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  • Security Ponies guardponies Security Ponies

    Bronies working security or are security guards

  • Spitfire is Best Pony spitfire Spitfire is Best Pony

    Name says it all! This group is for everyone who loves Spitfire! (You don't necessarily have to believe she is best pony, but it doesn't hurt. ^.^ )

  • Colgate Fanclub colgate Colgate Fanclub

    For all the fans of your favorite dentist pony! Brushie brushie!

  • OC/Crossover Ponies ocponies OC/Crossover Ponies OCLand http://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/OC%20Ponies

    We have OCs, and we're not afraid to use them.

  • fans of luna luna fans of luna

    this is a group for bronies who love the princess of the night.

  • The Daring Do Official Fanclub daringdo The Daring Do Official Fanclub Wherever there's danger!

    A club for fans of that international mare of adventure, Daring Do!

  • Ponies Under 21 under21 Ponies Under 21

    We are ponies under 21. Raise your juiceboxes!

  • Celestial Loyalists solarempire Celestial Loyalists Canterlot, Eq

    A page for all those who remain loyal to the Canterlot throne! 1000 years and still strong! Fight the NLR's propaganda campaign!

  • My Little Theories theories My Little Theories THE MIND!!!

    A group for those who find themselves over-analyzing the show. (Also, guessing about upcoming episodes.)

  • Steam Gamers steam Steam Gamers Anywhere http://store.steampowered.com/

    For those of us who play games over Steam.

  • Smile smile Smile

    Just smile. happy videos. happy pics. JUST SMILE

  • For Science! forscience For Science! the labs

    There is Science to do... So go do it!

  • Braeburn braeburn Braeburn Appleloosa

    Everypony is gay for him. No exceptions.

  • The Discord Fans tdf The Discord Fans

    A Group For Discord Fans

  • The Applebloom Fans applebloom The Applebloom Fans

    A group for Applebloom fans.

  • The Applejack Fan Group applejackfans The Applejack Fan Group United States

    For pony's who are fan's of Applejack.

  • Stop The Scootabuse scootabuse Stop The Scootabuse

    We are the legion that defends abusive homes for filly's with Scootaloo as our poster foal. Help band together and stop scootabuse!

  • United Bronies ub United Bronies Everywhere!

    A group for all bronies. We believe that no bronies should be divided by gender or country.

  • Ponykart ponykart Ponykart http://ponykart.net/

    the group for all things related to the fangame ponykart. lead by one of the developers.

  • derpy will never die! derpyis4ever derpy will never die!