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SaltyBet Bronies

SaltyBet Bronies

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the Salt Mines

Let's watch MUGEN matches and bet fake money! Message RedEnchilada, Rarity, or FlamingpandaOMG to get into the Skype group.

SaltyBet Bronies (saltybet) group


  1. So SaltyBet has a tiering system now. No more Mexihealth vs. Potato matches now. :'(

    Friday, 06-Dec-13 02:08:44 UTC from web
  2. @mushi Hi! I haven't used this site before, and I don't completely get it.

    Sunday, 22-Sep-13 20:49:42 UTC from web

    Wednesday, 28-Aug-13 03:59:42 UTC from web
  4. Oh lord !saltybet fans have invaded Darude - Sandstorm's comments on YouTube.

    Wednesday, 21-Aug-13 17:29:34 UTC from web
    • Has !saltybet stopped being a thing already? If so wow that was like a week or less

      Wednesday, 21-Aug-13 05:25:40 UTC from web
    • Time for more !saltybet I think.

      Monday, 19-Aug-13 23:15:50 UTC from web
    • Me playing !saltybet EVERY TIME

      Monday, 19-Aug-13 05:57:54 UTC from web
    • okat done with !saltybet for now

      Monday, 19-Aug-13 05:01:57 UTC from web
      • 2real4me holy papayas !saltybet

        Monday, 19-Aug-13 03:23:08 UTC from web
      • this match

        Monday, 19-Aug-13 02:17:11 UTC from web
      • I'm back in the mines because of Loli !mexibeam ;_____________________;

        Sunday, 18-Aug-13 22:03:47 UTC from web
      • Yuri winning me big bucks Kreygasm !saltybet

        Sunday, 18-Aug-13 13:08:08 UTC from web
        • When the Cat Dog theme comes on on !saltybet I can't help but get hype

          Sunday, 18-Aug-13 12:22:42 UTC from web

            Sunday, 18-Aug-13 09:36:54 UTC from web
          • @awlderpy !saltybet did

            Saturday, 17-Aug-13 23:40:25 UTC from web
          • I don't get the appeal of this thing.

            Saturday, 17-Aug-13 23:23:52 UTC from web
          • !saltybet please to be sending skype chat invite

            Saturday, 17-Aug-13 13:31:03 UTC from web
          • !saltybet Get me into the Skype chat.

            Saturday, 17-Aug-13 13:30:29 UTC from web
          • Oh, also, we made a group for !saltybet and a Skype group if you don't want to clog the timeline

            Saturday, 17-Aug-13 13:29:45 UTC from web
          • here you go guys, someone make a Skype group now !saltybet

            Saturday, 17-Aug-13 08:07:21 UTC from web