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Do you like the longest, and best fan fiction ever? Me too.

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  1. !FoE #

    Friday, 15-Mar-13 08:00:31 UTC from web
    • I recently saw a sketch that was labelled preliminary for an !FoE shadowbox. I'm really looking forward to the real thing. It featured #, #, #, # and you could see some of #'s mane.

      Saturday, 23-Feb-13 21:39:02 UTC from web
      • @thatonestocking So you didn't read !FoE either?

        Thursday, 21-Feb-13 18:36:03 UTC from web
      • !FoE #

        Friday, 15-Feb-13 19:48:24 UTC from web
      • And for the beginning of our art spree: !foe # for #

        Friday, 15-Feb-13 18:23:55 UTC from web
        • Apperently # is # I wonder where that leaves #? !FoE

          Wednesday, 06-Feb-13 04:28:43 UTC from web
        • !FoE, here is favourite heroine of the Equestrian Wasteland, #!

          Tuesday, 05-Feb-13 07:46:56 UTC from web
          • I just found #'s account on fimfiction. So I finally got to blaming him for turning me into a brony with !FoE.

            Wednesday, 16-Jan-13 00:37:30 UTC from web
            • late night Taco Bell run.... Anyone want anything?? :D

              Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 03:16:52 UTC from web
            • @widget Too bad I already read it all. !FoE

              Sunday, 06-Jan-13 13:29:58 UTC from web
            • Since everypony is talking about it, # by reading !falloutEquestria.

              Sunday, 06-Jan-13 01:16:00 UTC from web
              • !falloutequestria I don't know how many ponies actually care about or follow the character tumblrs, but I thought this one was cute

                Friday, 10-Feb-12 17:11:22 UTC from web
                • !falloutequestria And thus, my Littlepip run ends. House is dead, and both the NCR and Legion have been forced out. A bit rocky, but mostly good, not unlike Littlepip's own work.

                  Wednesday, 28-Dec-11 06:32:40 UTC from web
                • !falloutequestria I used the Party Time Mentats =O They, along with locksmith reader, netted my 'Lucky' a lot earlier than I should have been able to get him >3

                  Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 08:54:02 UTC from web
                  • !falloutequestria Just made my first batch of Party-Time Mentats =O

                    Tuesday, 20-Dec-11 08:20:14 UTC from web
                    • !falloutequestria fun stuff. I repaired the ED-E robot in Primm, so now I have my own little SPrite Bot following me around =D

                      Monday, 19-Dec-11 11:23:55 UTC from web
                      • !falloutequestria Hardcore Littlepip challenge goes well. I've managed to reach lvl 5 without dying =D (which would be bad news for the wasteland if I had D=)

                        Monday, 19-Dec-11 10:44:12 UTC from web
                      • @madflavors went with the Good Natured Trait along with Small Frame (+5 to 5 skills for a -5 to one skill) !falloutequestria

                        Monday, 19-Dec-11 07:08:23 UTC from web
                      • Hey # i'm finally back home from the meetups and have seen @Chillman23 in IRL and @Hikaru in IRL

                        Monday, 19-Dec-11 06:55:59 UTC from web
                      • !falloutequestria Alrighty then folks. In honour of the conclusion of the story, I'm performing what I have dubbed a 'Littlepip' run of Fallout New Vegas =D As well, I'll be playing on hardcore mode for the first time ever. Wish me luck ^^

                        Monday, 19-Dec-11 06:39:10 UTC from web
                      • !falloutequestria I just finished chapter 45. I cannot begin to express my congratulation to Kkat for her brilliance. ANd now its simply a matter of waiting for the very end.

                        Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 15:24:28 UTC from web
                      • New Fallout: Equestria, SO GOOD! I can't get the taste of awesome out of my mouth. Now to play Skyrim for the first time ever.

                        Wednesday, 14-Dec-11 09:48:19 UTC from web
                      • NEW CHAPTER! !falloutequestria

                        Friday, 25-Nov-11 03:16:17 UTC from web
                        • Whee, I can do this now !falloutequestria

                          Sunday, 13-Nov-11 09:12:14 UTC from web