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Left-handed Ponies

Left-handed Ponies

!lefthanded southpaw

Do you use the lefty flip option to play Guitar Hero? Do you reach over your plate to grab your drink at the dinner table? Do you get smudges all over your hand when you write? Welcome home.

Left-handed Ponies (lefthanded) group


  1. It is beautiful though~

    Friday, 28-Jun-13 16:21:21 UTC from web
  2. this site is too awesome. Now I'm typing a bunch of stuff in my handwriting XD

    Friday, 24-Aug-12 17:34:27 UTC from web
  3. Youtube is currently celebrating International Left-handers Day. # !lefthanded

    Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 04:03:20 UTC from web
  4. @thatonestocking Then make it a right-jab. I apologize for my right-centrism, I should have said "off-hand jab."

    Monday, 13-Aug-12 20:00:43 UTC from web
  5. So I lost my right arm while arm wrestling with thatonepony (good thing I'm !lefthanded!) but then I kicked his butt at Arcade Dancey Game III Eurobeat Edition. Yeah.

    Saturday, 07-Jul-12 17:03:08 UTC from web
    • Nothing wrong here

      Monday, 25-Jun-12 22:03:42 UTC from web
    • @widget Whuh?

      Thursday, 19-Apr-12 02:46:50 UTC from web
    • !lefthanded i hate drawing sometimes because i ruin my drawing! >:(

      Monday, 02-Apr-12 04:16:54 UTC from web
    • @redenchilada so you are a !southpaw? you're not the only one!

      Wednesday, 28-Mar-12 01:07:59 UTC from web
    • !lefthanded you know that I get smudges all over my hand when I write!

      Wednesday, 28-Mar-12 01:06:02 UTC from web
      • I bet I'm the only !southpaw on the site. :(

        Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 22:58:01 UTC from StatusNet Android
      • I'm bored. Let's make a group! !lefthanded

        Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 22:50:12 UTC from StatusNet Android