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  1. hey, if chris and I rebooted MattimationGames, what kinds of videos/games would people wanna see

    Friday, 03-Mar-17 21:42:57 UTC from web
  2. what's that word for stating something in a way that makes it seem greater than it is

    Tuesday, 28-Jun-16 19:05:58 UTC from web
  3. Get chocolate on ales

    Monday, 06-Jul-15 22:06:03 UTC from web
  4. is !rdn still developing?

    Tuesday, 09-Jun-15 00:41:07 UTC from web
  5. !rdn *pokes head in*

    Tuesday, 09-Jun-15 00:14:38 UTC from web
    • Is there a "Tasks completed" list for !rdn ? That would make it much easier for people to contribute art/music.

      Wednesday, 08-Apr-15 02:45:09 UTC from web
    • Is there a unified art style !rdn is going for? I can draw a sprite or two.

      Friday, 20-Mar-15 00:01:12 UTC from web
      • Oh yeah, !rdn. Forgot that was a thing.

        >inb4 they ship my character with something related to Death Grips

        Thursday, 19-Mar-15 23:56:28 UTC from web
      • when's !rdn am i right

        Wednesday, 18-Mar-15 23:16:07 UTC from web
      • Melo x ellie is the best shipping I've ever seen on rdn

        Friday, 22-Aug-14 03:07:15 UTC from web
      • @ellie Yeah, they serve Strawberry Jam and Applesauce

        Thursday, 07-Aug-14 04:23:04 UTC from web
      • !RDN uuuugh Ren'py is so linear and inefficient. ....

        Monday, 04-Aug-14 08:38:49 UTC from web
      • Ugh cant sleep, keep thinking of how I should sort the logic for dialog in !RDN ...

        Monday, 04-Aug-14 08:03:08 UTC from web
      • Ren'py appears to have built in logic for the actual game loop and menus rendering my flow chart redundant... :/ baka Also actual editor is a jave application, heh !RDN

        Monday, 04-Aug-14 08:33:14 UTC from web
        • !RDN hello fine ladies and nerds of the dating network I am meloetta your irresistible pokemon. Do you have what it takes to be the very best like no one ever was and date me?

          Friday, 01-Aug-14 01:42:35 UTC from web
          • Guys, give me something to draw.

            Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 18:14:53 UTC from web
          • !RDN Alright given some pretty legitimate concerns I will try to make this work in Ren'py

            Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 17:56:14 UTC from web
            • !RDN Think im going to try to build a gui using javafx...

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 17:31:31 UTC from web
            • More Scootalove, because without Scootalove what is life?

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 16:29:58 UTC from web
            • Might start a flow for the ! RDN database

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 15:52:39 UTC from web
            • I can only hope I've pleased Ross senpai on Skype

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 06:57:45 UTC from web
            • While my input doesn't mean cherries to !RDN here's a concept I thought looked sort of neat for the title screen

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 04:29:44 UTC from web
            • @rarity [...] a smudge of frosting on my nose for more than a moment. In a lull after one of Rainbow's famous expositions, Princess Celestia rescued me from my embarassing state. She surreptitiously traced my jaw with her golden-shoed hoof...' / On the nightstand, grayed under sheer moonlight, was a lock of celestial hair. Rarity nearly gagged at the sight, because on that night, it had trailed in and aggravated her throat. 'I have one souvenir,' she wrote, 'that I have found worth keeping: hairs finer than royal silk, which I plan on binding a dress with.' [...]

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 03:58:06 UTC from bti
            • Alright !RDN i have written the Flowchart for the frame. We still need to establish what language we are going to use and how the actual game will progress...

              Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 03:18:29 UTC from web
              • !RDN You guys should build the game in the SCUMM engine

                Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 02:26:02 UTC from web
              • Just about done the Flowchart for the frame of !RDN

                Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 02:24:55 UTC from web
                • hey !RDN just sat down at my piano for about 15 minutes thinking about the title screen sound and i had a cool little idea, so I improv'd it. Obviously not finished, but a decent sketch:

                  Wednesday, 30-Jul-14 00:17:52 UTC from web
                • !RDN I wanna date matt

                  Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 23:51:28 UTC from web
                • I'd help with !RDN too but there's probably nothing I could do so yeah

                  Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 23:49:01 UTC from web
                • Actual character sheet instead of fun doodles. Real progress of a sort. I'll do another character after my hand stops hurting. !RDN

                  Tuesday, 29-Jul-14 22:28:16 UTC from web