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  1. @jessiscah remaining objective. Damnit ayn

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  2. @hakui @tijagi strongarm

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  3. Well, apart from being cute.

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    • Demonizing something to a cartoonish extent, in the long run, just makes people see objective of it as the woobie.

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      • In 30 years people might start saying "maybe if hitler finished the job we'd be better off" unironically if "nazi" keeps being used as a boogeyman and that's a real concern that people seem to completely ignore.

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        • They tried to do it here by putting the 70s dictatorship in the same place as the nazis in the northen hemisphere to legitimize a political movement and after 12 years of it the only result was that most of the population got sick of hearing of the dead of the 70s, and at least half the <30 population either doesn't care about it or outright says "if instead of 30000 dead it had been 3 million maybe we wouldn't have to put up with this BS today"

          about 8 minutes ago from web
          • My point is, "it's ok to attack and murder people because they have this ideology I don't like" is not exactly moral. I understand hating a political group as I myself feel that way towards some groups, but while aiming it at corrupt officials of the group and willfully ignorant or crooked followers, but not to say "let's kill everyone in this group lol"

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            • @nerthos I think when your ideology is "let us oppress and genocide x group of people" the morality of the punch is not the morality that should be frowned upon or up for debate.

              about 18 minutes ago in context
            • @thelastgherkin And I don't have anything against rounding up and locking behind bars anyone who takes steps towards doing that. I do have an issue however with people thinking it's ok when that racist behaviour is aimed towards a race but not when it's against another. Be honest with me, do you think the site would so behemently defend the puncher if the victim had been a guy holding a "kill all white people" sign? Despite the person in that scenario being basically a "nazi".

              about 15 minutes ago in context
            • @thelastgherkin Plus as I said to alex, calling anyone who makes racist twitter posts a "nazi" only serves to make people disregard the horrors of WWII as crybabying. It happened over 70 years ago, most of the people who were directly affected by it are dead or dying, and in 30 years it'll just be a memory in history books. If we start calling anyone who's mildly racist a "nazi" now, young people in 30 years will think actual nazis were just guys who said politically incorrect stuff on the media, and will shrug it off as a fictional threat. And someone will get away with doing the same thing again as no one would take it seriously.

              about 11 minutes ago in context
          • i messed up the redaction of that for trying to hold a conversation IRL and type at the same time.

            about 23 minutes ago from web
            • Make the fruit filter replace "nazi" with "black" so half the userbase realizes they are, in fact, racists.

              about 37 minutes ago from web
            • I really am excited about the impending death of mainstream media. We'll get to create a new, honest media. Journalism is the peoples' endeavor, not a corporate one. When it media serves a corporate power, it thinks only of money. When it serves the people, it works to tell the truth.

              A degree and Twitter followers mean nothing. Work for integrity and honesty, unbiased and outside the pervue of clicks. Yes, papers will fail, websites will shut down and people will lose their jobs - but those of you with a real passion for objectivism will persist and build something great from the ashes of the establishment built in the 80's.

              Rise like a Phoenix.


              about 30 minutes ago from shitposter.club
            • And again, I'm not saying that assaulting someone isn't a crime. I'm just saying that Richard Spencer could have been skewered through and through with a giant fork on live television and I wouldn't complain

              about 18 hours ago from web
            • genuine question: is buying a water cooler and storing soda in it "cool" or something i "absolutely should not do, idiot"

              about 12 hours ago from web
            • >be El
              >have kids
              >"all of my kids are little batcaves"
              >elohim are like, what the hell dad
              >disown them
              >"i am the only el now"
              >have your people start killing the links to the other elohim
              >Ba'al (and Ba'al) run(s) off and become(s) major god(s) in carthage
              >Moloch decides to get in on it
              >say i (Moloch and i) are Elohim, "singular"
              >our people be like, yeah okay
              >later on, after most of the other elohim are slaughtered or far away, get them to start calling us Yahweh or YHWH
              >it's also shorthand for "El who creates the hosts"
              >directly reference the other elohim in our name
              >no one kiwiing questions it
              >everyone links Moloch with Ba'al

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            • https://gs.smuglo.li/attachment/282592

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            • holy grape, my sister gave me a bunch of brand swag from the print shop she works for christmas and i kind of discounted it, but this vacuum insulated glass is the greatest invention of all time

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            • >A large number of the organizers of these women marches against Trump have ties to the Clinton Foundation.
              >One is even directly rimming Saudia Arabia for all she can manage.
              Nobody could have seen this a mile off.

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            • I'd make spanish captions for the federation video if I knew how to make them for youtube.

              about an hour ago from web
              • trying krita tonight. any requests?

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              • mastodon.social/media/0j_KH...

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              • @1iceloops123 @noyoushutthecherryupdad 
                >gas chambers
                Call them "cultural sensitivity chambers (no cis white male pigs allowed)" and they'd fight each other to get in there.

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              • . http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/856234

                about 8 hours ago from web
                • @nerthos2 the what?

                  about 9 hours ago from web
                  • https://www.facebook.com/roachtrip/videos/454845431571843/

                    about 9 hours ago from web
                  • Anyway today I willed robot lesbians into existence using the mere power of my words so y'all are tripping 'cos you got served.

                    about 11 hours ago from web
                    • I sure do hope nobody was brutally murdered in Subway again tonight

                      about 11 hours ago from web
                    • Speaking of slander, isn't it weird how some people can say so much without ever really saying anything at all

                      about 11 hours ago from web
                    • God Bless Gherkin (me)

                      about 11 hours ago from web
                    • @thelastgherkin https://gs.kawa-kun.com/notice/944884

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                    • The Electoral college is an outdated system regardless of whether your candidate win or not

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