Notices by Colin Thrasher (lightningcrash) tagged ooc

  1. @zeldatra # It was fanon. Unless you can show me vinyl scratch in show with red eyes in season one or two.

    Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 20:18:07 UTC from web in context
  2. @jojoax @nazerath # -throws out LoL name- ALAVESDIAN

    Thursday, 12-Apr-12 15:27:31 UTC from web in context
  3. # ALright.. off to class. Farewell gents.

    Wednesday, 28-Mar-12 14:20:37 UTC from web
  4. @scribble # You and me. We get to talk after school on skype.

    Wednesday, 25-Jan-12 16:02:18 UTC from web in context
  5. @mrdragon # Oooh. Sounds fancy shmancy.

    Saturday, 07-Jan-12 19:39:49 UTC from web in context
  6. # Oh for a voice like thunder, and a tongue to drown the throat of war! When the senses are shaken and the soul is driven to madness, who can stand? When the souls of the oppressed fight in the troubled air that rages, who can stand? When the whirlwind of fury comes from the throne of God, and the frowns of his countanence drives the nations together, who can stand? When Sin claps his broad wings over the battle and sails rejoicing in the flood of Death; when souls are torn to everlasting fire and fiends of H*** rejoice upon then slain, oh, who can stand? Oh... Who hath caused this? Oh, who can answer at the throne of God? The kings and the nobles of the land have done it. Here it not, Heaven, thy ministers have done it!

    Tuesday, 13-Dec-11 04:41:11 UTC from web
  7. @speedforce I never got into Flankbook. But I do try to split my time between here and RP. It just depends on if I'm wanted over there; I don't feel like posting all kinds of random # stuff over there.

    Thursday, 27-Oct-11 09:57:06 UTC from web in context