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  1. Looking for some bronies to play ps4 with i play

    about 6 hours ago from web
  2. Here to meet some fellow bronies

    about 8 hours ago from web
  3. Homework all day!

    about a day ago from web
  4. Hey guys I live in the kempsville area I wanted to know if anyone else did

    about 4 months ago from web
  5. borderlands

    about 2 days ago from web
  6. Just joined da place. Herro people. :3

    about 2 days ago from web
  7. Hello! Just joined, looking to see if there are any meetups planned.

    about 2 days ago from web
  8. @welcomepony I love you

    about 3 days ago from web
  9. looking for friend to talk to :|

    about 3 days ago from web
  10. how is everyone today i want to know does anyone like rock music

    about 4 days ago from web
  11. Heya everypony! What's going on? I'm actually kinda really excited to be in on this whole thing. It's a really nice feeling to be able to share kinda pretty much almost anything you want with people you're comfortable with sharing, and I think I'm going to have quite a bit of fun here!

    about 7 days ago from web
  12. @eijimiyoshi Welcome to RDN, where for every grape, there is a papaya!

    about 9 days ago from the Death Egg
  13. My Psn name is ButcherShy64, and I play mostly BF4 or GTA5 online.

    about 10 days ago from web
  14. Well hey there everypony! I created this group for people more in the Jackson, MS area. I personally live in Madison and wanted to find more brony friends closer to me so we could hang out and what not! My name's Raechel and I hope we can be friends!!

    about 10 days ago from web

    about 11 days ago from ban me pls
  16. Just joined because I heard there was a meet up at MOA once a week so I thought I should check it out.

    about 11 days ago from web
  17. Good point

    about 12 days ago from web
  18. Um, Hi. I'm not necessarily a Tulsa Brony yet, but my family and I are planning to move to Tulsa in about a month or so from California, leaving all our friends and family behind. It's a pretty scary idea, considering I've never really been out of California before and definitely never on my own. I was hoping to kinda make some friends before the move so that its an easier transition. Of course, we have someone that will be receiving us and helping us out, but still, going from so many people to literally just one is quite a change and I am not very good at making new friends.

    about 12 days ago from web
  19. I've heard fo crazy but jesus Fluffle Puffing christ don't be sarcastic about it. You'll get yourself in trouble.

    about 12 days ago from web
  20. @stevenator20xx Is this group still active and doing meetups?

    about 12 days ago from web
    • @crystalbrony Got a project? Need help? Incomplete. Having feelings? Strange feelings? Feelings you've never felt? Incomplete. Is your body filled with hot blood, waving curves of sinew, and skin? Can you feel all that blood? Is it even your blood? How can you be sure? Incomplete. Are you dizzy from it all, all of this? What are your hands doing? Incomplete. Where are your hands now? Where have they been? Where are they going? Where are you going? Have you ever broken the surface of something with a hammer? Ever channeled sublime thought into sandpaper? Ever wanted to touch something because you feel things, because touch is the only sense you trust? Incomplete. What is trust? Is making a thing proof that you exist? Is fixing a thing proof that you have transcended mortality? History? Incomplete. Feel things? Feel things? You can do it . We can help. The Rainbow Dash Network

      about 12 days ago in context
  21. WooHoo! finally on!

    about 12 days ago from web
  22. @willowransom Sup, suckas? I am bored and sick. Happy times.

    about 12 days ago from web
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    about 14 days ago from web
  24. Hi im dan im new here just joined somepony let me know that this message got out

    about 14 days ago from web
  25. Hi everyone!

    about 15 days ago from web
  26. @goutannoo Welcome to the rainbow horse club~

    about 16 days ago from the Death Egg
    • Hello! My PSN name is android0166 ( yes I know I need to change it ) I mainly play minecraft for now until I get cod and gta and fun games like that even though I am terrible at those games I just mainly to have fun!

      about 18 days ago from web
    • I have just entered this website and it looks cool! I'm excited to meet and chat with bronies like me!! I just wish my freaking computer would stop autocorrecting brony to briny!!! >:(

      about 18 days ago from web
    • Bien le bonjour les brony :)

      about 19 days ago from web
    • my parents keep telling me my handwriting needs to improve it gets worse, and worse, and worse

      about 19 days ago from web


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