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  • Video Game Ponies! videogameponies Video Game Ponies!

    A group for all the ponies who enjoy playing video games! From FPS to RPG to RTS!

  • Michigan Bronies mibronies Michigan Bronies Michigan

    A social and meetup group for Michigan bronies!

  • Episode Links. episodelinks Episode Links.

    Missed an episode? Check this group to see if anyone's uploaded it.

  • Clumsy Bronies clumsybronies Clumsy Bronies

    We are clumsy bronies! We are always dropping things, knocking stuff over and getting on people's nerves, while not intending too. We also tend to be very forgetful. If any of the above fits you, join us! If you do not fit under any of the above, join us anyways!

  • The Group for Fanmade Ponies fanponies The Group for Fanmade Ponies

    Got an MLP fan character? Like drawing your OCs as ponies? Then this is the group for you!

  • Facehoof facehoof Facehoof YOUR FACE

    For those moments when your just like,"that was stupid, now ima facehoof myself." And then you proceed to apply your hoof to your face with intense pressure. This also applies to facewall, facedesk, facebook, and any other banging of the face into various objects that just happen to be lying around. (Disclaimer- Admin of this page is not responsible for any loss of brain cells directly or indirectly related to facehoofing, facewalling, facedesking, facebooking or any other facebanging activity resulting from your own idiotic actions.)

  • Hugs hugs Hugs Everywhere you could possibly imagine

    We all could use one sometime or another. :3

  • Crush40 fans crush40 Crush40 fans

    For all Crush 40 fans :)

  • The Legend of Zelda fans zelda The Legend of Zelda fans Hyrule

    For all the fans of the greatest adventure franchise ever! The Legend of Zelda for life! Credit for the logo goes to Doval:

  • The RDN Drinking Game! rdndrinkinggame The RDN Drinking Game!

    Every time X says Y, take a drink!

  • Christmas snail mail greetings christmassnailmailgreetings Christmas snail mail greetings Everywhere the postal system works

    'tis the season to show the magic of friendship in traditional ways! The aim of this group is to organise so that all members receive at least one festive christmas letter full of care, friendship and seasonal joy! Members must commit one real world postal address to me, via DM, as well as commit to writing a letter to another member (to be chosen by whatever wacky system I devise, but it'll probably involve dice.).

  • Dustykatt dustykatt Dustykatt

    Fan group for the manliest brony in the world

  • D.notive D.notive

    Fans of the musician d.notive

  • Brony Musicians bronymusicians Brony Musicians

    This is for the beginner Brony Musicians and or advanced Brony Musicians for collaborations, and just chilling and posting songs on here for everyone in the group to see.

  • Half-life Bronies hlbronies Half-life Bronies

    Bronies who like Half life. What more to say?

  • Rainbow Dating Network rdn Rainbow Dating Network The Internet

    Group for the Rainbow Dating Network dating sim. Submission form:

  • The Dunk Zone smash The Dunk Zone Final Destination

    Official Super Smash Bros. Group of RDN. Not Falco. No johns.