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  1. @tiffany I hate you! I really do!

    Thursday, 30-Mar-17 01:21:20 UTC from shitposter.club in context
  2. Bar-bar-bar, Barbarianne~

    Thursday, 23-Mar-17 20:18:20 UTC from web
  3. Im seeing my orthopedic surgeon on friday, gonna figure out how to wipe you're own ass , kiddo. You don't be Tell me how not to keep the change I want my goanimate on YouTube

    Thursday, 23-Mar-17 16:25:04 UTC from shitposter.club in context
  4. @tiffany Nice virtue signaling buddy

    Thursday, 23-Mar-17 11:59:07 UTC from web in context
  5. I saw "bis", as in plural for bisexuals, and my first thought was "oh, hey, I have that"

    Friday, 17-Mar-17 16:30:22 UTC from web
  6. @cyberpotato donald "baby hands" trump tried to fist me but i couldn't feel anything so I alughed at him and he paid me 2 million USD to not say anything about his tiny hands

    Friday, 17-Mar-17 00:02:28 UTC from shitposter.club in context
  7. "Aw, j-jeez, Rick! You're selling people to Blue Diamond's zoo?"
    "Correction, Morty. I'm delivering people to Blue Diamond's zoo. Y-you know, I can't expect you to understand what's going on here, but these people were already sold. I'm just the delivery boy."
    "Rick, that's- I dunno, I think that's just as bad."
    "Morty. Look at Greg. He's hopeless. His life is going nowhere. He has a better life here than he'd ever have on Earth. If Blue Diamond wants somebody in her zoo, there's not a whole lot anyone can do to stop her."

    Thursday, 16-Mar-17 14:11:40 UTC from web
  8. now i remember why i left

    Wednesday, 15-Mar-17 02:23:38 UTC from web
  9. @tiffany http://pny.lv/1egd0

    Tuesday, 07-Mar-17 14:58:54 UTC from web in context
  10. @tiffany @snowfawlake The scene is the Oval Office. Trump is sitting at the desk, with an advisor sitting opposite him. Trump is on fire. Advisor: Are you sure? We could just- Trump: Look, do you see what that, yes that one, that fire hydrant says? On the side of it it says, and get this, "Made in Chynaa," end quote, full stop. I can't use that, they'll eat me alive. The audience's view shifts to the of the window, where a bunch of people with Trump hats are running around the yard. They are foaming at the mouth and baying. Advisor: The water itself isn't made in China, it's the same as the tap! Trump: Think Johnny, can I call you Johnny? What about all of the little gizmos and hoozits, now that's a funny word, at our beautiful, so beautiful, water filtration plant? Those are made in Chynaa too. Do you think an American man's hands, our hands are big, all of them, do you think an American man's hands could put one of those trink

    Sunday, 26-Feb-17 21:58:37 UTC from gs.smuglo.li in context
  11. (my seventh day in Meme Rehab)
    Group therapist: So Gherkin, how long has it been since you mentioned the Bare Naked Ladies?
    Me, Gherkin: It's been

    Saturday, 25-Feb-17 16:51:10 UTC from web
  12. "Oh no are you triggered, snowflake?" cries a group of people characterised by their tendency to dissolve into hysterics when someone implies that being a white male doesn't make you special.

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 12:56:55 UTC from web in context
  13. @tiffany "Everything the light touches belongs to us. And everything the darkness touched as well, because cherry it, we'll do either."

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 12:06:55 UTC from web in context
  14. i maed u a cuckie.... but i eated it :(

    Saturday, 18-Feb-17 00:21:15 UTC from shitposter.club in context
  15. @yata homer it's me

    Friday, 17-Feb-17 20:55:07 UTC from gs.kawa-kun.com in context
  16. I wonder what Falco Lombardi porn that one guy's avatar is cropped from

    Thursday, 16-Feb-17 10:09:08 UTC from web
  17. rate my new dog http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/856548

    Friday, 03-Feb-17 00:06:01 UTC from web in context
  18. @tiffany I legitimately thought you said parasprite

    Monday, 13-Feb-17 21:11:44 UTC from web in context
  19. i had people in my stream chat asking me if I would fuse with peridot. you guys are putting batcaveing plants in my streams aren't you

    Wednesday, 15-Feb-17 18:34:13 UTC from web in context
  20. log date 9 02 10: approximately seven earth rotations have occurred since lazuli last looked in my general direction

    Tuesday, 14-Feb-17 22:17:47 UTC from web
  21. @tiffany I Stung My Nipple And All I Got Was This Bloody T-Shirt

    Monday, 13-Feb-17 21:27:26 UTC from web in context
  22. Tiffany tried re-enacting a Facebook video he saw

    Monday, 13-Feb-17 20:46:50 UTC from web
  23. *notices u driving around town with the bulge I love* forget uwu

    Monday, 13-Feb-17 15:53:24 UTC from web in context
  24. ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ Hey Federation, how's that fruit filtre working for you ( ° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮

    Sunday, 12-Feb-17 03:31:11 UTC from web
  25. @tiffany Suddenly feeling reluctant to start a conversation w/ u I'll ask anyway... How teh fug have you seemingly managed to add some html to aside primary? Was it php?

    Friday, 10-Feb-17 19:13:26 UTC from web in context
  26. accordying to all known rules of aviation, there is no way fairy type can be strong against dragon type http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/856737

    Thursday, 09-Feb-17 23:39:09 UTC from web in context
  27. "Betsy DeVos orders immediate flattening of all school globes"

    Thursday, 09-Feb-17 23:04:24 UTC from web
  28. Lost SU episode where Greg drops a monster condom for his magnum dong to impress Rose

    Thursday, 09-Feb-17 20:17:41 UTC from web in context
  29. @tiffany He has alternative greatness.

    Tuesday, 07-Feb-17 15:10:31 UTC from web in context
  30. @tiffany Have you tried becoming a nazi

    Thursday, 02-Feb-17 21:42:36 UTC from web in context