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Tangle Buddies

Tangle Buddies

!tanglebuddies squiddle squiddles tangle

Under the sea!

Squiddle de dee! Squiddle de dum! Everyone sing a Squiddly song! Let's all be friends, and work as a team! Squiddles for you! Squiddles for me!

Tangle Buddies (tanglebuddies) group


  1. I'll get those !Squiddles yet! If I can just... get enough money and overcome my crippling depression

    Monday, 23-Feb-15 11:46:17 UTC from web

      Saturday, 26-Jul-14 21:37:27 UTC from web
      • Squiddle de dee

        Thursday, 18-Jul-13 08:13:17 UTC from web
      • !Tangle ALL the buddies!

        Thursday, 07-Jun-12 19:52:17 UTC from web
        • Actually, I realised something. B reversed = D. So my name would be scriddle. When you say it, it sounds like some cooking appliance endorsed by a dubstep artist.

          Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 13:09:33 UTC from web
        • Wait, did someone delete !secretgiraffun? Seriously?!

          Monday, 09-Jan-12 12:05:57 UTC from web
        • OH YEAH there was a new episode today WHOOPS away I go, squiddle de dee!

          Saturday, 10-Dec-11 18:56:18 UTC from web
        • I stop reading posts for two nights (again) and you ran off the pickle (again). Tiem tu qiut Interweb. QIUT

          Monday, 05-Dec-11 17:53:57 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        • @rotation

          Monday, 05-Dec-11 16:06:43 UTC from web
        • Well, that casts !Tanglebuddies in a whole new light.

          Friday, 02-Dec-11 14:06:09 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • @ceruleanspark @rotation @gherkin I'm gonna friend you all so hard, you're gonna question whether its legal.

          Monday, 28-Nov-11 12:11:30 UTC from web
        • @rotation !tangle

          Friday, 25-Nov-11 15:38:05 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • "Hey everyone I'm a red pony look at me I'm so great if you put a strawberry on me you wouldn't be able to see it"

          Friday, 25-Nov-11 14:05:01 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
        • Timeline seems to be moving slower than usual. LET ME FIX IT.

          Friday, 25-Nov-11 13:40:02 UTC from web
        • Hello boys.

          Friday, 25-Nov-11 09:12:38 UTC from web

          Thursday, 24-Nov-11 22:03:10 UTC from web
        • Let's pretend that !tanglebuddies wasn't called Tanble Buddies a minute ago.

          Thursday, 24-Nov-11 17:03:33 UTC from web
        • !tangle

          Thursday, 24-Nov-11 16:50:09 UTC from TTYtter
          • I am at "Threaten to sexually violate their eye-sockets" level at this stage.

            Thursday, 24-Nov-11 15:59:17 UTC from TTYtter
          • !TANGLE

            Thursday, 24-Nov-11 16:03:23 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • i would !tangle a buddy nonsexually

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 12:41:32 UTC from web
            • Good morning RDN! Have a rainbowdoodle!~

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 12:21:14 UTC from web
            • Hooray for the new !squiddles logo!

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 12:09:26 UTC from web
            • !tanglebuddies is the ironic version of !hugs

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 12:02:37 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • @rotation !tangle

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 12:02:15 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
            • @thelastgherkin you're now an admin of !tanglebuddies

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 11:57:36 UTC from web
            • !tanglebuddies

              Thursday, 24-Nov-11 11:53:13 UTC from web