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RDN: The Comic!

RDN: The Comic!

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A little idea I pitched a while ago. What if RDN was an actual hangout, and what if we were all actual ponies? Our unusual daily activities on here in pony-comic form would be cool, AND it would boost RDN's popularity if posted to Equestria Daily! Why not give it a try? All who want to help, pitch ideas, or support this plan please join!
Original idea by Dezzierose.

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  1. !rdncomic ideas? Like the YouTube links being elevators to RDN's movie theater. And when you wanna quit watching the constant stream of videos, you can leave.

    Sunday, 18-Mar-12 17:29:16 UTC from web
  2. @minti Welcome to RDN, where everypony is your friend! Look, even Luna is celebrating your arrival! *Points to the moon where "Welcome to RDN!" is written in big letters*

    Sunday, 18-Mar-12 02:48:33 UTC from behind you
  3. !rdncomic For voicedubs, all of the music in the background is from the HUB of Portal 2's co-op mode. Excellent waiting room music.

    Sunday, 18-Mar-12 02:47:50 UTC from web
    • @dezzierose idea for !rdncomic Have a single column of panels, on the left side of each panel have a different user giving the welcomepony a suggestion for what to put in the welcome message to new users (you can see what people have been suggesting in the replies list on welcomepony's page). On the right side of each panel, have the welcomepony as a bot pony with the dialogue "Thank you for the suggestion! The message has been sent to a queue to be approved, and once it is you'll see it being sent to newponies!" (the same on every panel). Then on the final panel have a new user on the left side saying "Hello, I'm new to this site etc..." then on the left side have the welcomepony again but giving the welcome message including ALL the ideas suggested by the users in the previous panels. I think there should also be a part at the end where the new user has a "wtf" expression after the welcome message.

      Sunday, 18-Mar-12 00:37:39 UTC from web
    • !rdncomic i know somepony who would LOVE to draw for this. her and myself

      Sunday, 18-Mar-12 01:11:18 UTC from web
    • !rdncomic Equestria Daily should be our newspaper and we should be shown reading it.

      Sunday, 18-Mar-12 01:10:14 UTC from web
      • !organizedchaos Disc games with Pringle's lids!:D

        Saturday, 17-Mar-12 20:53:28 UTC from web
        • !rdncomic ideas? Pweeze:3

          Saturday, 17-Mar-12 20:28:23 UTC from web
        • @dezzierose !rdncomic If you ever want to fill a comic with nothing but throwaway jokes, the setting could be #

          Saturday, 17-Mar-12 17:43:47 UTC from web
          • !rdncomic Ideas?

            Saturday, 17-Mar-12 17:14:12 UTC from web
          • Pony-sprites for !rdnthecomic : Twilight- A dizzy little adorkable pony who can't seem to keep her balance very well when trying to stand. Dashie- The eldest of the group. Knows her master @dezzierose very well, and is her favorite. Has a braided tail, and is an Older and Wiser version of Rainbow Dash herself. Her hair has less of a variety of colors to it, and her face is a little ashen, and her cutie mark lacks her cloud. Even after all of this, she claims that she's "still got it!" Pinkie: Is very new, but recognizes Dezzie and Dashie from past encounters. Her hair obscures one side of her face, and her cutie mark is just one balloon. Is very, very fond of electronic music.

            Friday, 16-Mar-12 18:26:52 UTC from web
          • @dezzierose Dezzie, you're back! You might want to check the !rdncomic tag, there's been some great (and some crazy) ideas.

            Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:59:43 UTC from web
          • !rdncomic The # comic should involve canon ponies being there having no idea what we are saying.

            Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:58:18 UTC from web
            • I will admit that my inspiration for !rdncomic came from this picture from Pinhooves himself.

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:56:58 UTC from web
            • I'm not sure if this !rdncomic sounds more or less appealing as we brainstorm ideas.

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:31:54 UTC from web
            • Y THOSE GROUP TAGS NO WORK. XD. @dezzierose i refer you to this, gnigh XDXD

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:30:20 UTC from web
            • !rdncomic Bots should appear in the comic as mechanical ponies. And spambots can be evil mechanical ponies.

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:26:23 UTC from web
            • !rdncomic idea: Me and @dezzierose will constantly be making meme references in almost every comic we appear in.

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:21:28 UTC from web

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:17:47 UTC from web
            • i think im going to unwind and relax for the night. what are you ponies' plans

              Saturday, 17-Mar-12 00:12:59 UTC from web
            • @dezzierose Happy Birthday

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 12:21:53 UTC from web
            • I think I bit off a little more than I could chew with the comic thing. This really IS !organizedchaos !

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 22:11:54 UTC from web
            • @dezzierose i remaked it and edited a little for !rdncomic

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:37:52 UTC from web
            • New pony is coming up for !RDNcomic

              Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:33:52 UTC from web
              • Or the one that lurks at everypony all the time? Or constantly talks about how awesome/cute Braeburn is? etc. etc. !rdncomic

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:24:05 UTC from web
              • I never heard of this !rdncomic until today. Will I be going around hugging everypony?

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:22:20 UTC from web
              • !rdncomic will I be included in this whole thing?

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:21:41 UTC from web
              • !rdncomic There needs to be a two panel short comic where a newpony appears in the comic and we all glomp-football pileup him. xD

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:20:32 UTC from web
              • @dezzierose this is my pony for !rdncomic its a boy just to know xD

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 21:12:45 UTC from web
              • @dezzierose The main antagonists of !rdncomic should be spammers.

                Friday, 16-Mar-12 20:39:10 UTC from web