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Blame ceruleanspark for everything.

Blame ceruleanspark for everything.

!blamecerulean blameceruleanspark

Ceruleanspark totally sucks, everything is his fault. Got a problem? Call 1-800-BOO-CERU. Because cerulean sucks so much he has a phone number dedicated to his suckiness. PS: This is all a joke.

Blame ceruleanspark for everything. (blamecerulean) group



    Tuesday, 09-Jul-13 13:33:57 UTC from web
  2. @widget !blamecerulean

    Tuesday, 02-Jul-13 12:50:06 UTC from web
  3. I think "Depose" would be accurate.

    Sunday, 02-Jun-13 18:25:09 UTC from web
  4. and more importantly why does he think I'm part of a "furry conspiracy" to poison the fandom by migrating the worst troublemakers of the furry fandom into this one.

    Tuesday, 15-Jan-13 10:06:27 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
  5. I joined !blamecerulean just now. Does this make me #?

    Monday, 07-Jan-13 06:42:52 UTC from web
    • so... cerulean is just an admin now, and not the main techy person?

      Monday, 03-Sep-12 23:15:02 UTC from web
    • !blamecerulean #

      Friday, 31-Aug-12 16:13:26 UTC from web
      • @greydragon412 !blamecerulean

        Saturday, 21-Jul-12 12:32:25 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      • !blamecerulean

        Saturday, 07-Jul-12 21:59:23 UTC from web
        • Okay things like this seriously gets me mad. I put the pencil on the table next to my bed before going to bed, and now it's just plain gone. Doesn't exist. No where to be found. Poof.

          Sunday, 17-Jun-12 10:58:47 UTC from web
        • @renovatedkitchen I did that. I was unzipping a 20gb file

          Tuesday, 12-Jun-12 10:26:10 UTC from web
        • Ughhh everytime I click on a photo, this website stops working >_>

          Tuesday, 29-May-12 20:42:12 UTC from web
        • Yeah so whats going on here?

          Friday, 25-May-12 23:20:38 UTC from web
        • Odd. Sonic CD won't play sound for me any more.

          Monday, 21-May-12 13:54:21 UTC from StatusNet Android
        • aaaaggghhhhh... why is it so hot in finland :c

          Monday, 21-May-12 13:42:09 UTC from web
        • Huff huff, why does Tumblr automatically insert invalid code into themes. >:|

          Friday, 18-May-12 20:38:51 UTC from web
        • @comradeconventrix But if we !blamegherkin for everything, then what's left to !blamecerulean for?

          Thursday, 17-May-12 22:00:37 UTC from web
          • How is everypony?

            Wednesday, 02-May-12 17:04:42 UTC from web
          • O_o VLC's estimates for the duration of the songs in this playlist are... fluctuating?!

            Monday, 23-Apr-12 13:58:31 UTC from web
          • @evilderpyshy it says it's been about an hour! Awake!

            Monday, 23-Apr-12 03:51:26 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Oh My God, I Recognize, Like, Three People On Here. Maybe I should Come Back More Often Or Something?

            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 00:51:43 UTC from web
          • AGH! MINE EYES!

            Saturday, 14-Apr-12 01:40:44 UTC from web
          • Okay, why are my posts disappearing? Every time I post, the post vanishes after I refresh. Then I have to wait a full minute before they appear again.

            Wednesday, 11-Apr-12 00:29:54 UTC from web
          • everypony is doing descktop ponie now

            Friday, 06-Apr-12 23:01:04 UTC from web
          • Did that notice I just posted appear on the public timeline?

            Thursday, 05-Apr-12 02:27:19 UTC from web
          • Welcome and this is a tutorial for new users. Today we are going to discuss the tags. # means sneak or stalk. It means the person is bored and plans on doing something to another user. What follows is usually a # or a # A glomp is a surprise hug. If there are problems in the site (i.e network, postings, etc) we use #, because @ceruleanspark is our tech pony. You could use # if you want. You can talk to admins, but don'y annoy them. I did and I regret it. Ignore the # stuff. That is not important. # and # is self explained.

            Tuesday, 03-Apr-12 22:30:07 UTC from web
          • AND WHY AM I UPSIDE DOWN >:(

            Sunday, 01-Apr-12 01:07:52 UTC from web
          • Alright. I'm going to bed. Don't wake me up blaming me for stuff plz

            Friday, 30-Mar-12 23:57:25 UTC from web
          • @mrdragon hi

            Wednesday, 28-Mar-12 04:19:11 UTC from web
          • That donate link is the slowest thing.

            Tuesday, 27-Mar-12 19:18:18 UTC from web