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  • Roy Hyde triplesonicrainboom Roy Hyde Libby, MT, USA

    My name is Roy Hyde I have been a brony for about seven months now and I have really come to like the show. I was suggested by one of my best friends and i can say that it is now my Favorite show to watch. I can say that I've read some fimfics like cupcakes and they where mind rape to me but i'm still open to read them. i also like the brony still of music i loved dub step before and as a brony i am glad to say that this is some of the best dud step i have heard. on an other note my favoret pony is rainbow dash i own a plushie of her but it is not a "clop pushie"and i also have a few rainbow dash t-shirts. that's it sorry about the lock cap this computer is a peace of apples so ya

  • KC quilzel KC Kansas City
  • Pinkie Pie partypinkiestyle Pinkie Pie

    Helllloooooo. I'm a 18 y/o pegasister and I enjoy anime, manga and chatting along with mlp ^^

  • hamm toolmanhamm hamm Canton kansas 4 a bit

    Diesel teck, working hard for a living. 21 years yong. I was all ready a fan of cartoons. and had 2 older sisters so ive sean the other generations. So i wached the first episode of f.i.m. the day it came out on the hub. Its funy becouse Ive ben a brony for longer than the term has ben around!

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