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  • MetalTao metaltao MetalTao United States, Colorado

    Some dude who likes ponies and giant robots with the occasional pun in-between.

  • ばっばか犬すっ好きじゃっじゃないよ bakasenpai ばっばか犬すっ好きじゃっじゃないよ 42 Wallaby Way Sydney


  • That really annoying kid you know randomkid That really annoying kid you know New York State Rochester

    I am a Brony and a gamer. My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash and I'm a Guy. Very weird and also can be annoying.

  • John Larson schwarzen John Larson Texas

    Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean

  • star the alicorn star star the alicorn
  • Jigar Pandya jigar Jigar Pandya Ahmedabad

    Working at b2b industry.

  • Kai Sumtin truebrokai Kai Sumtin Scotland

    I'm a newbie bronie n stuff :P I'm quite into the show but in the line of merchandise, I have absolutely nothing yet. And the first thing on my list is a T-shirt... and yeah I love Techno and Dubstep music and I am a Proud Scot who is a Proud Brony :D

  • The Official EAtrooper (Brandon) eatrooper The Official EAtrooper (Brandon) Kamloops

    Im a country brony and my favourite ponies are Princess Luna And Pinkamena

  • Robert whiterose Robert Michigan

    I love listening to Metalcore music. It is a subgenre of Heavy Metal, specifically hardcore punk style. I am kinda a mix of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Two completely different ponies in one, Whiterose my character is about the same. I also love to do some weightlifting now and again.

  • Ellis ellistia Ellis London, United Kingdom

    If you want something just let me know. Otherwise I've no reason to say anything. Might post my art but that's about it. PSN/Skype: ecmc1093

  • jake Smith pandavondrunk jake Smith London,UK

    Hey i'm a 14 year old uk resident i am a nerdfighter, a whovians, a writer, a anarchist, a gamer, and a wanna be musician but lack the knowledge.

  • Bob Krudewig killer576k Bob Krudewig Marshall Texas

    Hiya. im 18 and I'm an Eagle Scout, a football lineman, and good with dogs or cats. so anyway... RD IS BEST PONY!!!

  • Rainfall Flower rainfallflower Rainfall Flower
  • - aaaa - -


  • Brandon Forth blues4th Brandon Forth Liberty MO

    Hi! Welcome to my Home Page! I am 19 and I love Rainbow Dash!!. I am an Eagle Scout, a artist, and good with animals. I am currently in the US Army, training to launch Patriot missiles

  • chacha chashews chacha Philippines

    big fan of jp idol groups. prev. 'commanderlunacymambo' PLEASE END ME

  • Lenneal Pennant lennshy Lenneal Pennant Canada, Brampton, Ontario

    I live in ponyville with fluttershy in here cottage we get along great

  • derps derps
  • Tyler slendermane aki Tyler slendermane North Carolina

    I love MLP FIM and not afraid to admit it. My favorite background ponies are: Lyra, Vinyl, Roseluck, Derpy, Amethyst star, and Cloudchaser. My favorite ponies out of the mane 6 are: Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Twilight But my favorite pony of all and my waifu is Twilight =^-^= My OC is a guy I do have a girl OC but my main OC is Aki which is a guy =-.^= My birthday is October 16, I am currently 16. I love anime I mostly like underground anime I like ecchi, dramatic, action, and romantic anime. I love techno, modern rock, metal, ponytrot, dnb, dubstep, and nightcore. I am also a furry :p

  • Jude $Dashie$ Swan rdnsbronykid Jude $Dashie$ Swan London

    i cant wait for the olympics! :) lyra is my waifu. ya here meh?

  • Imani Hicks pinkiedashaloo Imani Hicks

    My name is Imani, I LOVE rainbow dash, pinkie pie, and scootaloo!

  • artisia artisia United States

  • Imperium Blitz imperiumblitz Imperium Blitz
  • Sunset^3^ sunsethorizons Sunset^3^ Oregon coast

    gaming(any game as long as its fun), and ponies!!! are what im into right now im also trying to learn japanese for fun ^3^/)

  • Techdisk techdisk Techdisk Toronto, Ontario, Caneighda, Eh?

    I'm a nerd who likes obsolete technology. Yep. That basically covers everything. I created any background graphics you see on my profile. Yay pixel art! 3DS Friend Code: 4699-7067-0114 I am an incurable optimist. I will always try to be the happy guy around. If I act sad, it is not normal.

  • monsutaa kaado! mushi monsutaa kaado! Brazil

    " I'm a Mushi's Witness we don't celebrate birthdays or Christmas or fun " -Tiff " Don't you know mushi is offended by friendship" -Darkw00d

  • The white void hakupony The white void Germaney

    Hakupoints Noirbatch: 10 (for avatar) hoit: 3 (for kitty)

  • not a clever pony wiipon3 not a clever pony Austin Texas

    Read my background, read my expression, and realize that you burned a friend.....but one that burns back >:3

  • Bryan aka BlueTea sbsrainbowdash Bryan aka BlueTea Singapore Feel free to add me on steam we can play some game together

  • Aaron Faso alptraummond Aaron Faso United States

    A brony with a penchant for literature and writing.