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    Nah. Looks like a pro-christian right-wing website to me. An older article that makes reference to Obama instead. Lots about socialism and anti-christianity.
    Tl;dr point headlines:
    # Nazi Germany was a totalitarian Big Brother police state that constantly monitored everything that German citizens did.
    # Nazi officials often used their positions of power to force others to do dehumanizing things.
    # In Nazi Germany, even women and children were treated like dehumanized cattle.
    # In Nazi Germany, authorities could stop you and search you at any time and for any reason.
    # Under Adolf Hitler, there were massive increases in government spending.
    # Under Hitler, taxes were raised dramatically in order to pay for all of these social programs.
    # The economy of Nazi Germany was very highly socialized.
    # In Nazi Germany, if you conducted business outside of the socialist paradigm you were heavily punished.
    # In Nazi Germany, government regulation of business got wildly out of control.
    # Under Hitler, free market capitalism was absolutely hated.
    # In Nazi Germany, the health care system was taken over by the government.
    # Under Adolf Hitler, abortion was made “safe and legal” in Germany.
    # In Nazi Germany, killing the “defective”, the “weak” and the “disabled” was considered to be a good thing because it made the German people “stronger”.
    # In Nazi Germany, education was nationalized and God was kicked out of the schools.

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  7. Beloved, need to prevent my burnout #

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  8. Mavourneen, time for the ' # campaign ' meeting # with @x11r5

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  9. Cannot switch input method (to Sunpinyin e.g.) for ONLY KF5 applications · Issue # · fcitx/fcitx-configtool · GitHub

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  10. Finally I finished reading my huge pile of comics. Amonst the comics was Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # Seeing the Mole Man trying to date Squirrel Girl was hillarious and super gross. Imagine a 100 year old dude trying to date an early 20-something year old girl.

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  11. @rarity damn, Love Potion #
    now there's a blast from the past

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  12. I'm already on page 10 of: Social Representations: Explorations in Social Psychology by Serge Moscovici # ( discussed with Erdogan, enemy # of Erkan ) #

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  13. @bobo # nothing rhymes with orange

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  14. !thebronyshow "The Brony Show 183 - the Brony Show reads MLP: Friendship is Magic #

    Hello everypony. Well it's time to delve once again into the comics. Now that the land has been saved twice, Big Mac needs to do some repairs. Unfortunately getting supplies is never as easy as one hopes. Join us as we read this comic in the most insane ways possible

    Be sure to join us at at 6PM PST/ 9PM EST live this and every Monday. You can also join us an hour early for the Brony show preshow and get your brony show starting early. Also be sure to stay after for Crimson's oatmeal galore afterparty. if you want us to email you about events going on with the show, just email [email protected] and ask to be subscribed. If you want to be part of the show, let us know! Email Circuit at [email protected] and ask for a spot.

    Tuesday, 19-May-15 00:02:56 UTC from web
  15. @Nerthos # NSFW #

    1: Fudeu . Means F***ed. but is more used to say something went real bad.
    2: Bosta. A less offencive way to say apples
    3: the same
    4: Merda. grapes
    5: Fudeus. Same thing as #
    6: Bunda: Butt
    7:Rego. A. hole
    8:RaboBank. Rabo is actually a less pretty way to sail Tail, but is used as "Butt"
    9: Buceta: applesy (originally meant "box", for what i saw in books from some centuries ago)
    10: Same as #
    11: Pinto : means chick (as in baby birds) but it is more used to mean dick
    12: Pinto & mole: It seem like it says pinto mole, that means flacid dick.
    13: Picamoles. Pica is another slang for dick, so it means the same as 12.
    14:Picadura. Hard dick
    15:Puntidos. People with big dicks.
    (the other 15 in the next post)

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  16. Sweetheart, time to continue with my motorbike course, lesson #

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  17. Linux elx3030vlm-78 3.16.2helio.1 # SMP Mon Sep 15 15:41:51 CEST 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

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  18. It just occurred to me that two of the three main patriarchs in The Sims 2 are immigrants; Mortimer Goth was brought to SimNation from the Old Country just before the events of The Sims 3, and and Pollination Technician # Smith is from another planet.

