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  1. wait i just realised i joined this site about a decade ago now. what the freak?!

    about 10 months ago from web
  2. squid game but for horses

    about a year ago from web
  3. ay do site managers still come on here from time to time?

    about a year ago from web
  4. Is this thing on?

    about a year ago from web
  5. So has anyone ported Doom to the Virtual Boy, and do they make a good VB emulator for a VR headset yet? !vgp

    about a year ago from web
  6. jeff bezos

    about a year ago from web
  7. I'm not big into LEGO but somehow I want a Star Wars Clone Wars Gunship set.

    about a year ago from web
  8. E-mails asking me if I wanna be harder and longer, meanwhile I've been hard long enough and just wanna mellow, man....

    about a year ago from web
  9. I mean like look if you’re 19 and she’s 17 then neither of you really has your mango together, so who cares, right? But RageNineteen was 28 years old and dating a 16 year old who he’d met when she was 15 while dating her friend who was also 15, and that’s just supposedly normal in the YouTube world?? The hell’s going on????

    Thursday, 08-Apr-21 02:54:24 UTC from web
  10. @scribus To answer the question I just got via email, the server is a basic digitalocean droplet. The $20 one. Depending on how much traffic you're expecting, you could easily run a couple of instances on there.

    Wednesday, 07-Apr-21 22:48:40 UTC from web
  11. i logged out for like 8 months and now email notifs are working again

    Sunday, 21-Mar-21 23:40:46 UTC from web
  12. so maybe a weird question, but is there a term for people who... kind of don't care about their gender identity? like, not gender neutral. i've always been comfortable being a man, and I still am, but as i get older my gender (and to a certain extent my sexual orientation, though my tastes are still pretty geared towards feminine-looking people - but not necessarily exclusively women) is something that matters to me less and less, to the point where, if I weren't so obviously male, i could see myself being pretty tolerant of just about any pronoun anyone wants to call me. gender agnostic?

    Tuesday, 23-Mar-21 19:37:12 UTC from web
  13. here we...

    Sunday, 21-Mar-21 22:32:19 UTC from web

    Wednesday, 23-Dec-20 06:45:22 UTC from web
  15. I love when Dan Harmon says something mean about Trump and people start bringing up that time he humped a baby doll in a Channel 101 sketch ten years ago.

    Friday, 14-Aug-20 23:55:20 UTC from web
  16. I'm not even sure some of these changes are "problems" and not more like "just an obvious place to maybe recast for a start," really?

    Tuesday, 30-Jun-20 03:38:19 UTC from web
  17. was about to joke about how like 50% of Always Sunny will get thanos'd but i googled it and how are netflix only removing a single episode lmaoo

    Monday, 29-Jun-20 23:18:47 UTC from web
  18. I know that they're pulling an episode of Community for implied blackface, and without even reading into it I know the exact scene they're talking about and I sincerely do not believe that a single person with any stake in societal progression watched that scene and thought it was actually a problem

    Monday, 29-Jun-20 10:45:08 UTC from web
    • @tiff Similarly, I’m pretty sure pulling an episode of Golden Girls is not especially high on BlackLivesMatters’ priority list.

      Monday, 29-Jun-20 19:25:25 UTC in context
    • @mrmattimation I dunno how far exactly I'd go to defend these sorts of jokes but pretty much every example I can think of is pretty obviously a subversive criticism *of* blackface. Obviously I am not the person who can/should decide if that makes it more okay, but I feel like removing these scenes is stifling discussions of anti-racism if anything. Like just put the disclaimer in front like WB and Disney or whatever

      Monday, 29-Jun-20 23:17:39 UTC in context
  19. in the mood to chase someone off the site again, quick someone say something headass

    Sunday, 28-Jun-20 23:13:09 UTC from web
    • @tiff apu wasn’t really that big of a problem

      Monday, 29-Jun-20 00:25:44 UTC in context
    • @mrmattimation I would prefer it for future reference if POC actors got to voice POC characters, especially in the current industry where they aren't getting the same treatment or opportunities as white people; but I absolutely agree that this current wave of networks removing TV episodes with instances of racism and actors conveniently regretting voicing POC roles all of a sudden is largely posturing in the absence of actual willingness to, you know, hire and support and pay POC. I also don't think it's a particularly far reach to suggest that companies are just pretending this is what activists are asking for as some sort of psyop, since it will most likely push the needle back in their favour (i.e. still not hiring, supporting and paying POC)

      Monday, 29-Jun-20 10:42:30 UTC in context
  20. Is there a name for people who are basically terfs but instead they hate gay men because they think male homosexuality is the result of misogyny? I seem to recall knowing someone like that in high school.

    Friday, 19-Jun-20 22:46:58 UTC from web
  21. Started binge-watching Community. Before I have never watched more than a few episodes.

    Thursday, 11-Jun-20 16:48:56 UTC from web
  22. Does anyone else find it particularly gross when for-profit corporations send messages about donating to charities or supporting a particular political opinion that doesn't have to do with their main business? It makes sense on the hiring end of course, and I get that companies are made of humans, but doing it on the public end just feels like capitalizing on people's emotions. The realty group holding my apartment made a donation to a campaign related to the protests. Why not give that money back to your leasers, or even your employees instead? They can then choose to do what they want with it.

    Friday, 05-Jun-20 10:44:41 UTC from web
  23. I wonder what news today will bring. I'm waiting for the stress to be the one last thing for Spraytan's heart.

    Monday, 01-Jun-20 14:59:22 UTC from web
  24. When I was in high school I used to talk endless batcave on BLM because I was dumb and saw Ferguson on TV and, in a profound inability to recognize my own privilege, clung to the idea that the riots were a failure of the community, instead of a result of failure by society. I’m truly, truly sorry to anyone I offended with that kinda BS

    Saturday, 30-May-20 07:05:12 UTC from web
  25. also I don't wanna hear any "haha this guy is surprised to see the left eating itself" bullFluffle Puff because I want it on record that I would throw any number of neo-woke glamour progressives in front of an oncoming freight train

    Monday, 25-May-20 15:25:14 UTC from web
    • @tiff Oh, just let me organize a rant on content warnings, and how an initially good and considerate idea has turned into a mollycoddle circlejerk, and if you're so terrified of spiders that I can't say "Spider-Man" that's YOUR problem, etc etc

      Monday, 25-May-20 15:57:17 UTC in context
    • @scribus I am wholly sympathetic towards people with those sorts of predispositions but at the same time we are at (arguably past) the point where people act like the Internet should be catered towards them and their sensibilities specifically and it's to the detriment of years of societal progress

      Monday, 25-May-20 16:04:18 UTC in context
  26. there's no way around it; the minute any of my tweets gain any sort of traction I will have to delete this account so as not to get cancelled instantaneously

    Monday, 25-May-20 10:39:46 UTC from web
  27. Disney+ has a collection titled "The Simpsons Predict the Future", which includes episodes of The Simpsons in which they make jokes that later became fact. One such episode is "Bart to the Future", in which Lisa mentions "President Trump", and "The Serfsons", where they predicted the ending to Game of Thrones, and "The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson", where... uh...

    Hey Disney, what the mango

    Monday, 27-Apr-20 06:29:58 UTC from web
  28. went through my DMs for old time's sake and damn I caused a lotta FrankerZ around here huh lol

    Monday, 20-Apr-20 20:00:33 UTC from web
  29. whoops i'm playing fallout 76 again

    Sunday, 19-Apr-20 08:09:08 UTC from web
  30. Fluffle Puff it, I'm turning the search off.

    Friday, 17-Apr-20 08:55:45 UTC from web