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  1. uuuuuuuuuuu 99999999 brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb !aeiou

    Tuesday, 17-Feb-15 22:45:01 UTC from web
    • I want to leave a load of pointless groups, but who knows when I'll next need !honk or !aeiou or !dangerzone?

      Friday, 04-Jul-14 14:24:31 UTC from web
    • !aeiou

      Monday, 10-Feb-14 11:58:00 UTC from web
      • !aeiou !aeiou

        Saturday, 26-Oct-13 22:56:15 UTC from web
        • 9,999 dA messages. !aeiou

          Friday, 15-Feb-13 18:12:30 UTC from web
          • #, anypony?

            Thursday, 24-May-12 07:26:10 UTC from MuSTArDroid
          • Remember when @Carcino asked for the mods to ban him?

            Tuesday, 01-May-12 15:53:42 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Suddenly, !moonbasealpha

            Thursday, 13-Oct-11 14:29:16 UTC from web
          • I bet it's possible to make a rad dance track by using the UUUUUUUUUU sound from !aeiou 's Moonbase Alfalfa as the central instrument.

            Friday, 16-Sep-11 16:37:35 UTC from web
            • Derail time! Have some Happy Luna/Sad Luna action!

              Thursday, 01-Sep-11 01:38:30 UTC from web
            • Wow. Seems like everypony felt the quake.. but me. :( Rats. I really felt like feeling an earthquake today. I woke up this morning, shot out of bed, and said, "I wanna feel an awesome earthquake today!" Rats. Just Rats.

              Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 22:27:53 UTC from web
            • I can't stop reading things in the Stephen Hawking voice !football

              Tuesday, 23-Aug-11 11:37:23 UTC from web
            • @hoit21 !football? John Madden.

              Sunday, 14-Aug-11 21:22:23 UTC from web
            • @zachariastargazer !aeiou. aeiou? 999999999999 John Madden? Football! Mark. Mark?

              Saturday, 13-Aug-11 04:37:42 UTC from web
              • I love this.

                Wednesday, 10-Aug-11 00:16:49 UTC from web
              • !omegle !aeiou

                Saturday, 06-Aug-11 21:06:44 UTC from web
                • @starshine !aeiou!

                  Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 19:29:11 UTC from web
                  • Is you here @haganbmj are you hiding

                    Wednesday, 13-Jul-11 07:43:03 UTC from StatusNet Android
                  • !aeiou holla holla get £

                    Monday, 11-Jul-11 01:16:02 UTC from web
                    • Aeiou!

                      Saturday, 09-Jul-11 01:09:18 UTC from MuSTArDroid
                    • JOHN MADDEN

                      Monday, 27-Jun-11 17:18:24 UTC from web
                    • !aeiou

                      Thursday, 23-Jun-11 05:27:34 UTC from web
                      • Hello everypony

                        Monday, 13-Jun-11 03:17:11 UTC from web
                      • Hehe I lol'ed

                        Sunday, 12-Jun-11 00:54:01 UTC from web
                      • # !aeiou john madden. john madden. joooohn madden

                        Monday, 06-Jun-11 17:57:21 UTC from web
                        • @elusivemrmadden Aeiou!

                          Sunday, 05-Jun-11 19:12:37 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
                        • !aeiou #

                          Saturday, 04-Jun-11 01:23:22 UTC from web
                          • This an accurate representation of how I think.

                            Tuesday, 31-May-11 05:00:20 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                          • i return!!!

                            Saturday, 28-May-11 23:52:01 UTC from web
                          • Ok, why am I giggling like an idiot at this?

                            Thursday, 26-May-11 01:13:55 UTC from StatusNet Desktop