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  1. Until today I was unconvinced that traditional animation would be viable in a Netflix show. Not only has Disenchantment proven me wrong, it surpasses Futurama in visual quality.

    about 3 hours ago from web
  2. hey all newcomers to who have set up instances and so on!

    we're building pleroma together: us, and you!

    we are few, and we just try to guide the project as best we can, writing code where we can.

    but you folks have really stepped up over the past year, and a lot of the subsystems in pleroma have been designed and built by the greater community.

    but everyone else should come join us too:

    vote up the features and MRs you want to see!
    send us new MRs!
    review MRs that are already there!

    as previously said, we are few, and we try to guide the project based on *your* feedback. this is *your* project and *you* can help shape it how you want it to become.

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  3. started watching Disenchantment, it's pretty good

    about 7 hours ago from web
  4. "...but she does have a bichon-frise-poodle-Maltese mix..." Screw off, it's a mutt!

    about 7 hours ago from web
    • My stomach is no longer accustomed to solid foods.

      about 8 hours ago from web
      • I wonder how Toto feel about having become a meme?

        about 4 days ago from web
        • At # I watched a talk where two guys infiltrated a network by sending a fax to an all-in-one printer that caused a buffer overflow and uploaded a payload.

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        • Go forth and touch butts

          about 5 days ago from web
          • Why was I ever optimistic about autonomous vehicles if we can't even expect people to be capable of using and feeling cruise control?

            about 7 days ago from web
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            • @oracle Using and feeling comfortable with, sorry. I know a few people who feel that cruise control s dangerous and takes control away from them. I was hopeful that younger people would be more open to the idea, but many of my classmates are strongly opposed to the idea.

              about 7 days ago in context
            • My honest opinion is that the general public should not be instructed with ability to drive, or at the very least, the privilege should require stricter testing standards. People (humans as a whole) are not as intelligent as we perceive ourselves to be. We are stupid, dull, prideful, creatures that make terrible judgments at the expense of all others.

              about 7 days ago in context
            • @oracle I definitely think the standards for piloting a kinetic bombardment device through populated areas should be more stringent, as well.

              about 5 days ago in context
          • So-called "Dr." Oz is on TV with a real-deal Astrologer giving you Your Personalized Health Horoscope! If this man isn't a quack then he's the whole gorram duck.

            about 7 days ago from web
          • sending my resume to street gangs in the Richmond area

            about 7 days ago from web
          • Why do my photos turn sideways when I post them here, I wonder....

            about 8 days ago from web
          • My supervisor makes wicked-killer !coffee.

            about 7 days ago from web
            • My retro voxel 2.5D rougelike procedurely generated game that was funded by kickstarter is shelved indefinitely in open beta state because im too busy retweeting links to other kickstarters to actually do any game development

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            • Worth mentioning I think that 100% of the # talks today appear to be by women.

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            • Holy crap, is this spammer actually using ten-year-old marketing copy?

              about 8 days ago from web
            • Anybody here know snakes from dingdongs about Famitracker? Just getting started, myself. As in, I still haven't played a single note.

              about 8 days ago from web
              • Bought the Genesis Flashback last night. Tonight I intend on returning it to the store. !vgp

                about 10 days ago from web
              • Are we on Jupiter???

                about 10 days ago from web
              • I'm considering backing the Trogdor Boardgame Kickstarter

                about 11 days ago from web
              • I do rather miss when the relative ranking of colired horses was the most important thing on the internet.

                about 12 days ago from web
              • Brock: I mango boys. I cherry white, white boys.

                about 13 days ago from web
              • Why the Christ do I keep trying to enjoy Roguelike games? !vgp

                about 14 days ago from web
                • I wonder if this Peertube I've just now seen in passing is worth bothering to investigate...?

                  about 14 days ago from web
                  • Microsoft did it. Windows as a service. Great.

                    about 14 days ago from
                  • I just got a load of notifications from an RDN YouTube channel I didn’t know existed. Apparently bound to the “webmaster@“ email address

                    about 16 days ago from web
                    • well, this is random and pretty pointless since noeory will really care. But i'd just like to apaolgize for going full retard with all that Twilight thing back then. Really, i dont know how it got to that....

                      about 22 days ago from web
                      • And another stress-induced panic attack sends me home from work early, leaving me worried for the next three months that the office emotion police will try to fire me....

                        about 22 days ago from web
                        • @scribus Do you know about grounding techniques and how to use them?

                          about 22 days ago in context
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                        • @oracle Yeah, and I usually do OK with them, I guess, lately... But today hit too hard and fast to even try, I was at 98% and tunnel-visioning and I just absolutely HAVE to get this done RIGHT NOW because otherwise I am a GORRAM QUITTER and WHAT WOULD MY MOTHER THINK... :-/ Still working at it. I have a small sand timer for periodic meditative breaks. But none of that makes the office less of a constant and absolute press, none of it actually fixes the problem, all of it starts feeling like a complete waste of time, and sometimes even trying to relax feeds the rage.

                          about 22 days ago in context
                      • Saga, one of my favorite comic series, is taking a year long hiatus. How will I survive this long stretch? There were small hiatuses of 3 months in the past but this is too much to handle.

                        about 22 days ago from web
                      • So I have this recurring thing in my dreams about the night sky doing impossible things. Last night, I dreamt that there was some kind of atmospheric lensing effect that created a false duplicate of the moon, for at most a couple of seconds a go, in some random spot of the sky. Which happened to coincide with a supermoon / lunar eclipse thing. It was neat.

                        about 22 days ago from web