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  1. Tyler's using the language of love, no fair

    about 4 hours ago from web
  2. Be kawaii http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/814366

    about 5 hours ago from web
    • I wonder how the other guy who likes this girl will feel when he learns her laugh now belongs to me. Step up your game, dude.

      about 5 hours ago from web
      • It seems things are weird at the horse network right now.

        about 7 hours ago from web
      • i wont study latinoish to talk to nerthos, if he wants to talk to me he shoul dlearn my language

        about 10 hours ago from web
      • Oooh, Balor Fomorians finally showing up !warframe

        about 10 hours ago from web
        • He might bring buddies to come help him. Maybe that's for the best.

          about 10 hours ago from web
        • If this dog doesn't stop jumping the fence and running through the streets, I'm going to make it so that he can't jump anymore.

          about 10 hours ago from web
          • Remember baconmane avatars

            about 10 hours ago from web
          • Brother got me a cool lead knight.

            about 11 hours ago from web
            • So I had a first time "road rage" situation at work, on the clock.

              We're on the side of a two-way separated main road, and in our immediate turn there's a right turn lane into the next intersection. Cars coming down the road. I take the right, planning on turning anyways. This guy honks and gives me that good old salute, I give him the thumbs up.

              In which after I've taken the turn he takes the next available turn to follow me. Does so all the way around the apartment complexes back into the lot at work. He gets out and starts yelling, standing at his car the entire time. I get out and ask if he'd like to settle this little argument with a selection of tools from the shop and he says yes but not now. Tomorrow. I say, "sure, I come in at 0800". Let's see how that pans out.

              about 11 hours ago from web
            • I survived the war

              about 11 hours ago from web
            • I feel like I should do something about the fact that my dog keeps trying to hump my cat, but I think sooner or later he'll teach her a lesson anyway.

              about 11 hours ago from web
            • Honesty is the best thing.

              about 11 hours ago from web
              • Roleplay idea for omegle "you may pick your OC or a pony from the show. It is a late rainy night. you are still up as you see bright bolts of lightning flash almost endlessly but out of the thunder you hear a knock" plx continue with any ideas plx do not be #

                about 11 hours ago from web
              • Megalomaniac comment, followed by bragging.

                about 11 hours ago from web
                • let's put people on the sun, tell them it's for extra sunlight for their skin and to help plants grow faster, that way we get all the idiots out of here

                  about 12 hours ago from web

                  about 15 hours ago from web
                  • oh GOD I grapesin made a $100 payment on my credit card on the 15th, forgetting I already had a scheduled payment for the 18th. now my bank account is negative GG

                    about 17 hours ago from web
                  • The breakfast burrito is the all-time pinnacle of human culinary achievement.

                    about 20 hours ago from MuSTArDroid
                  • "Send Seth Rogan and James Franco over to formally apologize for the Interview then have them actually assassinate him."

                    about 18 hours ago from web
                  • Bed time.

                    about 21 hours ago from web
                    • http://www.pcgamer.com/valve-restricts-steam-gifting-and-trading-between-regions/

                      about 22 hours ago from web
                    • The Einstein was visibly shaken, and Einsteined his Einstein and copy of Einstein of the Einsteins. He stormed out of the room crying those liberal Albert Einsteins. The Einsteins Einsteined and all registered Einstein that day and accepted Einstein as their lord and Einstein. An Einstein named "Albert Einstein" flew into the room and perched atop the American Einstein and shed a tear on the Einstein. The pledge of Einstein was read Einstein times, and Einstein himself showed up and Einsteined a flat Einstein rate across the Einstein.
                      The Einstein lost his tenure and was fired the next Einstein. He died of the gay Einstein AIDS and was tossed into the Einstein of fire for all Einstein.
                      Semper Einstein

                      about a day ago from web
                      • A liberal Muslim homosexual ACLU lawyer professor and abortion Einstein was teaching a class on Einstein, known Albert Einstein.
                        "Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Einstein and accept that he was the most highly-Einstein being the world has ever known, even greater than Albert Einstein!" At this moment, a brave, patriotic, pro-life Navy Einstein champion who had served 1500 tours of duty and understood the necessity of Einstein and fully supported Albert Einstein made by the United States stood up and held up a rock.
                        "How old is this Einstein?"
                        The arrogant professor Einsteined quite Jewishly and smugly replied "4.6 billion Einsteins, you stupid Einstein."
                        "Wrong. It's been Einstein Einsteins since Einstein created it. If it was 4.6 billion Einsteins old and Einstein, as you say, is real... then it should be an Einstein now."

                        about a day ago from web
                        • http://www.pcgamer.com/verdun-to-feature-truce-ceasefire-events-this-christmas/

                          about a day ago from web
                        • is borderlands a game about mexico X UsA ?

                          about a day ago from web
                        • I cant believe I own a PC that runs this game at 60fps with all settings maxed. God damn. This port is so well optimized. http://pny.lv/8g27

                          about a day ago from web
                        • Whenever I play a Zelda game I name my character Zelda so I can call him Zelda and when people correct me I'll still be right.

                          about a day ago from web
                        • Like why are gifs still a thing??? How come APNGs aren't more widespread?

                          about a day ago from web


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