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    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
  2. "Got something to say? Need to say it? Unfulfilled?"

    Sunday, 10-Aug-14 22:33:50 UTC from web
  3. Do robots even have genders?

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
  4. @admin ahaha.

    Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
    • Hey everyone! Going live in about 5 minutes! http://www.livestream.com/riffstracks !rmr

      Saturday, 29-Oct-11 17:59:49 UTC from web
      • Oh sweet bloody pumpkins, @darksymphony is doing piddlin' about doing Hell knows what, and @stargazerlily is still on her Beer run, and we have to start preparing for the show in 1 hour! GAH! !riffsmusicradio

        Saturday, 29-Oct-11 16:11:13 UTC from web
      • Hot damn, the low for temperature tonight is 45 degrees. In Texas. Never thought I'd see the day Hell froze over.

        Friday, 28-Oct-11 22:23:22 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
      • You know what we should have? Farmville! On RDN!

        Friday, 28-Oct-11 22:22:07 UTC from web
      • My sister thinks bronies are pedophiles. I have never hated her more than I do right now.

        Friday, 28-Oct-11 21:48:15 UTC from web
      • I like how 90% of the timeline is a response, so none of it makes any sense by itself.

        Friday, 28-Oct-11 21:59:46 UTC from web
      • ..What is uhh. What is.. Going on..?

        Friday, 28-Oct-11 21:52:17 UTC from web
        • ..So. Uhh. I fall asleep to this every night. ...Is that bad..? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8pAB4es424&feature=related

          Thursday, 27-Oct-11 18:43:15 UTC from web
          • in an IRL conversation with one of my friends about "commando's" and one of my friends said "I wonder if commando's go commando... or would that be a chicken thing ?" my mind derped to "... Pinkie Pie always goes commando :o"

            Thursday, 27-Oct-11 17:39:02 UTC from web
          • Good morning everypony.

            Thursday, 27-Oct-11 17:05:26 UTC from web
          • Good morning..

            Thursday, 27-Oct-11 17:04:46 UTC from web
            • @theonepony .......likabawss

              Thursday, 27-Oct-11 01:55:03 UTC from web
            • hey everypony! anyone interested in listening to some music? that i made, i have some soundtrack i'd be willing to share!

              Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 21:56:15 UTC from web
            • @stargazerlily does a horrible British accent

              Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 19:47:35 UTC from web
            • Finally home from a long day. Ready to pony it up.

              Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 19:07:37 UTC from web
            • *peeks inside*

              Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 18:39:12 UTC from web
            • ..So. This just happens to be the best thing ever for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPjrzle4nzg

              Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 18:25:16 UTC from web
              • 6th of November, there's an anime con here where I live... I'm cosplaying as a pony, guess who?... I'll make it easier for you... I'm a dude...lol

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 18:17:35 UTC from web
              • Right, seeing as until I get something new, I'm not touching my xbox... I shall draw!!!!! hmm...inspiration

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 18:04:21 UTC from web
              • Are hugs a legal form of currency?

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 16:58:44 UTC from web
              • and that's all there really is to say on the matter.

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 15:24:36 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
              • @abigpony I just lost all insight as to what is going on. Excuse me as I lurk for at least ten minutes.

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 15:24:04 UTC from web
              • White chocolate is best chocolate.

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 15:01:54 UTC from TTYtter
              • Urg.. My neck is stiff.. Horrible.. And I slept really well, actually..

                Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 15:18:57 UTC from web
                • Good morning.

                  Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 15:08:25 UTC from web
                • Wondering what the hell I should do tonight......

                  Wednesday, 26-Oct-11 15:11:46 UTC from web