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The RDN Homestuck thing

The RDN Homestuck thing

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This is a group for us losers that participate in a particular Homestuck RP.

Current human characters are:





Viconia: ?????

Sigfried: ?????

Established Trolls:

We haven't worked on the Trolls in our session yet, so none right now.

Interested? Any other questions? PM @thatonepony

The RDN Homestuck thing (therdnhomestuckthing) group


  1. Speaking of drawing. !TheRDNHomestuckThing

    Thursday, 06-Jun-13 23:14:14 UTC from web
  2. Oops forgot to tag this as !art , here's a thing I spent 10 hours on for @ceruleanspark

    Thursday, 18-Apr-13 22:45:47 UTC from web
  3. !TheRDNHomestuckthing I forgot to mention, we got fan art.

    Saturday, 06-Apr-13 03:47:43 UTC from StatusNet Android
  4. !theRDNhomestuckthing # words

    Monday, 01-Apr-13 06:17:45 UTC from web
  5. Wait, there is a site like RDN that is not PG-13 that goes by the name of "Sweetie Belle Network" ?!? why do I just find out about that *reads a couple of posts* ... Ohkay I think I will stay on RDN. It seems a way nicer place.

    Monday, 25-Feb-13 17:02:58 UTC from web
  6. !therdnhomestuckthing Probably should mention I did this.

    Friday, 15-Feb-13 08:56:18 UTC from web
  7. !TheOverdose Know what I haven't done for a while? Draw stuff for this.

    Tuesday, 12-Feb-13 08:24:45 UTC from web
  8. Oh my god I forgot how much the memos in Pesterchum were full of Mary sue Gary Stu people. This is boooooooring.

    Sunday, 20-Jan-13 10:25:15 UTC from StatusNet Android
  9. !TheRDNHomestuckthing It's got some Siegfried and Viconia. @Nerthos

    Wednesday, 09-Jan-13 21:21:59 UTC from web
    • Wow this isn't in the group why? I'm dumb. !TheRDNHomestuckthing

      Saturday, 05-Jan-13 10:40:35 UTC from web
      • @thatonestocking !TheRDNHomestuckthing

        Tuesday, 01-Jan-13 18:06:29 UTC from web
      • !TheRDNHomestuckThing

        Friday, 14-Dec-12 11:21:49 UTC from web
        • Needlessly complicated charts? Yes please. !therdnhomestuckthing

          Wednesday, 28-Nov-12 03:29:38 UTC from web
          • !TheRDNHomestuckThing @Nerthos @thatonestocking

            Monday, 19-Nov-12 04:19:10 UTC from web
          • @thatonestocking @greenenchilada @xeleanorxrigbyx Need for Speed Most Wanted, police report. That's like, end game whole cop division.

            Sunday, 18-Nov-12 00:58:34 UTC from web
          • !TheRDNhomestuckthing Here, @anarchycarcino

            Saturday, 17-Nov-12 23:45:13 UTC from web
            • @thatonestocking @theoverdose !TheRDNHomestuckthing Updated.

              Saturday, 17-Nov-12 23:32:34 UTC from web
            • @theoverdose @thatonestocking !TheRDNHomestuckThing

              Saturday, 17-Nov-12 23:25:11 UTC from web
            • !TheRDNhomestuckthing All I have from 2012, here

              Saturday, 17-Nov-12 22:45:10 UTC from web
            • We here at !Theoverdose fully support Regicide.

              Saturday, 17-Nov-12 17:16:07 UTC from web
            • 'Sup mah homies.

              Saturday, 17-Nov-12 16:54:25 UTC from web
            • !TheRDNHomestuckthing Here you go losers. @thatonestocking @gladosenchilada @bitshift More of this crap.

              Monday, 22-Oct-12 08:50:53 UTC from web
              • !TheRDNHomestuckthing It's pretty small and junk, but yeah, made one of those pixels of Vincent. More later. Maybe. @Gladosenchilada @thatonestocking

                Monday, 22-Oct-12 00:00:41 UTC from web
                • !TheRDNHomestuckThing @Thatonepony #

                  Friday, 05-Oct-12 09:53:32 UTC from web
                • !TheRDNHomestuckThing We should really get back to this.

                  Sunday, 30-Sep-12 22:42:16 UTC from web
                • Some men just want to see the world refresh.

                  Saturday, 29-Sep-12 06:17:14 UTC from web
                • Bwahha finally done cooking and ... other things. :D Homemade poor-mans chicken soup ftw. :3

                  Friday, 28-Sep-12 09:10:55 UTC from web
                • MAking a little comic !TheRDNHomestuckThing @thatonestocking

                  Friday, 28-Sep-12 06:47:39 UTC from web
                  • !TheRDNHomestuckThing @Nerthos @ThatoneStocking

                    Saturday, 22-Sep-12 11:05:50 UTC from web
                    • !TheRDNhomestuckthing @anarchycarcino @thatonestocking You made the CHROME SKULL PIMP SWORD. Wait... this is... This is the most stupid waste of Grist you have seen in ages, no, in your entire life. You curse the gods for allowing this thing to exist at all.

                      Thursday, 06-Sep-12 00:19:43 UTC from web