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  1. Incase you guys care, these are my top 10 favorite video games:
    #: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Mother 2/EarthBound (SNES/GBA - Japan Only/Wii U)
    #: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (PS2 - Japan Only/PS3)
    #: To The Moon (PC)
    #: Super Paper Mario (Wii)
    #: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team (GBA/NDS)
    #: Persona 4/Persona 4: Golden (PS2/Vita)
    #: Persona 3/Persona 3: FES/Persona 3: Portable (PS2/PSP)
    #: Mother 3 (GBA - Japan Only)

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  2. hm, i dont want to read the comic # just now

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  3. Do you have the slightest clue what # kids would # you?

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  4. My Little Pony Micro Comic #: Spike - Discussion, Download, And Variants: Spike! The poor guy doesn't get a whole lot of episodes, so how do you think he is going to do in the world of comics? You be the judge! Discuss it below, and have some links if you haven't already read it. DigitalVariants (Images in order from right to left, top to bottom) >

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  5. denticator: # # # # (with 169.8k dents) are still in the !fediverse cc @[email protected] @mk @[email protected]

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  6. fortune cookie #: Saying, that "operation, and speculation, and, that is most pleasant, which is most" is such anonsensical position, that I refuse to waste my time on it.

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  7. Seems winning bot # was developed for # years (1) to get $4k (though for Worswick the win itself is more worth). For me the bot is a tool for my # side (2) (3) and NOT to make money (1) (2) (3)

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  8. Comic Followup - The Big Mac Arc - Issue #: While we wait for the episodes to get going again, I've decided to revive the old Episode Followup style posts, focusing on the monthly comic releases instead.   For those that aren't sure what exactly the point of this post is, a bit of explanation is probably in order!  For season three, and a good portion of season two, we ran posts highlighting all of the interesting >

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  9. Possible 9th Wave of Blind Bag Ponies Appears: We have seen a few of these on Taobao and Ebay for months now, but this is the first glimpse at the entire set. Chronologically, this would be #, though the source (a random imgur album) doesn't reveal too much. It could even be a mock up for all we know! I'd say it looks pretty legit though. As pointed out by the submitter Ossie: - No Twilight- RD, Rarity and Cadence >

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  10. More Official Comic Covers - MLP # A/B/Retailer Incentive and # A: If Pizza was gems, I could totally relate with Spike right now. I really need to slow down my pizza intake though... We have Cover A, Cover B, and the retailer incentive for the 11th comic here, followed by Spike's primary cover for his upcoming micro. Expect that one following after Celestia. Thanks to Masem for the heads up. >

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  11. My Little Pony Main Series # - Discussion, Download, And Variants: It has been a week, so hopefully most of you had a chance to read this for the sake of discussion! If you haven't already picked it up, I would highly recommend it. Big Mac was honestly one of the lowest on my list of best ponies, but he is making his way up there with this series. Now if only these comics were weekly so we'd have something to real >

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  12. Today I read the MLP:FiM comic # I got a little nerdasm as I read "Binford" on a toolbox that was in one panel on the first page.

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  13. Friendship is Witchcraft # - Seed No Evil: Friendship is Witchcraft has released their 9th episode after a bit of a leak across various sites.   Head on down below to check it out! >

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  14. Friendship is Witchcraft # - Seed No Evil: The new Friendship is Witchcraft episode has silently released outside of it's usual Youtube domain, most likely due to those obnoxious ContentID things that were plaguing the channel last season.  There isn't an embed this time around, you can head on over to check it out! (Update: Apparently it is on Youtube, though from the looks of things unofficially.  Find it belo >

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  15. Five More Preview Pages for Comic #: Honestly I was a little worried about the prospect of a Big Mac comic at first. The pony isn't known for being incredibly entertaining. It's looking like I was worried for nothing though. Comixology has dropped some upcoming pages for it. Head on over to check them out! Thanks to everyone for the heads up. >

