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  • gonzalo thissucksclock gonzalo Colorado
  • Sierra Garske sierraisabrony1992 Sierra Garske
  • celestiaisbestprincess celestiaisbestprincess celestiaisbestprincess Albuquerque,New Mexico

    Überraschung mutterf***er

  • 7colorsinmyhair 7colorsinmyhair
  • Desmond Roseluck desiros Desmond Roseluck The combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

    The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.

  • Milo milo Milo Richmond, Virginia

    I'm a derp. Catch me here:

  • Eric derponbrown Eric
  • Fred rainbowdash465 Fred Hibbing,MN

    MLP lover all around, have lots of merch, happy to be a brony and proud. B4L

  • Brandon Forth blues4th Brandon Forth Liberty MO

    Hi! Welcome to my Home Page! I am 19 and I love Rainbow Dash!!. I am an Eagle Scout, a artist, and good with animals. I am currently in the US Army, training to launch Patriot missiles

  • Pianissima pianissima Pianissima Southern California

    If you wanna know about me, ask me. Now Leave. Skype: xPianissima

  • 2456436345626245626 2356298769804532 2456436345626245626

    dude who lives in the backwater country known as Scotland, where not much happens and guys wear skirts.

  • Ashley highray Ashley

    I am a little crazy at times and get really nervous around unfamiliar people, but I am kind, loyal, and intelligent with a passion for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Portal games. There are also many other cartoons I love, but here that's not really important. *Keep in mind I have aspergers disorder

  • Neo Beats n30 Neo Beats Canterlot, Equestria

    HEY! Do to me being stupid, and getting into stuff that I shouldn't get into, I have.... Um became a mare.... with everything included.... ._. I'm eager go to the spa now.... Hey I'm Neo but my stage name N30, I am a dj, all you need to know. I grew up in Manehatten before moving to Canterlot and becoming a DJ, and that's where I met Ink spell <3, my soon to be wife. Sleepy <3 is my older Sister, and Melody is my younger Sister. Scoots, and Electro Light are my little brothers. Limitless is my father. My sissy Sleepy Was my best friend as a child and it remands to this day <3 Hey to all my loyal fans out there, THANKS FOR COMING TO MY SHOWS :3 and to my Son Icy Chill... Dear gawd you are a let down to the family name (ﺧ益ﺨ) Some of my favorite stuff to do is, draw, make music and hang out with my friends... I also like learning different langs then talking in then to others so far I'm up to 4 different langs... my 2 favorite shows are My little pony and Soul eater :3 it is so much gusta I love to RP and stuff. I would do any RP you ask me to do, i am a very good Rper. if you want to find me on steam, you could join my group, DoubleRainbowSyndrome, you can reach me there, if i'm not on here.

  • Sweetie Belle sweetiebelle99 Sweetie Belle Ponyville, Equestria

    Hay everypony!! I'm Sweetie Belle, Rarity's little sis. My best friends are Scootaloo an' Applebloom an' Sugar - together we are THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!!! xD We are on an epic quest to find our Cutie Marks, so if you have any tips on getting a Cutie Mark or if you could share with us the story of how you got yours - that would be AWESOME!!! On a random side note, I enjoy singing REALLY LOUD!! xD

  • Andrew radpro3 Andrew Philadelphia
  • Andrei-Radu Turcu aydn0duncan Andrei-Radu Turcu Europe, Romania, Bucharest

    I'm just an average 15 years old student, with an abnormal amount of imagination.

  • Pinkie Pie partypinkiestyle Pinkie Pie

    Helllloooooo. I'm a 18 y/o pegasister and I enjoy anime, manga and chatting along with mlp ^^

  • derp jojoax derp derp

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ There is a table for you. I like reading, techno, video games and best of all My Little Pony! I also like drawing, and ill add more when i think about it.

  • I am best poni foxgopher I am best poni Las Pegasus

  • Jake derpy128 Jake columbia MO,

    favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. (although Fluttershy is a close second) Cadence is best Princess but Woona is cutest :3 love pony fan music and most non-r34 art. Own subreddit at /r/mlpaww.

  • Martin Nordstrøm Ustad martydoo Martin Nordstrøm Ustad Løkken Verk, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway

    My name is Martin, born 17.04.1993, I live 70 km's south of Trondheim in Norway. I'm into, Computers/Electronics, MLP:FiM, WoW, Skyrim, Minecraft, Diablo, Dubstep/House/Electro/Drum&Bass. I have my own car and I'm in my 3rd year of Computer Electronics at school. I first discovered ponies in September 2011 or something while I was working at this extremely boring place and it really lightened up my world in a way I never thought possible just through amazing voice work, characterization, animation and hilarious jokes. I've more or less stoped watching shows like South Park, Family Guy and Simpsons after i ran into mlp.

  • Derek Allan Cope II localtoast Derek Allan Cope II Alice TX

    I LOVE MLP FIM AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO SHOW IT *ahem* i also like drawing, origami, and computer gaming n' stuff. i also roller skate mildly good soooooo thats basically me although i'm kinda shy and i don't tend to talk to people very often

  • Dalton slitherman54 Dalton United states, Pennsylvania

    I'm a huge video gamer, i play highschool football, i will play baseball and take track next year and i am a brony now my lil bro watched to troll me and now i found out i love it it has everything i want good animation story ideas characters (BRING DERPY BACK) I have partaken in making a Brony clan on modern warfare 3 we do pretty well showing kindness everywhere specialy with my little mlp soundboard :33

  • Miguel Zuniga anshee Miguel Zuniga McAllen, TX
  • chacha chashews chacha Philippines

    big fan of jp idol groups. prev. 'commanderlunacymambo' PLEASE END ME

  • brandon thompson rainboom117 brandon thompson broken arrow oklahoma USA

    I'm 16. I have seen all my little pony friendship is magic episodes. you can say im a huge fan because I am!!!! I lik to play video game and talk. i play halo too. i have to much free time. my little pony was the best thing that happened in my live. it has made me a better friend and made me happy for once in my life. last thing that made me happy was 10 yr ago. thank you my little pony for making me happy again. :) XBOX gamertag is BronySpartan250

  • Chibi Trotson chibithepony Chibi Trotson broken arrow ok

    i am a brony based in broken arrow oklahoma and i will add links to my storys and art to this page i write fan fictions with my friends and usualy the primary artist as well

  • Benjmin Hitchcock shadowdash454 Benjmin Hitchcock Bremerton Washington

    I'm just a guy who loves video games,sports,hiking and animals.I love the brony fanbase and the friends I have made of it.

  • Phillip A McCrelesd jadenman7 Phillip A McCrelesd dearborn MI

    I am a 14 year old boy going in to high school I a fan of the show mlp my most favorite pony on the show is rainbow dash and I like other shows as well mostly anime and i cosplay, rollplay and i am on most of the time even tho i dont say any thing measage me any time about any thag and if you what to know any thing else just ask me any time.

  • Ann Marie Sunny Larabell firepower11 Ann Marie Sunny Larabell Alto,Texas