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Steam Gamers

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For those of us who play games over Steam.

Steam Gamers (steam) group


  1. go here for a free steam key

    Wednesday, 29-Oct-14 16:04:58 UTC from web
    • looking to play a good Pony RP server in gmod?

      Tuesday, 28-Oct-14 18:51:46 UTC from web
    • !steam What a beautiful skin

      Monday, 17-Mar-14 07:22:36 UTC from web
      • I mean I'm stopping the crusade against people who want to join SBN, but it most certainly is not more active than this place.

        Tuesday, 26-Nov-13 15:36:50 UTC from web
      • @vt3c Get Burnout Paradise for PC and we can race and junk.

        Sunday, 18-Aug-13 08:14:48 UTC from web
      • !steam Discorded Bluenote. You'd better watch your back.

        Saturday, 29-Jun-13 21:40:02 UTC from web
      • @oracle Moi there is a !steam group

        Sunday, 09-Jun-13 02:28:34 UTC from web
        • Who else actually has a Steam, out of interest?

          Sunday, 10-Feb-13 20:02:47 UTC from web
        • !steam beta has a web client for Chat - accessible via "Friend Activity"

          Saturday, 26-Jan-13 10:43:03 UTC from web
        • Certainly wasn't expecting to find this in !steam's Linux Games tab today!

          Friday, 25-Jan-13 07:40:10 UTC from web
        • !steam I play SUPCOM2 on the Steam Interface. Anyone else?

          Sunday, 25-Nov-12 17:22:35 UTC from web
          • If you don't have me on !Steam, add me if you want to join me in some Mann-Up MvM

            Tuesday, 13-Nov-12 00:09:05 UTC from web
            • I think I'm happy with Linux for now, even if I haven't set much up. Now to wait for Steam Linux and a native TF2...

              Sunday, 14-Oct-12 06:44:31 UTC from Choqok
            • I should add some of you guys to my !steam friends. :)

              Thursday, 11-Oct-12 02:21:39 UTC from web
              • Went and started adding custom banners to items in my !steam library that didn't have them.

                Monday, 24-Sep-12 02:33:42 UTC from web
              • Some screenshots of the !steam Big Picture beta.

                Monday, 10-Sep-12 23:57:35 UTC from web
                • Dudes with my !steam name may give it to anyone who wants it.

                  Thursday, 23-Aug-12 16:00:54 UTC from web
                • !Steam Look at all those TF2 items. I need more.

                  Thursday, 23-Aug-12 15:58:18 UTC from web
                  • @thatonestocking Doesn't really matter, as far as I can tell you'll learn them all anyway. :p I took Animal Kinship though.

                    Thursday, 23-Aug-12 15:47:54 UTC from web
                  • !Steam

                    Thursday, 23-Aug-12 15:56:09 UTC from web
                  • !steam Hey, I have an invite to the beta of the new community features. Anyone want it?

                    Tuesday, 21-Aug-12 11:17:13 UTC from web
                    • !steam Hey this is crazy, and I probably didn't meet you, so here's my steam ID. So stalk me maybe.

                      Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 05:48:58 UTC from web
                    • So in other topics, who's up for L4D2? !vgp !steam

                      Tuesday, 17-Jul-12 02:11:10 UTC from web
                    • Lol !Steam account

                      Monday, 16-Jul-12 18:49:25 UTC from web
                      • Bastion won the !Steam vote. Now's your chance if you haven't got it yet.

                        Sunday, 15-Jul-12 22:32:12 UTC from web
                      • Anyone who has !Steam PLEASE vote for Bastion for the next Community choice sale.

                        Sunday, 15-Jul-12 17:58:12 UTC from web
                      • Decided to make a !Steam group that might tickle some people's fancy on here; !lgbt

                        Sunday, 15-Jul-12 16:23:41 UTC from web
                      • Also my !Steam is Tylian for all the people who don't have me added.

                        Friday, 13-Jul-12 14:45:43 UTC from web
                      • !steam

                        Friday, 13-Jul-12 04:35:52 UTC from web
                        • !Steam If you want the Source Filmaker because you didn't get your key for it yet. Get a friend who is playing Source Filmmaker, click on the arrow down in their name and click "Launch Game" Filmmaker will start downloading.

                          Tuesday, 10-Jul-12 19:36:32 UTC from web