10 though

    about 8 minutes ago from shitposter.club
  3. anyone who non-ironically says cuck is on my list

    about 34 minutes ago from gnutan.xyz
  4. Thank God I didn't type I instead of A.

    about 25 minutes ago from web
  5. Well, site still doesn't autoupdate, but avatars are displaying correctly, so that's an improvement!

    about an hour ago from web
    • @ceruleanspark So how do you get research points

      about an hour ago from web
    • https://freezepeach.xyz/attachment/114789


      WHAT THE batcave

      about 2 hours ago from freezepeach.xyz
    • Man Who Threatened Milo At DePaul Identified As Church Minister Edward Ward

      about 9 hours ago from sealion.club
    • Someone had a bunch of VHS with recorded stuff from an old, now deceased tv channel and decided to stream them, and like 5000 people joined and it went crazy.

      about 10 hours ago from web
      • @dokidoki That must be a big lawn!

        about 21 hours ago from gs.kawa-kun.com
      • Hashtag trending on Twitter is a bunch of idiots who want to make Captain America bisexual and give him a boyfriend.
        God forbid they don't co-opt superheroes and just, I dunno, make their own cool new ones.

        about 21 hours ago from gs.smuglo.li
      • https://community.highlandarrow.com/attachment/31916

        about 21 hours ago from community.highlandarrow.com
      • @tijagi So does this make you THE smug loli of Smugloli.li?

        about a day ago from gs.smuglo.li
      • @gameragodzilla > Multiplayer-only
        > Full price game
        > Microtransactions
        > Game itself is a clone of a very old multiplayer thing

        This game is going to die, and it's going to die relatively young for a game, and they know it, and want to milk as much as they can out of people before it does.

        This is what their business model communicates to me.

        about a day ago from community.highlandarrow.com
      • This reminds me of the author of a spanish webcomic I used to read who hadn't played Starcraft.

        about 22 hours ago from web
        • @vriska  https://cherryposter.club/attachment/82563

          about a day ago from shitposter.club
        • @gameragodzilla By "really different" you mean one is pay 2 win with microtransactions and the other isn't.  Mechanics are similar, but basically, Battleborn is TF2 before crates, and Overwatch is TF2 after crates.

          about a day ago from community.highlandarrow.com
        • everyone talkin' about overwatch and i'm over here like i'm broke and don't know what video games are

          about a day ago from shitposter.club
        • smug anime boys

          about a day ago from gnutan.xyz
        • I need a new monitor but it actually has to be a fairly small one to fit into my existing system, no larger than 20-21 inches if it has a center stand.  Anyone have recommendations?

          about a day ago from community.highlandarrow.com
        • I got up at 9am so it comes as no surprise to me that I feel absolutely lethargic.

          about a day ago from web
          • killing myself

            about a day ago from web
          • Had to turn off data for my phone since we hit the data cap (I'm on a 1 GB plan shared between 4 other family members).

            about a day ago from shitposter.club
          • http://bienvenidoainternet.org/g/src/1463376378495.jpg e

            about a day ago from quitter.se
          • What's the eyepatch for? There's no reason for the eyepatch. http://rainbowdash.net/url/844602

            about a day ago from web
          • Three hours into the workweek and I'm not dead yet!

            about a day ago from web
          • Though I might be confusing the situation with Einstein's. If so, I accept being wrong.

            about a day ago from web
            • I guess this is how Chaplin felt when he made The Great Dictator and everyone dismissed him.

              about a day ago from web


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