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  • Southern California Bronies socalbronies Southern California Bronies California http://www.meetup.com/SoCalBronies/

    A group for the bronies in Southern California.

  • Pony Toy Collectors :3 ponytoycollectors Pony Toy Collectors :3

    Anypony who has the guts to go down the aisle of a store and pick up his or her favorite pony. Or just buy it online.

  • Writeponies United writeponies Writeponies United /co/

    A group for all the pony writefriends out there!

  • /co/ co /co/ http://4chan.org/co/

    4chan's cartoons and comics board, the fandom's birthplace, and home of 24/7 MLP threads.

  • #mylittlepony on IRCHighway irchighway #mylittlepony on IRCHighway http://tinyurl.com/MLPIRC

    A group for the bronies of #mylittlepony on IRCHighway

  • I'm a girl, can I play ponies too? bronettes I'm a girl, can I play ponies too?

    I love the bronies but do you ever get the feeling you're only filly in the stable? Connect with other pony fans of the XX persuasion.

  • Fans of Original My Little Pony generationthefirst Fans of Original My Little Pony

    Behold, a group for people who also like the original 1980s series!

  • Night Owls nightowls Night Owls

    Sleepless in Equestria.

  • Public Notices notices Public Notices

    For new releases, episodes, updates, etc. all in one handy location. Everyone welcome to post.

  • Californian Bronies californians Californian Bronies CA, USA

    A group for all the bronies from all nooks and crannies of California.

  • Everypony Sings everyponysings Everypony Sings http://www.everyponysings.com

    This group is for fans of the MLP:FiM songs. Follow the group to get updates about guitar chords, sheet music, and more from Everypony Sings!

  • Late Night Ponys latenightponies Late Night Ponys

    for all those bronys that stay up far into the night for their pony fix.

  • LA Bronies labronies LA Bronies Los Angeles, California

    A little group for the SoCal bronies who want to meet and great other bronies and discuss friendship and the magic qualities it may posses.

  • CalifornianBronies calbronies CalifornianBronies California, United States

    ALL Bronies of California UNITED !