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  1. I have yet to have a pleasurable experience involving drugs or alcohol. Am I doing something wrong????

    about 11 hours ago from web
  2. wish i had friends interested in tech that would dumpster dive with me
    i ain't getting shanked alone

    about 13 hours ago from shitposter.club
  3. Good news: I might get promoted again. Bad news: it's because the person above me might be getting canned.

    about 10 hours ago from web
    • just saw someone who was either the worst shoplifter ever or the lamest hands-in-pockets enthusiast ever

      about 10 hours ago from web
      • Also what on Earth is actually up with Japanese Masto.

        I've just ended up blocking them because, well, simply put, all of their posts are in friggin Japanese.

        So there's no point in following them. They don't seem to follow others on here. Just fav posts. 

        It essentially becomes...spam.

        Is there more to this that I'm missing here? Or...is it simply weird clashing of languages? 

        Cos I can't say I've experienced a bunch of Japanese people faving posts on twitter, for example. Only seems to happen here with Japanese Masto.

        about 16 hours ago from community.highlandarrow.com
      • Clown themed multitasking Linux distro: JuggalOS

        about 12 hours ago from web
      • But if, by extension, Hitler did everything right, why did he lose?

        about 13 hours ago from web
        • Alt-right (n): a group of politically active people who align themselves with conservative politicians but reject modern conservative values, such as attempting to hide the fact that you're a terrible person.

          about 13 hours ago from web
          • Juggalos are the alt left

            about 14 hours ago from shitposter.club
          • Oh yeah I forgot I was lightheartedly trolling

            about 13 hours ago from web
            • Anyway, bed time. I need to keep the early schedule for class.

              about 13 hours ago from web
              • Without democracy, at least you can hold those responsible accountable. Under democracy however, those that voted a monster into power and are directly responsible for the disaster walk out freely.

                about 13 hours ago from web
              • I dislike modern democracy because stuff like that happens. A bunch of idiots vote someone who is obviously evil because they're too dumb to tell or too evil to care, and then good people die by the thousands.

                about 13 hours ago from web
              • Regardless of my thoughts on one or another yankee government, I hate populists much more, and I think that, while there are a lot of victims in there too (people who didn't vote Chavez) a majority of that country brought it upon themselves and thus any amount of blood that majority sheds for the sake of liberating the minority that opposed the genesis of that easily predicted disaster is an acceptable cost. If someone is of age and can't tell someone like Chavez will do nothing more than setting the country on fire, that person shouldn't be allowed to vote. And if they can tell and do it anyway, they deserve a worse fate than the hundreds that were killed lately, or all those that starved or died due to lack of medication.

                about 13 hours ago from web
              • You know, I thought the B1B Lancer was retired due to extrenuous upkeep costs.

                about 13 hours ago from web
                • Imagine World of Warcraft roleplaying over a sex hotline

                  I put on my robe and Blizzard (R) hat

                  about 13 hours ago from web
                • Call me a nazi, homophobe or whatever other buzzword you want, but I've been consistent in beliefs and opinions since I joined in 2011.

                  about 14 hours ago from web
                  • I just haven't been around here much nor the topic was relevant for most northerners.

                    about 14 hours ago from web
                    • if President Hillary Clinton had proposed an invasion of Venezuela Nerthos woulda been all over how kiwiing stupid that is.

                      about 14 hours ago from web
                      • @mrmattimation Nah I've been talking with IRL friends about having the rest of the Mercosur countries invade Venezuela being a perfectly viable option for quite a while now. Right now the Venezuelan armed forces are turning against Maduro, and if neighboring countries offered military support, half of Venezuela's army would defect and the population at large would take up arms. The rest of the war would be easy for the invading armies, and all that's needed after breaking down a few Chavist strongholds that'd surface is to mantain troop presence until proper elections are held. It has positive political cost for the invading countries as the population would be grateful for the help in overthrowing their dictator and decent trade deals could be made as Venezuela would need a lot of money to rebuild.

                        about 14 hours ago in context
                    • Remember when we didn't vote for Hillary because she would start a war with north korea, bomb syria, and didn't secure her information?

                      sure glad the current guys done none of that

                      about 15 hours ago from shitposter.club
                    • I'd bet dollars to donuts that @imo 's problem is because Mastodon's setting the lease to a default amount of time when the remote server such as theirs is actually requesting a different length of time.

                      about 15 hours ago from community.highlandarrow.com
                    • Made a script to automate my new jobu – I have to count characters in a block for copywriters and I made Win+D to
                      - select an area;
                      - take a screenshot of it
                      - run tesseract on the screenshot
                      - pipe its output to wc --chars
                      - show the number of characters in a notification.

                      Now the 1h 20 min I assigned to counting characters are free.

                      about 15 hours ago from gs.smuglo.li
                    • @augustus 
                      >I vomited on election night. Today, I bawled for 20 minutes. The stress and anxiety brought on my a threatening president is overwhelming.
                      i probably like jerked off to shemale porn or some cherry
                      then and today

                      about 15 hours ago from shitposter.club
                    • Now that I think about it, bidets are being phased out over here. 20 years ago almost all houses had one but now it's rare in newly built ones.

                      about 16 hours ago from web


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