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  16. MLP Comic # Preview on iTunes: Curious about what exactly is going to happen in the upcoming Big Mac comic? has a preview of it.   There isn't a whole lot of canon when it comes to the farm pony.  Hopefully this gives us more stuff to play with! Head on down below the break for large size images. Thanks to Kein and Masem for the heads up. >

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  17. Equestria Confirmed for 8 Page Sunset Shimmer Comic: Katie Cook has cleared up the mystery behind the eight page Sunset Shimmer side story in the SDCC exclusive # comic. Apparently we can expect her to hang out in good ol' ponyland. I, for one, and relieved. >

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  18. Additional Detail on Comic Con # Exclusive - Sunset Shimmer Content: A bit of additional information has been released on that SDCC exclusive # comic posted a few hours ago, or more specifically the bonus content. Bubby Curnow from IDW tossed this up on their forums: I wanted to talk about the MLP SDCC exclusive. It's the MLP #, with a new cover, and it also contains an exclusive 8-page back-up story by Katie Cook, And >

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  19. IDW Comic Con Exclusives Announced, MLP # Cover Revealed with Bonus Content: IDW has announced their upcoming Comic Con exclusives. Along with all of their other brands, pony is pulling out a Vinyl Scratch edition for MLP # Including in this one will be 8 additional pages of material revolving specifically around Equestria Girls. I guess you fans of humanized stuff have something to look forward to. I'll stick wit >

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  20. Hot Topic # Variant Comic Cover: Hot Topic has tossed up pre-orders for their version of the 9th pony comic for those collecting these. If you want to pick one up, head on over to for it! The street date this time around is 7/24, so you have a while. Thanks to Masem for the heads up. >

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  21. Larry's and Jetpack Comics #/#6 Micro, and # Main: A bunch of variants have been revealed over at Jetpack Comics for both they and Larry's. Included this time around is the Applejack # micro, Pinkie Pie # micro, and Cheerilee # They continue to run with a folktail theme for the micros and superheroes for the primary. You can find all of these over ! And Trixie is best witch. Thanks to 621Chopsuey for the heads >

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  22. Comics World # Exclusive: Another exclusive comic has joined the convention scene, this time with a bit of Big Mac and random pony romance to top it off. You can check it out at , though the actual purchasing will be done at an unnamed convention in early August. Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up! >

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  23. @redenchilada # Peaches__ # Cosmo # Trihex # Go1den # Siglemic # CarlSagan # Joshimuz # Adam_AK # Werster # YSG

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  24. MLP Comic #, Applejack #, and Digest Vol. 1 Information Released: Gotta love these pony comics.  The next round of summaries, and overall information has been released on the pony comics.  Included this time, you will find the 9th in the main series, and the 6th solo comic, starring Applejack. Head on down below the break for everything.  Thanks to Masem for the heads up! >

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  25. @snowcone I'm account # bb. Although I have been sporadically active on here so meh

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  26. Simple PMV #: Low on the effects but still a good way to pass the time.  It's simple pmv's! Find them all below! >

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  27. Artisan Pony Crafts Compilation #: Considering how the royal sisters have stained glass for every event I'm surprised we don't see more stained glass ponies in the real world. When we do though, they certainly turn out to be mind blowing! Another batch of crazy creative creations coming your way after the break! Stained Glass Luna >

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  28. uhhh, oh wow, i just looked over this comic, holy! Its very sad FYI # # # # # # # # #

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  29. Music of the Day # : In the world of music, there is one simple truth, kept hidden from the general populace: nothing is true. Everything is ponies. This one little kernel of knowledge, this creed if you will, has sparked a shadow war for centuries over control of things I forgot to pay attention to in history class. The important thing is that stealth kills with a violin bow are awesome, and you do not mess with an equine in a hood. You j >

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  30. [b]Blast from the Past #[/b]: Hey again everyone! Ready to delve once more into the realm of the pony past? It's hard to believe it's been two weeks since our last edition, but as these features point out time in pony terms just seems to fly. As always, you can send suggestions to me at: [email protected] Since our last edition I have taken into consideration a few suggestions offered by you good folks and will be trying some new thin >

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