    Monday, 26-May-14 01:16:40 UTC from web
  19. @fireemblem237 Mine are #: Yoshi's Island (Super Mario World 2, I think?) # Half Life # Pokemon Firered # Beyond Good & Evil # Deus Ex: Human Revolution # Half Life 2 # Thomas was alone # TLoZ Wind Waker # Portal # Portal 2

    Thursday, 01-May-14 21:19:15 UTC from web
  20. Mine are #: Mother 2/EarthBound (SNES/GBA - Japan Only/Wii U)
    #: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Shadow of the Colossus (PS2/PS3)
    #: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (PS2 - Japan Only/PS3)
    #: To The Moon (PC)
    #: Super Paper Mario (Wii)
    #: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team (GBA/NDS)
    #: Persona 4/Persona 4: Golden (PS2/Vita)
    #: Persona 3/Persona 3: FES/Persona 3: Portable (PS2/PSP)
    #: Mother 3 (GBA - Japan Only)

    Thursday, 01-May-14 21:12:44 UTC from web
  21. Incase you guys care, these are my top 10 favorite video games:
    #: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Mother 2/EarthBound (SNES/GBA - Japan Only/Wii U)
    #: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA/Wii U)
    #: Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix (PS2 - Japan Only/PS3)
    #: To The Moon (PC)
    #: Super Paper Mario (Wii)
    #: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red/Blue Rescue Team (GBA/NDS)
    #: Persona 4/Persona 4: Golden (PS2/Vita)
    #: Persona 3/Persona 3: FES/Persona 3: Portable (PS2/PSP)
    #: Mother 3 (GBA - Japan Only)

    Thursday, 17-Apr-14 15:00:24 UTC from web in context
  22. hm, i dont want to read the comic # just now

    Thursday, 06-Mar-14 19:35:57 UTC from web
  23. Do you have the slightest clue what # kids would # you?

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  24. My Little Pony Micro Comic #: Spike - Discussion, Download, And Variants: Spike! The poor guy doesn't get a whole lot of episodes, so how do you think he is going to do in the world of comics? You be the judge! Discuss it below, and have some links if you haven't already read it. DigitalVariants (Images in order from right to left, top to bottom) >

    Saturday, 16-Nov-13 01:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  25. denticator: # # # # (with 169.8k dents) are still in the !fediverse cc @[email protected] @mk @[email protected]

    Thursday, 31-Oct-13 17:10:01 UTC from
  26. fortune cookie #: Saying, that "operation, and speculation, and, that is most pleasant, which is most" is such anonsensical position, that I refuse to waste my time on it.

    Sunday, 13-Oct-13 20:01:12 UTC from
  27. Seems winning bot # was developed for # years (1) to get $4k (though for Worswick the win itself is more worth). For me the bot is a tool for my # side (2) (3) and NOT to make money (1) (2) (3)

    Tuesday, 17-Sep-13 01:54:09 UTC from
  28. Comic Followup - The Big Mac Arc - Issue #: While we wait for the episodes to get going again, I've decided to revive the old Episode Followup style posts, focusing on the monthly comic releases instead.   For those that aren't sure what exactly the point of this post is, a bit of explanation is probably in order!  For season three, and a good portion of season two, we ran posts highlighting all of the interesting >

    Saturday, 14-Sep-13 19:20:04 UTC from Sethisto
  29. Possible 9th Wave of Blind Bag Ponies Appears: We have seen a few of these on Taobao and Ebay for months now, but this is the first glimpse at the entire set. Chronologically, this would be #, though the source (a random imgur album) doesn't reveal too much. It could even be a mock up for all we know! I'd say it looks pretty legit though. As pointed out by the submitter Ossie: - No Twilight- RD, Rarity and Cadence >

    Wednesday, 11-Sep-13 16:10:04 UTC from Sethisto
  30. More Official Comic Covers - MLP # A/B/Retailer Incentive and # A: If Pizza was gems, I could totally relate with Spike right now. I really need to slow down my pizza intake though... We have Cover A, Cover B, and the retailer incentive for the 11th comic here, followed by Spike's primary cover for his upcoming micro. Expect that one following after Celestia. Thanks to Masem for the heads up. >

    Tuesday, 10-Sep-13 17:10:04 UTC from Sethisto

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