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  • group. ponychan group. Orbiting the star Sol.

    Mainly just to spread the word of ponychan, a good place with many loving posters.

  • The TF2 Modding Bronies tf2bronies The TF2 Modding Bronies

    We are the people who put our heads togeather to make a better (and much more Poni) experience for you Team Fortress 2.

  • /co/ co /co/

    4chan's cartoons and comics board, the fandom's birthplace, and home of 24/7 MLP threads.

  • The official Furry group for Bronies furrybronies The official Furry group for Bronies

    All furs are welcome =3 Feel free to take yourself your own pony plush!

  • #ponygoons @ ponygoons #ponygoons @

                                                                                                                      It's time to make friends and chew bubblegum...                                                                                                                   ...and we brought enough gum for everyone.                                                                                                                  

  • Equestria Daily eqdaily Equestria Daily AZ

    Pony news!

  • Real Men Watch My Little Pony realmenwatchponies Real Men Watch My Little Pony Facebook, Equestria

    A group for fans of the facebook page Real Men Watch My Little Pony

  • Coding Bronies Game Development codingbronies Coding Bronies Game Development N/A

    A little group for all you bronies out there that have a knack for game design or programming. Have you ever made a game before using Flash, Java, or C? Come and join us, share your knowledge with the less knowledgeable! Help make numerous games become a reality! Heck, you can even advertise your new games here as well!

  • Game Design and Programming gamesandprogramming Game Design and Programming

    A group for bronies that are programmers and/or game designers/developers, or people that wish to become any of the above

  • Bronies in the South East southeastbronies Bronies in the South East

    A group for the bronies who live in the south east of the U.S.A.

  • T-Shirts (and other Clothing Designs) tshirt T-Shirts (and other Clothing Designs)

    A container for custom shirt designs, and information about general mlp-related clothing apparel.

  • FlankBook flankbook FlankBook Conneticut

    This is a Social Networking Site for Bronies, like this one! But this one is more like Face Book, we have a strong running community of people. It's a fun site!

  • Tennessee Bronies tnbronies Tennessee Bronies Tennessee

    Welcome all ladies and gentlecolts, everyone is invited here! This is the Nashville Brony meet up group and if you can get in touch and get there join up!

  • Ponies of Tennessee Unite! volunteerponies Ponies of Tennessee Unite! Tennessee

    Group for MLP fans in Tennessee