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  1. Whatever DID happen to Grimey?

    about 3 months ago from web
  2. anyway, i bouth my 18th console recently. I usually dont like digital only stuff, but this gens been looking rater boring so far, so i only wanted a cheap gamepass machine. currently playing bug fables http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/875991

    about 3 months ago from web
  3. So do people still talk about mlp here?

    about 4 months ago from web
  4. If me not wearing a mask increases the likelihood of someone who choose not to get vaccinated to get COVID, I see that as a good thing. I'm sorry for the immunocompromised who get caught in the crossfire.

    about 4 months ago from web
  5. Long horse is loooong !art # http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/875964

    about 4 months ago from web
  6. So, i'm in my PhD now, i got a cotutelle scholarship with the university of Lorraine, in france (i speak nearly nothing of french tho, so my first time going to france qas a hell of an adventure. Brazil is even messier than before and i might have gotten even more reclusive than before (though now i'm much more well paid :'v )

    about 6 months ago from web
  7. My bois

    about 6 months ago from web
  8. So you know how they've got those nigh-pornographic art models with the poseable skeletons and all that jazz? Do they make them in non-human? Looking for a mouse or a rat... uh, also non-lewd. I don't need a sexy mouse. Not yet....

    about 8 months ago from web
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    • @adiwan I dunno, lol. This is really probably just Perfectionism stepping on Productivity's toes. Mostly I just was looking for a reliable way to check if something I would write would be physically plausible. But I've already taken pages of notes on "The Secret of NIMH" and other cartoons and actual live animal footage, so I probably don't *need* anything at all.

      about 8 months ago in context
    • @thelastgherkin Dude I've seen that before! And it is a good idea... um, in the context of trying to make an anatomical/biomechanical model. heh

      about 8 months ago in context
    • @scribus I think it's cheaper to buy a real mouse and not bother trying to replicate the skeleton in order to see if a pose is even possible. Yeah... It'd bite back but still cheaper time-wise and financially. I don't think pet shops allow anybody willy-nilly to grab a mouse and contort it.

      about 8 months ago in context
  9. Playing Metal Gear Solid again... I bodyslammed Meryl while she was disguised because I recognized her walk cycle and I wanted to see what would happen. Nothing happens, she just sprints into her next cutscene to prevent you from impeding her any further. And then she still claims to have gotten the jump on you.

    about 9 months ago from web
    • @zeldatra Borderlands II. A bad case of "You need to kill the boss before he pushes the doomsday button!" And then you kill them, with an acid rocket to the nards, all the way across the arena... and wait for a monologue, and a dead guy to push the cussing button anyway. It got to where I wasn't invested in the story missions because I knew nothing I accomplished would accomplish anything. !vgp # maybe?

      about 9 months ago in context
    • @scribus This is why I always enjoyed the mostly-unscripted nature of the later Fallouts & Elder Scrolls. New Vegas particularly introduces you to a major antagonist (or ally, if you choose to go that route...) fairly early on, while you’re on your way to a story quest, and you can just let him do his thing, or, if you have the firepower, you can just FrankerZin shoot him and he won’t appear again for the rest of the game. (And then you can shoot his replacement later, too!)

      about 9 months ago in context
  10. So it seems to me that if Kyubey's goal in Madoka is to stave off the end of the universe then he kinda fails ass at it when Madoka unmakes it all

    about 9 months ago from web
  11. glad to see this is still around

    about 9 months ago from web
  12. @riddhik Bring it on I love black magic

    about a year ago from web
    • Was anyone on here named Adam Hussein?

      about a year ago from web
    • Naruto: Five Characters That Joe Biden Could Beat (& Five He Couldn’t)

      about a year ago from web
    • Damn. I bought another 3D printer.

      about a year ago from web
    • Meanwhile, in Murrica: "The seven-day average of new cases has climbed above 56,000, a level not seen in the past 12 weeks, and is 14% higher week over week, according to John Hopkins data." https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/19/health/us-coronavirus-monday/index.html

      about a year ago from web
      • @scribus Majority infection will be the eventual outcome, slower or quicker.
        There are two ways to beat a virus: you either completely isolate every infected individual and anyone who is physically capable of contracting it for at least twice the lifespan of the virus, and I'm talking full lockdown, napalmed when opening the door; or you wait until almost the entire population has been infected and developed herd immunity, at which point new infections become very rare if the virus survives at all to mutate over following years.
        Full lockdown wasn't done in time and in any case it is impossible considering the social paradigms of any western country, so the option that remains is the latter. Containment can only be reasonably used to slow spread to a rate to which the health system can handle it, but won't stop the spread, no matter how much a government insists on it. And it also vastly increases the number of deaths from existing conditions untreated due to lockdown.

        about a year ago in context
      • @nerthos @scribus In short, don't lose your mind over it too much, there's nothing to do about it. Just make sure you're taking care of your personal health so if you get infected you have high chances of recovery.

        about a year ago in context
    • Shape your watermelon. Shape the young watermelon

      Wednesday, 10-Jun-20 14:06:08 UTC from web
    • And I feel like the asshole for sitting here and watching them, after first shouting, then yelling, then cursing, then fuming, then apologizing, but I swear to god I have tried to grow something for years with setback after bullbanana failure and right now these goddamned gourds are about the only thing I have going for me in my life and I swear if anything happens to them I will jump in the pool wearing ankle weights

      Saturday, 30-May-20 15:24:13 UTC from web
    • Good morning, everypony! I hope you have a super duper luper day!! It's 2011

      Wednesday, 01-Apr-20 08:28:03 UTC from web
      • Like I said - I have no reason to believe I’ve got it other than this cold, which is also going around right now. No fever, no headaches, nothing. Just congestion.

