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  1. Jesus Christ you guys, the largest spot ever appeared in my thigh gap. Walking is agony. I popped it in the shower and there was the most amount of pus I ever did see. It's still going. I'd take a picture but I need two hands to demonstrate the perimeter and the childrens might see a pube

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  2. I gave up studying Ancient Greek medicine because I had no sense of humours

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    • I got my license today

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    • @mushi

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    • I wish my ears were of high enough fidelity to distinguish between "audio files" and "audiophiles".

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      • A Word To The Criminal Migrant

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      • The frogs are many and have no connection to the gloves and tools constantly moving against them. Then it's a crime if they're that many. As someone in a place where most people were of european descent, with a saber.

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      • i hate horses

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      • hey guys remember in the 80s when trickle down economics totally worked

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      • I even made a little sign for it

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      • Should post that on mastodon lol

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        • I finally finished my CS project. If I ever see another pointer again, it will be too soon.

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        • @justthinking

          This one turned out longer than I first planned it to be, but the story sort of wrote itself out. It's experimental for me but see what you think of the storyline.

          * * * *

          In her head, she’s nobody special,
          Can’t understand why anyone is nice to her,
          What they would benefit from being with her,
          As she has nothing to give to them.
          She looks herself in the mirror, seeing her reflection,
          She wears her favourite frilly dress, smiling to herself,
          She brushes the knots from her long, silky hair,
          Straightening her fringe, attaching a red flower to her hair.
          She think she has a pretty face, and that is all.

          She runs to the door, picking up her schoolbag,
          She spins around, holding her dear parasol,
          She has taken care of it since she was born,
          Taking it everywhere, to keep the sun from her face.
          As people pass her by, she greets them a good morning,
          Then bids them farewell, as she skips to school.
          As she crosses the bridge, cherry blossoms scatter in the wind,
          She gazes on, knowing that today will be another good day.

          She falls into routine, taking one class after another,
          Sitting at the back of the room, looking through the window,
          Letting her imagination run wild, stuck in another world,
          One of her own making, with friendly animals and laughing children.
          She’s a lonely girl, never developed the skills to make and keep friends,
          Teased by other children, because she is different and awkward,
          She can’t express her feelings, that she wants to be a part of their world,
          The wrong words come out, but she still dreams big in her mind.

          She searches for the answers in her mind, playing make-believe,
          Chasing through mirages, opening up the sliding doors,
          Climbing over and under tables, using chairs as stepping stones,
          Skipping towards her future, her face lights up.
          She longs to explore the world, to make new friends where she goes,
          To nurse the sick to health, and to comfort the wounded,
          To fall in love with a kind boy, and to look after him into old age,
          She longs to grow stronger, to follow in her mama’s footsteps.

          In his head, he’s nobody special,
          Can’t understand why anyone would smile his way,
          He’s suspicious of anyone getting too close to him,
          He thinks the world is out to get him.
          He avoids looking at himself in the mirror,
          But he can’t hide his self-neglect forever.
          He wears his uniform loose, preferring comfort,
          His hair is as wild as he is, and that is how he likes it.
          He thinks he is a good-for-nothing.

          He rises early each morning, watching the sun rise above him,
          He doesn’t let anyone know, but he rides his bike to work,
          He rides around town, delivering papers early morning,
          So that he can provide his siblings the luxuries he didn’t have.
          His mother works to pay their rent, but there is only her,
          All the responsibility of providing for his siblings falls on him,
          He comes home, prepares their meals and sends them off to school,
          Then looks to the clock, he knows it will be yet another day.

          He’s late to class, just like every morning before him,
          He rocks on his chair, bored out of his mind,
          When the teacher stares his way, he glares back,
          He has a distrust of all authority telling him what to do.
          He’s a lonely boy, surrounded by delinquent-types,
          Never letting them close to him, they make small-talk,
          He does whatever he wants, without a thought for others,
          And he finds it annoying that they follow him around.

          He searches for the answers in his mind, but he doesn’t understand,
          He talks back to his teachers, and never completes homework set,
          Even when he is grounded, he slips out of school early,
          So that he can welcome his siblings home, and prepare their dinner.
          He doesn’t know what he longs to be, he wanders through life empty,
          But he knows that he wants better for his siblings, so he plays along,
          He wants to make them happy, to give them a wealth of experiences,
          So he gives up on his dreams so that they can follow theirs.

