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  1. @scribus GTA SA is super bad about this, speed runners usually resort to killing themselves to warp to hospitals around the state but even then the boundaries dictating where you respawn don’t make as much sense as people like, especially in the countryside portions of the game, where it’s essentially a crapshoot figuring out where you’ll respawn.

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  2. @scribus It’s a fake town that’s an amalgamation of several real towns in Northern Virginia, mostly the suburbs around Fairfax and Loudoun counties. Swole Foods itself is based on a real grocery chain based in Maryland. The skyline that you see in the cartoons and some comics is wholly made up and I’m not sure if that’s the town itself or if it’s just a city that you can see FROM the town, like Arlington or something.

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  3. @scribus Definitely. I want my money back, even when it's only 13.80€

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  4. I was bored, I spend some time trying to learn what is what in that. I am sorry to say @mrmattimation was not exactly forthcoming with the information. Unless if dogs sniffing crotches is a more common occurrence. @scribus It is WAY more complicated than that.

    In short. Alinity posted a video of Luna ( her dog ) sniffing her cooch for a good 8 seconds while she was doing some sort of yoga position on Twitter. Then later deleted it off of twitter, but it was also on her Twitch, which she apparently did not delete or deleted WAY later. this was in week 48 of 2019. Then in week 49 suddenly PETA started to "Demand" that she was going to be banned. She was never banned.

    My sources, pretty much, Discord, PETA's twitter, This streamer's twitter & twitch.

    But we still need some sort of exterminators to come over "Yeah, we have what we professionals call a 'THOT infestation' going on"

    Oh, also NSFW warning, not really sure.

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  5. @scribus My search results in "Dragon Crystal" and "Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story".

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  6. @scribus Well, it is not the c-word, nor one of the other 100 words I tried. So I give up.

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  7. @scribus You mean storyboarding ? Can we get a highly pixelated screenshot/picture of the sprawling maze, mess & chaos ?

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  8. @scribus That heavily depends on the person really. Heck I have a friend who did a drone obstacle course like that and behaved like a pro. I also have a friend who nearly fell off of her chair after 2 minutes of playing Mario Kart on a huge projector screen.

    I have a suspicion that it has something to do with how fast you become queezy after sitting on a merry-go-round.

    I believe Brainiac did something like that YEARS ago.

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  9. @scribus I was actually just gonna do a Sword Art Online in Skyrim

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  10. @scribus don’t worry, lightning mcqieen is gonna come push you past the finish line

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  11. @scribus Not unless if there is a biker gang in Hollywood.

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  12. @scribus Rabia.

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  13. @scribus At first I wanted to say that these kind of spines are fine but then I remembered from my childhood how infuriating these are. I once collected Disney comics that are collected in books that are about the size of a manga (about 200 pages and the page size is about the same as a typical manga). It was not easy for me to get all books with a limited budget and in a pre-internet era. So I lived a long time with incomplete pictures staring at me like a Scrooge and Donald with hacked-up faces. Not only that but when I had a complete picture, due to the production inaccuracies, the picture didn't align perfectly (a 2mm offset!), which is infuriating in its own right. F those spines!!!

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  14. @scribus I understand how the system came to be and why parties in the USA are 'fighting' the way that they do. In the very short and crude way of explaining, it is a republic that had a weird evolutionary step a LONG time ago that is sort of centered around the Federalist Party and their opponents the anti-administration party. How they were the classical conservatives of that era ( 1789-ish ) while their opponents were Jeffersonianist Populists ( which later became a formal party called the Jefferson's Republic Party ). and bam, there you have it. The foundation of why there are pretty much only two parties in America back then. I do not remember what effect being a minister to the court of versailles during Guerre de la Première but as you can probably guess it was a big reason to get in line with either party A or party B. As such the die was cast. Untill the first third party stood up, the Anti-Masonic Party.

    and then it got ALL muddy when WHIG had 4 nominees in 1832.

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  15. @scribus Oh no, I understand that. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the optics of public opinion regarding the topic.

    I mean take a look at ( it is a graph taken from ) If your political compass put you slightly on the left of Obama and then you voted for Obama in 2008, that if your political compass remained somewhat the same that you would be WAY closer to the Republicans than you would to the Democrats in 2016. Heck Obama took in unaffiliated people to the white house and still made a left turn according to this graph alone.

    If you do not agree with that graph, it is a fact that Democrats in America are extremely fast in swaying more and more liberal. Public perception can not keep up, and now Obama is a concervative. The historian in me does not like this one bit

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  16. @scribus Minus the foreign part you’re basically just describing Sealab

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  17. @scribus That is terrible. Imagine, in 50 or so years it might become commonplace to hear "What is a Koala" when talking about them.

    Kinda like what Numbat's are like now. Only I find Numbat's way cuter and interesting than Koala's.

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  18. @scribus Tom Hanks is so universally beloved that I literally don’t trust him.

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  19. @scribus The Sega consoles are a minefield with that. IIRC the Genesis was called the Mega Drive outside of North America because it was being carried by a different company abroad. I believe it is called the Tec Toy in Brazil. In Korea by Samsung and it was called the Super Gameaboyo or something like that.

    Then later with things like the Mega CD addon ( Sega CD in NA ) it got really confusing as some units were assembled in different area's than their intended audience that shipped together with controllers. Now for SOME reason the regional controlers were all different on the inside ( and I still have no idea why ) but I do know there is a real possibility that one of your controler has Samsung somewhere written on the circuit board, and the other reading Virgin Mastertronic or something. There is no doubt a bigger nerd than I am out there who knows that all by head.

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  20. @scribus That's what I tried to do with a heap of defunct SNES and PS2 controllers too. IMPOSSIBLE.

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  21. @scribus can't wait for some more games to come out on my £250 pokemon machine

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  22. @scribus To be honest: my regular comics contain more tiddies per page than Ranma ½, like Rat Queens or Saga

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  23. @scribus When I used to check on my tumblr followers I got triggered. Lots and lots of MLP pornography shared openly.

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  24. @scribus Might as well slip her name while you are at it. I mean, What is the chance that if she is as easily triggered as you assume she is going to be that she has not been called Karen by someone at least once in her life.

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  25. @scribus No, I just stared at the person like a zoo exhibit untill she calmed down and then I asked if she knew how big a trebuchet needed to be if I wanted to sling some 120 odd kilograms into orbit.

    I fully expected that to go over her head, and I was not dissapointed.

    Now that is actually a lie, but I am sticking to it.

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  26. @scribus I used to just stick 'em on while I worked, now I gotta find something else to podcast

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  27. @scribus Gotta get them started early, this country has become too much about putting things off until your mid or even late twenties.

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  28. @scribus I acquire it from *cough* other sources *cough*

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  29. @scribus Well, you are small fry, yes, but you just need a big hit to pop right through the filter and put your name out there.

    Even the video game Hatred got through the filter. I mean, not like it should have the way it did, but, it did.

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  30. @scribus Why is it ohkay if Bruce does it but probably front-door-destroyingly bad if you write the song yourself ?

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