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  1. Well, I appear to be back dabbling in City of Heroes. !vgp Good thing I'm between jobs!

    about a month ago from web
    • !techponies Read this manual with me for fun and giggles
      1. 47 headphoneAmplifiercomponents installation drawing: from low to high principle, namely the first low welding components, such as resistor. Ohkay I sorta know what they mean here
      Pay attention to the polarity, can not meet the. Element name element label polarity fair enough, I know what they mean here, there is a little table here pointing out that there is a polarity for things like LED and electrolyic capacitors, and it does not matter for the Monolythic capacitors & resistors.

      But then

      Shall not be plugged into the IC 5532 direction, otherwise will burn IC 5532

      What ? ... I shall scour the internet looking for a YouTube video or something trying to explain this.

      6 seconds later

      Well I guess I will be watching this now before starting http://rainbowdash.net/url/874669

      about 2 months ago from web
    • The graphics on # for NES are pretty impressive. !vgp

      about 3 months ago from web
      • Got my 8-way switcher so my NES, Genesis, TG16, SNES and N64 are all hooked up, and no more R/F switches. With room for a future Atari and Dreamcast, to boot! !vgp

        about 3 months ago from web
        • Oops. I may have bought a # The next hour will tell.... !vgp

          about 4 months ago from web
        • Holy chrome, I want it. http://morphcat.de/micromages/ !vgp I love new release retro games.

          about 4 months ago from web
        • I just remembered For Honor. The video game where you could live out your fantasy of being a knight and play with a sword. Alternatively a Viking or ?Samurai? if you were one of 'those' people.

          I would really like a game like that on the Nintendo Switch, but focused on couch-play instead of whatever For Honor's main aim was.

          about 4 months ago from web
          • @drinkingpony I just stumbled across a documentary (?) on Netflix about that game! Have yet to watch it, and never played, but the concept sounds neat. !vgp !movies

            about 4 months ago in context
          • @scribus It was a great concept, but the lack of dedicated servers (Meaning P2P networking, with the game selecting the fastest 'node' as host, like with CoD on the XboX360, a thing that everypony and everyhuman hated) lack of balance, and dishonourable killings in a game called 'For Honor' ultimately brought nothing but toxicity. There even was a day-of-infamy, orchestrated by Reddit, to have a day of NOT playing the game trying to make the dev's aware that the game had huge problems.

            about 4 months ago in context
        • Damn Korok seeds. I cannot find them and I NEED more item storage for weapons.

          about 4 months ago from web
        • cherrying apple Majora's mangoing Mask. !vgp

          about 5 months ago from web
          • Can you tell where I've been focusing my collection? !vgp http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/873997

            about 6 months ago from web
          • !vgp 2019 like http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/873738

            about 7 months ago from web
          • Munches on dinner while scrolls through the chat 8-Q *3---

            about 8 months ago from web
          • @mono They'll unionise, and then everybody wins.

            about 8 months ago from loadaverage.org
          • Dont forget to redownload any wiiware games you want to keep, cause the store is closing on January 30 this year. !vgp

            about 8 months ago from web
          • Man, I seem to have mislaid half a dozen NES cartridges.... !vgp

            about 9 months ago from web
          • Merry early Festivus to me !vgp https://tinyurl.com/CreepyBrawlersNES

            about 9 months ago from web
            • Dangerously close to spending money https://www.polymega.com/product/polymega-base-unit/

              about a year ago from web
            • You guys MAY want to update your SSL cert.

              about a year ago from web
              • Bought the Genesis Flashback last night. Tonight I intend on returning it to the store. !vgp

                about a year ago from web
              • Why the Christ do I keep trying to enjoy Roguelike games? !vgp

                about a year ago from web
                • Are speedrunner glitches also easier than just plain beating #? !vgp

                  about a year ago from web
                  • Almost bought a Genesis Flashback yesterday until reviews pointed out bloat games and poor cartridge support. !vgp

                    about a year ago from web
                  • Dense nerd apple, but... This guy spliced a Raspberry Pi into an NES cart to play Super Mario World on a NES. https://youtu.be/ar9WRwCiSr0 !vgp

                    about a year ago from web
                    • Blast from the past. . . 2016. !vgp http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/872253

                      about a year ago from web
                      • Yo dog heard you like !Rainbow_Dash so I took a cup of flour... http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/872248

                        about a year ago from MuSTArDroid
                      • !Rainbow_Dash going on about RDN http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/872040

                        about a year ago from web
                      • !vgp https://store.steampowered.com/app/670160/DLIRIUM/

                        about a year ago from web
                        • Hello all. Thoughts on FOSTA?

                          Friday, 13-Apr-18 02:22:55 UTC from web
                        • I think I'll make an RTS wherein you play a group of American patriotic Second Amendmenteers and the AI is the American military. Helpful splash screens while loading will say things like "Remember to aim your AR-15 ahead of the incoming ICBM" and "Napalm burns much more intensely than a normal Molotov cocktail." !vgp

                          Thursday, 12-Apr-18 23:18:53 UTC from web
                          • !music http://newnumavideo.ytmnd.com/

                            Thursday, 12-Apr-18 08:49:38 UTC from web