          One day, she leaves home early and a gush of wind steals her parasol,
          She cries for help, chasing after her precious gift.
          He jumps off his bike, leaping into the air to retrieve it,
          She smiles thanking him as he holds it out for her to take.
          She doesn’t know why, but her heart flutters in her chest,
          She’s not used to him being nice to her, she has nothing to give.
          He doesn’t know why, but his cheeks blush a shade of red,
          Her smile radiated kindness, and he wonders why she doesn’t hurt him.

          The next day of school, after much thought to what she can offer,
          She musters up her liquid courage, and offers to help him on anything he desires.
          He gasps in shock, even after all the pondering that she would hurt him,
          He levels himself with her, and tells her that she’ll only be a nuisance.
          But she resolves to never give up, no matter how much he pushes her away,
          She will find that one desire that she can help him with.
          To his dismay, even after every insult he uttered she would remain,
          Her resolve endeared him, though he would never admit it to anyone.

          She mingled in with the class, asking everyone what they knew about him,
          Until she had gathered a long enough list to narrow something down.
          Before she knew it, she had friends in her quest to fulfil his wishes,
          People dear to her that would make suggestions he would later reject.
          He was suspicious of their motives, deflecting every attempt to figure him out,
          For he knew that it would eventually reach her attention.
          His life went on much the same, but she was on his mind now,
          He couldn’t figure out why she wanted to help him.

          One day, they confront each other on the Sakura bridge,
          She asks him what his one wish in life is,
          And he asks why she wants to know,
          Her cheeks flush, she says she wants to help him grant his wish.
          He doesn’t believe her, shoving her to the ground,
          He insists that she wants to know so she can get revenge on him.
          She shakes her head, reminding him of when he rescued her parasol,
          That she longs to repay him, but she fears that she has nothing to offer.

          When she stands up, her smile leaves him in a daze,
          He gives into her will, and remains hesitant to explain.
          He has thought long and hard about his wish for her, to no avail,
          But he leads her down the lane to his house.
          There she discovers the kind boy of her dreams, she resolves to discover more,
          She finds out that he’s the family type, and he’s late so he can help his siblings.
          Their excitement, and energy, brings her much happiness,
          Even as they tease about them being boyfriend and girlfriend.

          Her days changed, she rose early so that she could prepare all their lunches,
          Then she would wake the siblings up, and send everyone off to school each morning.
          His days changed, he would rise early for only his paper round,
          Then he would arrive to school on time, and complete his studies to pass school.
          They sat next to each other at school, and completed study sessions,
          Growing a close bond over their shared secrets that they kept to themselves.
          They were no longer alone, sharing lunch time with their new friends,
          Each helping him to excel at his chosen wish to graduate school together.

          One breezy morning, when the cherry blossoms spread their leaves once more,
          He took her hand in his own, and asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend.
          Both their cheeks turned red, and his feet stopped when he felt her pause,
          Then she smiled, exclaiming that she would as she moved to hug him.
          In his embrace, she felt both their hearts beating fast with a rush,
          It wasn’t long before they were covered in pink leaves, laughing together,
          And then he sealed their lips in one swoop, taking advantage of the moment,
          And she realised that both of their wishes had become reality.

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        • Antschwitz seems to be a success so far.

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        • I swear I'll win this war.

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          • Well two and a half liters of poison directly on the anthill and a perimeter completely soaked on raid should kill the damn ants. If not I'll pull up the floor and scorch the damn thing with alcohol and fire.

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            • I'll just commit ant genocide to cheer up

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              • This is a good-ass sandwich, I should get breakfast here more often

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              • Given how every vote has turned out this year, I'm more worried than I should be about the next Transformers fan vote

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                • BODE

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                  • I'll just get off here because I'm in too bad a mood right now

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                  • God damn piece of papaya hag should just prostitute herself if she doesn't have the money to fulfill a promise that's a year overdue

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                  • Not as many other nowadays barbaric or stupid practices were originally developed to counteract serious health risks in an era where consent cards are a good thing.

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                  • Holy banana I just now realized that there was a Sim bot. I just thought it was sim lmao

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                  • I've had grudges that lasted for months be solved in minutes in a fight. Of course some agreements on when to stop must be had first, but it's a valid way of settling disputes.

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                    • as much as this makes me want to move out even more i'll never be able to shake the feeling that without me here to bolster their "relationship" a crime will be committed

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                    • And for those who do not know what # is, take a look here:

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