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Rhythm Game Ponies

Rhythm Game Ponies

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Fans of rhythm and music games from Bemani to Rock Band, Ouendan/EBA to Audiosurf. If you like note-stompin', riff-whalin', drum-poundin', circle-smashing, or other wacky fun this is the high-octane, high-BPM group for you.
Pretty colors and loud noises!

Rhythm Game Ponies (rgp) group


  1. I'm putting 32nd bursts at 132BPM in an 11-block stepchart and I have no regrets. !rgp #

    Thursday, 14-Feb-13 00:57:44 UTC from web
    • So I guess my subconscious has decided that not dreaming about ITG2 is a waste of a perfectly good dream. 6_9 !rgp

      Monday, 04-Jun-12 14:52:49 UTC from web
    • Also today, I found out that the only thing worse than my attempts to play doubles on a keyboard are my attempts to play doubles on a pad. I can't even pass a DX9. :c !rgp

      Sunday, 27-May-12 04:20:32 UTC from web
      • Nobody cares about my scores at dance games, but I'm posting them anyway haha. !rgp

        Sunday, 06-May-12 00:06:44 UTC from web
      • Oh God, I don't know anypony. This is awkward. What do I do?!?! It's been too long RDN....

        Tuesday, 01-May-12 03:15:51 UTC from web
      • !rgp I feel like playing Band Hero obnoxiously loud so I'm going to.

        Thursday, 26-Apr-12 16:36:29 UTC from web
        • !rgp SOME DAY I WILL A-RANK YOU. :(

          Sunday, 15-Apr-12 06:52:12 UTC from web
        • On the other hand, the stranger made it through the MLP theme glitch remix and I didn't, so... !rgp

          Sunday, 08-Apr-12 00:13:41 UTC from StatusNet Android
          • !rgp The latest update to osu!droid adds online stats. *squee*

            Friday, 06-Apr-12 00:59:02 UTC from StatusNet Android
            • !rgp I have acquired the system code to a local ITG2 machine with full custom support. I have the best friends~

              Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 18:26:54 UTC from StatusNet Android
              • There is nothing more satisfying than getting a complete stranger to play one of your simfiles at an arcade and watching him enjoy it. !rgp

                Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 01:46:09 UTC from StatusNet Android
                • Greetings from Gattitown ATX! Our ITG2 machine is the best for three hundred miles. !rgp

                  Wednesday, 14-Mar-12 00:15:46 UTC from StatusNet Android
                  • !rgp Guys, suggest good beatmaps. These are all I have.

                    Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 18:50:11 UTC from StatusNet Android
                  • !rgp !austinbronies Hey, if there's any overlap between these two groups (or if there isn't! :o), I have a friend who will add StepMania simfiles to a local hacked ITG2 machine. Anyone have any suggestions?

                    Sunday, 11-Mar-12 02:28:25 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    • Seriously, this machine has _Touhou_ music. Pre-installed. I have never seen a better ITG2 machine. !rgp

                      Saturday, 10-Mar-12 20:33:53 UTC from StatusNet Android
                    • Wait, we already have a group for this! !rgp SO HOW BOUT THAT STEPMANIA?

                      Thursday, 08-Mar-12 13:42:34 UTC from StatusNet Android
                      • FC'd Bloody Tears (IIDX Version) twice this morning i feel pretty good !rgp #

                        Friday, 17-Feb-12 13:45:33 UTC from web

                          Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 03:49:02 UTC from web
                        • !rgp for you stepmania users out there Requires SM5 and is in Pre Beta release 1

                          Tuesday, 31-Jan-12 00:51:34 UTC from web
                          • Welcome to Moscow.

                            Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 22:10:32 UTC from web
                          • Any bronies here play Beatmania IIDX? I'm onto level 9s now and I'm really glad I can finally look like I'm playing the game well. :p !rgp

                            Wednesday, 21-Sep-11 20:23:07 UTC from web
                            • It seems my computer won't allow Stepmania 5.0 to be installed. !rgp

                              Friday, 09-Sep-11 14:37:09 UTC from web
                              • Finally starting to pass level 8 charts in IIDX rather well. And finally starting to learn how to pinky. Doesn't stop this game from still being ridiculously hard. Now that I can play songs I always wanted to play I just want to play even harder songs now. This game is crazy in that you either feel really, really satisfied, or really, really frustrated. !rgp

                                Wednesday, 24-Aug-11 01:43:07 UTC from web
                              • Why am I excited? BECAUSE THIS !rgp

                                Tuesday, 16-Aug-11 05:48:59 UTC from web
                                • Completed my second Stepmania Ponybeat chart !rgp

                                  Saturday, 30-Jul-11 23:14:00 UTC from web
                                • Alright ponies I'm out for now. Gotta play some ITG in this 100+ degree weather. !rgp

                                  Friday, 22-Jul-11 17:34:08 UTC from web
                                  • !rgp WHAAAAAAAA

                                    Thursday, 21-Jul-11 07:54:05 UTC from web
                                    • Hey !rgp I am organising all pony songs for StepMania into one big list. Here's a link if you'd like to check it out. Also feel free to contribute, I'll add your song to the list.

                                      Tuesday, 14-Jun-11 21:34:21 UTC from web
                                    • Stepmania - Luna Nightmare Mode stepchart by me if anyone's interested !rgp

                                      Monday, 13-Jun-11 20:28:53 UTC from web
                                    • Is there anypony who plays Stepmania and would care to try out my stepchart for Luna (Nightmare Mode)?

                                      Saturday, 11-Jun-11 20:27:31 UTC from web