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  • Heather aka Twilight Sparkle twilightsparkle20 Heather aka Twilight Sparkle Ponyville, Colorado, Equestria

    Hey everyone! My name is Heather, I'm a girl, and I'm 18. Please watch my youtube videos!!! (They're not mine but I played as Twilights' voice in MLPFIMAbridged Parody 1 and 2) Please check them out for me!!!! Also, please subscribe to my page!!! If you want to reach me my e-mail is [email protected] Please check out my favorite youtube video! its called fluttershy and clyde and its halarious! Have a ponytastic day!

  • Kagi trilobite Kagi Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

    MLP fan, or brony, I guess. Fluttershy's my favorite pony, but I like all of the Mane Six. I check EQD pretty regularly these days, and tend to gravitate towards comics and PMV's, mostly. IRL I work in fast food and am currently in school for engineering.

  • zstargazer zstargazer St. Louis

    Just A Space nerd of 17 years of age.

  • Ben Terry arandombadguy Ben Terry La Vista, Nebraska

    I am a cool guy that likes cool things. Liking MLP makes me about 20% cooler.

  • Jake Lilley jakel99 Jake Lilley Chillin in the clubs of Canterlot

    on Google+ too! also avaliable on Xbox Live (RainbowDash99)

  • derps derps
  • Joel Morrow rawrfish Joel Morrow Lincoln, NE

    Howdy! I'm a brony.... duh. From Nebraska. I'm a huge fan of both the series and the toys I guess. Derpy is by far the most... well, I wouldn't say best, but you know. I love MLP so get to know me!

  • Roman dmtactical Roman Omaha, NE

    I'm a petrolhead. I like animated ponies.

  • Jonathan Conrad fnordly Jonathan Conrad Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

    Born on the 16th of October, 1975. Energetic and outdoorsy. Programming at 7 years of age. RPGing on-line in 1993. IRCing in the final hours of 1999 and first few of the new millennium. Roofing. Electrical work. Shovels, tractors, concrete, recreational surfaces. Etc. Puppetry. Tae-Kwon-Do. Little school. Blah, blah, blah... Watched "My Little Pony" for the first time a few hours ago. Friendship *is* magic! I will probably not sleep until my free, open-source Brony Tripcode Generator for Windows is complete. (See where "b" is for pony!)

  • Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) neuroaster Jon Pear (a.k.a. NeuroAster) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    Have you told a normal person how boring they are today? :)

  • Adrian Brony adrianbrony Adrian Brony Iowa
  • turial turial turial Hawaii, USA

    Best Reviews products to help in your decision here.

    • retiredaccount retiredaccount

      I am a grad student!

    • muffin muffin muffin Ponyville, Equestria

      Male. 18 y.o. I love ponies. Been obsessed with them since January. I love everypony. That is all.

    • ★ starshine

      I'm out of here. Bye. If you want to chat with me, you can find me on Skype.

    • Markie bellberry Markie Nebraska, USA

      I'm a derpy soon-to-be college grad from Nebraska. I think my favoritepony is Applejack but that personality thing going around told me I'm Fluttershy (ISFP). I also like some other things like Japanesey stuff and fashiony stuff. And...I'd like some pony (or brony) friends. [also also: avatar by [email protected]]

    • babadingldoo babadingldoo Virginia

      Videogames, flash games, forums. Trying to learn to draw ponies.

    • Aaron Mark traptin85 Aaron Mark Omaha, NE

      Just starting college at Metro Community College. I am interested in video games, and intend to go to college to be a game developer.

    • Sweetie Belle sweetiebelle99 Sweetie Belle Ponyville, Equestria

      Hay everypony!! I'm Sweetie Belle, Rarity's little sis. My best friends are Scootaloo an' Applebloom an' Sugar - together we are THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!!! xD We are on an epic quest to find our Cutie Marks, so if you have any tips on getting a Cutie Mark or if you could share with us the story of how you got yours - that would be AWESOME!!! On a random side note, I enjoy singing REALLY LOUD!! xD

    • Pidge (or Clover) rnbwdashiswin Pidge (or Clover) Phoenix, AZ

      A girl who likes ponies, cats and cute things

    • Jim Dimitri jimbo Jim Dimitri Ponyland

      Hello! I'm the writer Jimbo from /co/! I post on DA,, and Equestria Daily, so if you see me at any of those places, feel free to give me a shout-out!

    • Chris cheddah Chris Wyoming

      Hey there! I'm best known as the "Darkwing Duck/Rescue Rangers Storytime Guy" on /co/!

    • Nido Media nido Nido Media Beverwijk, Netherlands

      • Big Macintosh macintosh Big Macintosh Ponyville, Equestria

        Eeyup. The name's Macintosh an' I'm the pony who's in charge 'a Sweet Apple Acres (With some help from Apple Jack 'a course).

      • trollington goats rjfgpsedbdgr trollington goats
      • Petit Squeak ps Petit Squeak
      • DCD and any variations thereof. newdcd DCD and any variations thereof. ON ZE ROAD

        Just a passin' through writefag/drawfag combo.

      • derkaiser derkaiser Reichstag, Berlin

        We kicked their ass in 1870 and we can do it again in 1914.

      • Erika Angel epona Erika Angel Tallahassee

        friendship, programming, reading

      • Shine shine Shine Sofia, Bulgaria

        I live in Bulgaria. My interests include programming, drawing, music, basketball, skiing, beer and ponies. You can usually find me in the threads on /b/, though I sometimes lurk ponychan. Uhm... what else should I say...? I don't know...