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  1. A standing snail

    about 4 minutes ago from web
  2. Do any of you have any idea what a pleasure it is doing business with people using # and #

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  3. Phone and accessories, for those curious.  Comes with the phone itself, of course, a battery (not sure if one is installed and this is a spare or it needs installed, prob the latter), power plug adapter for USB, headphones, support information card, safety information booklet, and warranty booklet.

    Not included: something that tells me how to access the battery compartment.

    about an hour ago from
  4. Is this Pluto.

    about a day ago from
  5. Chicken is like rice in that it's a base and needs seasoning, by itself it's unedible but can be great when cooked with other stuff.

    about 8 hours ago from web
  6. @nepcherry @moonman @dokidoki @chen when quitter sends people, they're not sending their best. they're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems to us. they're bringing anarchism. they're bringing communism. they're socialists! and some, i assume, are good people! i speak to private instances and they tell us what we're getting. and it only makes common sense. they're not sending us the right people.

    about 2 hours ago from
  7. holy mangoing papaya dude

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  8. .

    about 3 hours ago from web
  9. does that overwatch game have a single player mode?

    about 4 hours ago from web
  10. Actually, a BR meal looks usually somewhat like this, but not that pretty

    about 4 hours ago from web
  11. A 3D printer to make cats and frogs

    about 4 hours ago from web
    • I want this

      about 4 hours ago from web
      • ok macposting was fun but i need to get food, cya in a bit

        about 8 hours ago from
        • WHAT A TWIST

          about 5 hours ago from web
          • Ah, you think the feels are your meme?

            You merely adopted the feels. I was born in them. Shaped by them.

            about 5 hours ago from
          • Over here it's mostly people with jobs and girlfriends trying to go up the work ladder

            about 6 hours ago from web
            • why did college campuses get cucked so bad
              why cant i just go to college and not feel like if i say anything i believe i'll get shot and stabbed
              its preparing me for a cucked occupation isnt it

              about 6 hours ago from
            • papaya getting a degree
              im gonna sell pigeons on the street
              "feathered boyfriends to fill that lonely part of your soul"

              about 6 hours ago from
            • Ok but why

              about 6 hours ago from
            • @mushmouth and that's why you're not worthy!

              about 6 hours ago from
            • 3 years is enough

              about 7 hours ago from web
            • Later someone will say Moonman admitted he was alt-right, and them lump me in with everything bad done by anybody ever

              about 7 hours ago from
            • The thing I don't get about Overwatch is "Why is it just TF2 but for consoles"

              about 7 hours ago from web
              • @ceruleanspark I think Overwatch had a chance to improve on CTF which is where TF2 kinda dropped the ball but it doesn't have it. My go-to for class-based shooters is still TFC but I'm a crazy person.

                about 4 hours ago in context
            • Ask not for whom the bone bones. It bones for thee.

              about 7 hours ago from web
              • @augustus @moonman because white people are boring and their food sucks

                about 8 hours ago from
              • so im finally watching Milo @ DePaul
                if BLM is trying to grape me off for being so obnoxious and retarded they succeeded

                about 8 hours ago from
              • Pope.

                about 8 hours ago from
              • I think I'm pretty much done here, if anyone wants to find me... well, never mind that, no one does, so catch you later I guess.

                about 7 hours ago from web
              • I'd like to remind people that federated users represent a very, very small part of the American population known as "hipsters" and they aren't really an authority on what is considered "American food", since they all eat soy beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There isn't a single food typically considered "American" simply foods from other countries which we've put our own flair on. In addition, the country is MASSIVE so people in Virginia aren't gonna be eating the same things as people in California and vice versa.

                about 8 hours ago from web
              • On the other hand I'm also in for defending my own race in this era of "let's give every benefit to every other race just for not being white, and screw ourselves". I'm fine with it if it stays within a few foreign countries but won't allow it here.

                about 8 hours ago from web


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