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Install Tampermonkey for Chrome or Greasemonkey/Scriptish for Firefox and click the link to get Twitch faces for RDN! Go here for how to do the faces emotes on RDN! (twitchfaces) group


  1. !FrankerZ

    Friday, 30-Oct-15 00:32:20 UTC from web
    • !kappa

      Friday, 30-Oct-15 00:30:51 UTC from web
      • !vgp !coderponies !equestriagaming !important !streamers !eatrameninthecoldwhileupsidedown !twitchfaces The Diamonde Kwest DLC is finished! Get it now!

        Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 16:22:01 UTC from web
        • oh god what would rdn be like with emoticons. That would be a completely different site

          Thursday, 22-Jan-15 20:56:07 UTC from web
        • @redenchilada the !Kappa script isn't working on the main timeline but it is on my profile page help pls

          Monday, 23-Jun-14 03:35:58 UTC from web
        • updated !Kappa userscript

          Wednesday, 11-Jun-14 01:08:40 UTC from web
        • D2 ladder reset in a few hours PogChamp

          Tuesday, 27-May-14 17:11:37 UTC from web
        • that probably looks liek a mess to anyone without that plugin

          Sunday, 16-Feb-14 00:36:39 UTC from web
        • !Kappa Userscript update to fix the issue where emotes parsed would sometimes be misaligned. The script has also been moved to my site, so pls redownload manually thanks

          Thursday, 23-Jan-14 22:34:12 UTC from web
          • I'm just tickled pink by how many of you guys pretend to get it.

            Friday, 04-Oct-13 13:40:41 UTC from web
          • !Kappa Minor structural update to the userscript. Might help script performance a tiny bit. Might completely blow up the script. (Let me know if that happens.) Also added an icon to the script, wherever that shows up.

            Sunday, 08-Sep-13 05:53:09 UTC from web
            • !Kappa Userscript update, added some more emotes OneHand

              Sunday, 01-Sep-13 22:10:48 UTC from web
              • !Kappa Userscript has been updated again. -Tweaked margins on emotes to avoid offseting text lines -Fixed script not working in some (i.e. mine) browsers -Tweaks to the script to make adding emotes in future a lot easier

                Sunday, 01-Sep-13 11:28:57 UTC from web
                • !twitchfaces The userscript has been updated. Please update your copies. ThatOneSleeper

                  Wednesday, 14-Aug-13 09:26:31 UTC from web
                • Last night I had a dream Nintendo released the 9DS.

                  Wednesday, 24-Jul-13 04:01:58 UTC from web
                • hi all..

                  Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 18:23:48 UTC from web
                • sure is !FrankerZ in here

                  Wednesday, 26-Jun-13 22:34:28 UTC from web
                • ...Why is this in my pictures folder. What could have possibly driven me to save this.

                  Monday, 10-Jun-13 18:51:55 UTC from web
                • Petition to get !twitchfaces embedded into the site FrankerZ

                  Monday, 10-Jun-13 18:43:31 UTC from web
                • !twitchfaces Which one was ResidentSleeper again

                  Monday, 10-Jun-13 07:16:58 UTC from web
                • I wonder if this works !Kappa

                  Monday, 10-Jun-13 07:16:35 UTC from web
                • Hey I made a group !twitchfaces Kappa

                  Monday, 10-Jun-13 07:15:44 UTC from web