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A group for the bronies of #mylittlepony on IRCHighway

#mylittlepony on IRCHighway (irchighway) group


  1. will not be attending BroNYCon if Know Your Meme will be present. I ask fellow members of the brony community to # the con if @purpletinker does not withdraw her invitation to KYM. (fave & repeat)

    Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 00:22:43 UTC from web
  2. @derpy I'd recommend at least grabbing an IRC client and getting on # !irchighway It's a lot easier to chat there and they're probably my favorite members of the fandom. Really chill place where you can talk about anything.

    Monday, 01-Aug-11 04:56:59 UTC from web
  3. Daniel Ingram in IRC, tasty tidbits to be found:

    Sunday, 22-May-11 23:58:02 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  4. On omegle obviously

    Sunday, 22-May-11 19:10:13 UTC from Choqok
  5. I helped build a park today. I got sunburned from going outside. This is painful. At least I had some fun working with my peers.

    Friday, 20-May-11 22:43:45 UTC from web
  6. !equestriagaming Game: 3D My Little Pony Indie Game - Demo Update - The 3D pony Indie game now has a playable demo with Pinkie Pie!

    Thursday, 19-May-11 16:06:51 UTC from web
  7. @rainbowflash If only I was a man.

    Saturday, 14-May-11 17:23:38 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  8. New EquestriaDaily logo. Can anypony say DashxSpitfire shipping?

    Saturday, 14-May-11 01:49:42 UTC from web
  9. @celestia I love you too! \o/

    Tuesday, 10-May-11 02:51:24 UTC from web
  10. <Pokebis> Cabal must not want people to have his May 1st backup || <Pokebis> I have uploaded more than the total file || <Pokebis> but nopony has finished DLing the whole thing || <Pokebis> because he hasn't finished seeding it !irchighway

    Friday, 06-May-11 01:26:34 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  11. My boyfriend used my computer and closed my Mibbit window. Any brony know which server # is on?

    Tuesday, 03-May-11 18:55:54 UTC from web
  12. @celestia Get on !irchighway Or my ventrilo.

    Monday, 02-May-11 02:24:00 UTC from web
  13. Draw your own conclusions. !irchighway

    Saturday, 30-Apr-11 04:30:40 UTC from web
  14. To all the # ponies about I just wanted to mention I've had a Ventrilo channel for ponies up for a few days now and if anypony would prefer that they're welcome to shoot me a PM and I will respond with a username/password and vent info. I may not be very fast to respond to PMs here so if you can catch me on !irchighway PM me there.

    Saturday, 30-Apr-11 03:49:28 UTC from web
    • !ponyartists Okay, so here's a sketch of a request I got over at Sarah from # in !irchighway. She asked for Daisuke from Kamen Rider Kabuto (he is a makeup artist, and totally fabulouuuuuuus)and Rarity together. So this is what I did. I'll ink and color this eventually, honest!

      Sunday, 24-Apr-11 03:40:07 UTC from web
      • Hello World! New to ponies and social networks in general. Dunno if I'm going to be active at all or if this means anything at all. Just trying things out.

        Monday, 11-Apr-11 21:05:28 UTC from web
      • !irchighway <Derpy> can you shoot me a black #

        Saturday, 09-Apr-11 04:25:27 UTC from web
        • !irchighway <Derpy> hype reaching critical levels

          Thursday, 07-Apr-11 21:09:16 UTC from web