        Thursday, 19-Mar-20 19:31:33 UTC from web
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        • @thismightbeauser But, the Carnegie and Rockefeller and all those families, they used to do public works and stuff. They may have been hoarding the wealth, but not damn *all* of it. Their flash contest was at least servicing the greater good as a side effect of the ostentation. This new crop seems more about raw, bigly yuge numbers, and hoarding, like a dragon (or a priapism). But, again, this is all coming around to perception. . . .

          Thursday, 19-Mar-20 23:22:24 UTC in context
        • @scribus I mean, there's Bill Gates and whatnot. On the other hand you get people like this guy, who think it's an okay idea to keep making electric cars at a moderately high risk of illness to his employees with no one to buy them. http://rainbowdash.net/url/875471

          Friday, 20-Mar-20 05:35:27 UTC in context
        • @thismightbeauser @scribus That is indeed the case, a lot of rich people have middle class cars and discrete houses and do their best to keep people from knowing how rich they are, due to the general sentiment of "wealth equals evil"
          You can't blame them really, if the mob will hate you just for managing to make good decisions and earning your family big money. I'd probably do the same if I couldn't simply relocate to a fortified compound with a minefield around it. It makes no sense to feel empathy for a group that has none for you, for whom you'll always be the bad guy regardless of what you do or don't do, that openly talks about how good it'd be if you died.

          The ones that show off are the sociopaths, politicians and entertainment industry guys, who by default are crooks as that whole industry is built on crime and debauchery.

          Saturday, 21-Mar-20 20:37:37 UTC in context
      • So, no. I do not have goddamned nginx figured out, and no, the Pleroma 2.0 launch has not made this any less goddamned infuriating.

        Sunday, 15-Mar-20 04:19:48 UTC from web
      • Yo @ceruleanspark, I just checked the Affiliates links and both are now completely dead. Fluttershy was bought by some Chinese thing and Bronies UK is just dead lol.

        Wednesday, 18-Mar-20 22:13:47 UTC from web
        • It's been years

          Tuesday, 17-Mar-20 13:44:52 UTC from web
        • Hello, everyone. It's been a while. I'm amazed this place is still here.

          Tuesday, 17-Mar-20 02:59:29 UTC from web
        • !vgp https://shp.itch.io/ Several fun games made by @shpuld@shpposter.club, give them a try

          Friday, 13-Mar-20 14:40:02 UTC from web
          • That said, I keep meaning to launch a Pleroma instance for myself.... Just keep having problems with nginx.

            Thursday, 05-Mar-20 18:36:42 UTC from web
          • @scribus Carcino sends his regards http://rainbowdash.net/attachment/875456

            Thursday, 05-Mar-20 05:49:32 UTC from web
          • I'm sure it's not nearly so simple in reality, but I feel like conquering climate change is a simple matter of banning some of the bad stuff with obvious alternatives (gas vs electric consumer vehicles, for example) and watching the market self-correct. But everyone is afraid to pull that lever because it could be political suicide.

            Monday, 02-Mar-20 05:01:17 UTC from web
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            • @thismightbeauser An actual solution to the issue is deglobalization of economies and achieving food and industry autonomy in every relevant country, but good luck cutting the flow of shekel just like that. There is a reason any sort of nationalism is treated as evil incarnate by mainstream political parties and economic groups, a global market that depends on countries not being self-sufficient is extremely profitable, no one can stop buying or selling or their internal situation crumbles within months.
              A secondary effect of this, while a positive from an environmental point of view, is that a lot of countries simply don't have the capacity to achieve food autonomy due to having bigger populations than their fertile land can sustain. Take Nigeria for example, <1 million km2 of surface with a rapidly growing population at 190 million right now. Without world trade the country would starve, and lead to open war in the region.

              Monday, 02-Mar-20 16:50:53 UTC in context
            • @thismightbeauser So you not only need to completely reshape the economy of most countries but also need to regulate the population of each to levels their own land can sustain (without further destroying the environment to grow more crops)
              Some countries have a food surplus of 10 times their internal consumption, so they can keep their current populations without issue. But what happens with a country that has a food deficit of say, 50% of consumption? the population has to be cut in half or starve. Either way, you have a disaster in your hands with no clean way to solve it. You can pick between genocide, mass starvation or civil war, neither acceptable by any humanitarian standard. And you can be sure it'll spill to neighbouring regions.

              In short, environmental damage is such a big issue because there's no clean way of solving it, nations and fortunes depend on the wheel spinning, and genociding the world to a sustainable population numbers is off the table.

              Monday, 02-Mar-20 16:58:01 UTC in context
            • @nerthos I think some of this makes sense, but I have a hard time believing that the world's current population level isn't sustainable, just that we haven't figured things out yet. There's a lot of junk produced that isn't necessary, or made in inefficient ways that could be cut out. I get what you're saying about deglobalization and the whole "buy local" slogan that environmentalists have been pushing kind of points back to that. Where do you draw the line though? Even goods shipped within larger countries like the US or China can travel vast distances before reaching their destination. Do those countries have to be split into regions then? People would probably be freaking out about that. No more California oranges in PA? No way! Probably not a great example due to Florida being closer, but still.

              Tuesday, 03-Mar-20 17:59:34 UTC in context
          • How can people continue to believe this spraypainted bunghole

            Saturday, 29-Feb-20 04:05:03 UTC from web
          • I’m not too proud to admit I was wrong @nerthos was right. I am in fact, enjoying Fallout 76 a great deal.

            Friday, 28-Feb-20 09:01:25 UTC from web