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Everyone wants to be a pimp but ain't nobody got what it takes anymore.

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  1. I meant DmC. DMC2 was bad in WWII

    Thursday, 05-Jan-17 20:10:03 UTC from
  2. Happy birthday @stumperman, stay !pimpin

    Wednesday, 20-Apr-16 04:05:30 UTC from web
    • well, im no an spcialist, but im quite sure that girl was hitting on me today

      Monday, 15-Jun-15 22:55:26 UTC from web
    • I haven't been here in like 2 years.

      So, who died in my absence?

      Tuesday, 28-Apr-15 22:35:24 UTC from web
    • Might as well post this drawing I did for valentine's day here

      Sunday, 15-Feb-15 19:13:31 UTC from web
    • well, i've sort of realized that i will reach the post graduation before reaching the so called "first base". Well, it gives me mixed feels

      Saturday, 14-Feb-15 22:12:14 UTC from web
    • Ain't no mangoes to outsmooth da pimplord !pimpin

      Monday, 24-Nov-14 02:53:49 UTC from web
      • I am the sex police. You are all under arrest!

        Sunday, 02-Nov-14 06:49:24 UTC from web
      • >biking home
        >pull into my neighbourhood
        >there's this massive hill at the entrance you have to go down to get the main streets
        >no cars or people whatsoever
        >start pedaling, pick up speed
        >wind rushing past me
        >grapes gets real
        >suddenly forgot about the sharp turn at the end of the hill
        >remember why I haven't done this before
        >pump the brakes and end up tilting over and using my leg as a turning axis
        >scared as hell I'm gonna crash
        >manage to push myself forward using my forward momentum
        >ride home like a champ

        TL;DR Nearly crashed on my bike today from reckless riding

        Friday, 17-Oct-14 20:02:30 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • Just passed my driver's test B)

        Saturday, 11-Oct-14 19:47:14 UTC from web
      • This conversation proves that @nerthos is truly the pimp lord.

        Thursday, 04-Sep-14 19:23:07 UTC from web
      • >dueling with @northernnarwhal
        >tough duel
        >draw an equip card I needed
        >equip it to my monster while laughing evil-y
        >I look at the field
        >I mistook United We Stand for Mage Power
        >I cry

        Friday, 29-Aug-14 02:48:48 UTC from web
      • I think I'll just help my dad fix the car engine and then nag this girl I have a crush on to play something.

        Saturday, 23-Aug-14 04:58:49 UTC from web
      • Artist's rendition of us rolling down timeline street !pimpin

        Wednesday, 20-Aug-14 00:56:02 UTC from web
        • got !pimpin

          Monday, 18-Aug-14 00:54:43 UTC from web
          • @coltz You must prove that you are a true pimp to be admitted into the !pimpin council

            Monday, 18-Aug-14 00:49:47 UTC from web
          • Today I chilled like a pimp while cutting down the trees because it ain't easy. !pimpin

            Monday, 18-Aug-14 00:31:28 UTC from web
          • Also look at my !pimpin avatar.

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 10:39:50 UTC from web
          • @ellie !pimpin ain't easy born on Grove street the toughest streets of them all

            Wednesday, 13-Aug-14 04:02:40 UTC from web
            • "@meloetta I can't understand why you aren't in the !pimpin council" -nerthos

              Tuesday, 12-Aug-14 04:50:45 UTC from web
              • The !pimpin group still remains probably the most exclusive to date

                Tuesday, 12-Aug-14 04:49:55 UTC from web
              • bedtime 4 me with my girls

                Sunday, 06-Jul-14 06:56:38 UTC from web
              • @clayinthecarpet !pimpin

                Monday, 31-Mar-14 23:28:41 UTC from web
              • This is fitting

                Monday, 24-Mar-14 21:29:45 UTC from web
              • Morning fellow RDNers.

                Friday, 27-Dec-13 09:04:37 UTC from web
              • 4:17am, going to the fridge for some cool water while wearing my headphones and singing along to look pimpin' !pimpin

                Thursday, 26-Dec-13 07:19:22 UTC from web
                • guess whos back, back again, dezzie's back, tell a friend

                  Sunday, 17-Nov-13 02:09:16 UTC from web
                • @rainbowdashfan101 I've noticed you want to be a !pimp. Do you have what it takes playa?

                  Wednesday, 13-Nov-13 18:10:02 UTC from web
                  • Look !pimpin

                    Wednesday, 13-Nov-13 18:07:42 UTC from web