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  1. Is anyone still use this group?

    Monday, 09-Feb-15 03:28:56 UTC from web

    Tuesday, 23-Sep-14 14:24:12 UTC from ban me pls
  3. Anyone going to Bronycon, Baltimore? I need a ride, and I will help pay for gas. :D I live in Greenville, TN. Please help....please

    Wednesday, 16-Jul-14 23:28:54 UTC from web
  4. Anyone going to Bronycon, Baltimore? I need a ride, and I will help pay for gas. :D I live in Greenville, TN.

    Wednesday, 16-Jul-14 23:14:45 UTC from web
    • Anyone going to Bronycon, Baltimore? I need a ride, and I will help pay for gas. :D

      Wednesday, 16-Jul-14 23:12:27 UTC from web
    • Anyone going to Bronycon, Baltimore?

      Wednesday, 16-Jul-14 23:11:34 UTC from web
    • Do robots even have genders?

      Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:11:33 UTC from web
    • @admin ahaha.

      Tuesday, 24-Jun-14 12:07:15 UTC from web
      • Hey Every pony I live in the Nashville area close to down town anyone wanna hangout?

        Friday, 06-Jun-14 12:02:32 UTC from web
      • I'm a brony in the LaVergne area. I would love to meet some fellow bronies around here. :)

        Saturday, 31-May-14 18:43:48 UTC from web
      • I live in La Vergne, and I was wondering if there are any brony meetups in or around there?

        Tuesday, 01-Apr-14 19:54:04 UTC from web
        • P.S. Pearjack is best pony. :3

          Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 13:47:52 UTC from web
          • Hi guys! I'd love to get to know y'all if you want, I'm looking for some friends in the area.

            Wednesday, 12-Mar-14 13:47:30 UTC from web
          • Hey everypony! I live in Pelham right now, but I work in LaVergne and Murfreesboro, so I can hang out anywhere around there

            Thursday, 30-Jan-14 17:57:11 UTC from web
            • Anyone in the Cookeville area?

              Thursday, 23-Jan-14 21:46:33 UTC from web
            • Hey bronies I'm in Kingsport and I'm looking for a community to join :) heard there was a group of ponies in Knoxville .

              Friday, 10-Jan-14 17:55:14 UTC from web
              • The local group already has Christmas and New Year's events planned lmao

                Wednesday, 13-Nov-13 23:59:53 UTC from web
              • !tnbronies !tricitiesbronies My parents found out about me being 16 and being a brony, they are threatning to kick me out. They are completely homophobic, and hate anything that even close to being gay. AND IM NOT GAY! but they still threaten and ground me contiuously until i leave or quit the fandom and i dont want to leave. i dont know where to go. is there anywhere to go? like a shelter or something for runaways.

                Thursday, 28-Mar-13 15:17:50 UTC from web
              • !tnbronies I haven't seen any meetups in the Murfreesboro/Nashville area, so let's start one! Drop me a line if interested in getting this going.

                Friday, 08-Feb-13 08:15:19 UTC from web
              • !tnbronies test

                Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 02:01:03 UTC from web
                • !tnbronies The only very active group in Tennessee is Knoxville Bronies. Search the name on Facebook or groups/KnoxvilleBronies. This group does extend outside East Tennessee.

                  Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 02:00:33 UTC from web
                  • !tnbronies ***KNOXVILLE BRONIES*** This is a very active group in East Tennessee Bronies ***JOIN TODAY***

                    Wednesday, 19-Dec-12 01:53:27 UTC from web
                    • !tnbronies i might not go to the 5k. i cannot into running, but i'd like to go to a meetup in nashville as i am near there (murfreesboro) also i have just begun following this today!

                      Monday, 30-Jan-12 03:27:54 UTC from web
                    • !tnbronies Attention, Memphis, TN area bronies:

                      Friday, 01-Jun-12 04:05:28 UTC from web
                      • !tnbronies, Ok check this out, a couple of us will be meeting up at Knoxville Anime Con. If you're interested in meeting up at the con hit up this page:

                        Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:21:28 UTC from web
                        • !tnbronies just made a meetup group for the Bronies of Tennessee Technological University, see pont below

                          Friday, 27-Apr-12 00:13:20 UTC from web
                        • !tnbronies

                          Friday, 27-Apr-12 00:12:35 UTC from web
                          • !tnbronies When's the next meet up?

                            Monday, 05-Mar-12 01:07:57 UTC from web
                            • hi i am new. meetups you say?

                              Monday, 30-Jan-12 03:23:36 UTC from web
                            • @snufflesthebob WELCOME ABOARD THE FRIENDSHIP!!!

                              Monday, 30-Jan-12 03:27:25 UTC from web