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Sub group for Video Game Ponies. Posting a friend code for the 3DS? Join this group so others can see!

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  1. The fact that you can't use WPA2-PSK on DS games while playing them on a !3DS kiwies me off. Especially since my dad refuses to believe that my DS doesn't support WPA2-PSK ..

    Tuesday, 13-Mar-12 22:44:11 UTC from web
    • Does Anypony know anymore information about Roller Coaster Tycoon !3DS ? !vgp I'm planning to get it.

      Thursday, 01-Mar-12 06:01:04 UTC from web
      • !3DS If anyone wants my friend code, it's 3308-5059-5074.

        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 18:17:47 UTC from web
      • Let me tell you about how much I love my 3DS.

        Sunday, 26-Feb-12 03:47:05 UTC from web
      • Anypony who plays Mario Kart 7 online, is that Maka Wuhu exploit still there? I avoid that map all the time. !3DS

        Friday, 24-Feb-12 01:59:28 UTC from web
      • Why must you all be becoming friends on platforms I don't own. D<

        Tuesday, 14-Feb-12 01:48:23 UTC from web
      • Gah, no more playing 3DS on the bus. I'm starting to get car sick. !3DS

        Sunday, 12-Feb-12 06:49:53 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • so, !3ds owners, who wants to friend me?

        Wednesday, 08-Feb-12 05:50:08 UTC from web
      • !3ds alrighty then, anyone with mariokart 7 who wants to friend me, my code is 0559-7215-5648, reply with your code so i can add you

        Monday, 06-Feb-12 02:37:33 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • !3ds anyone with mariokart 7 wanna share friendcodes? ill post mine l8r

        Monday, 06-Feb-12 01:16:31 UTC from web
      • i dont know who will see this, but, who has a 3ds and mariokart 7? i'll post my friend code later.

        Monday, 06-Feb-12 01:11:24 UTC from web
      • I don't see players choose Maka Wuhu on MK7 anymore. Did it get patched or something? !3DS

        Saturday, 04-Feb-12 20:58:44 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      • Hopefully I'll be able to upload more !3DS videos in the future.

        Friday, 03-Feb-12 06:28:58 UTC from web
        • iPad happened :3 Totally lounging in bed on RDN now

          Thursday, 02-Feb-12 06:46:33 UTC from web
        • Once again, I forgot how to recharge my !3DS.

          Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 23:53:50 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • Why do I find Time Trials more fun to play than Grand Prix on Mario Kart games? !3DS !vgp

          Wednesday, 01-Feb-12 04:37:53 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        • Oh, that reminds me! I just completed the Rhythm Heaven Fever 3D puzzle. !3ds

          Monday, 30-Jan-12 23:19:50 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Hmm, since I got wifi here, might as well play Mario Kart 7. !3ds

            Monday, 30-Jan-12 23:18:51 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • Times like this, I wish I recharged my !3ds

            Sunday, 29-Jan-12 06:33:39 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • @ponydude I'm not even sure I have one yet, don't remember going online with my !3DS at all. I'll go check and if I do I will. xD

            Saturday, 28-Jan-12 05:39:12 UTC from web
          • I'm loving how popular the !3ds is becoming. Got 6 Street Passes in under 1 hour.

            Monday, 23-Jan-12 23:02:10 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          • So, anyways, some time ago, I added a bunch of the friend codes in !3DS group to my 3ds friends list and they're all still provisional. And by some time ago, I mean shortly after Christmas. #

            Monday, 23-Jan-12 05:45:22 UTC from web
            • considering I'm new... is this just a chat room,or also a group?I feel so noobish asking this question ._.

              Sunday, 15-Jan-12 05:54:37 UTC from web
            • !3ds Anypony find it too easy to beat Grand Prix's with a 3 star rating in Mario Kart 7?

              Saturday, 14-Jan-12 07:42:44 UTC from web
            • @thatonepony Tetris.

              Friday, 13-Jan-12 04:45:00 UTC from web
            • !3ds If Funky Kong was the most overpowered character in Mario Kart Wii, then Metal Mario must be the new Funky Kong.

              Sunday, 08-Jan-12 08:33:05 UTC from web
              • I'll join !3DS for the sake of my brother allowing me to play it.

                Sunday, 08-Jan-12 07:52:59 UTC from web
              • The moment where you have no idea how to add people.

                Sunday, 08-Jan-12 07:45:25 UTC from web
              • playing MARIO KART 7! VROOM BEEP BEEP OUTTA MY WAY

                Sunday, 08-Jan-12 07:38:09 UTC from web
              • @yodelerty I just remembered. I made you and a few others admin in the !3ds group, because you seem to be the most active in it.

                Saturday, 07-Jan-12 03:03:05 UTC from web